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  1. If anyone wants the ignis wraith bp message me ingame (same nick), will sell for thumper mod as usual.
  2. The option to fill up a blank team spot with a relic would be fine. Getting twice of anything is too opie. Why? I have thousands of relics i will never open.. I could farm traces 4 times faster for almost no cost? Absolutely opie.. And getting 4 prime parts.. Like yeah, wont happen ever.
  3. So basically someone used a small amount of your resources (all missiles are 4x10x2=80 of the most common res you probably have in tens of thousands) and that warrants your claim to have a complete control of clients gameplay? The mission was a success right? Don't you think its an overreaction? I understand you feel bad with suboptimal play in pugs railjack. I am there as well. I always host cause 129 avionics, fully modded with best guns ship and an awesome connection helps with the experience. For some reason sometimes you get two guys that split the tasks and do anomaly and platform at the same time, while the two other finish off the ships and it works wonderfully. The other option is an afk gunner, two ameshas running 10 clicks apart spliting the fighters and noone is doing the crewships and i am basically soloing the mission with a handicap.. Thats pug life. Open a beer before, it helps.
  4. For me it looks like i prefer cold cause that ephemera just doesn't want to drop XD. Jokes aside i went with ephemeras and all weapons first, i figured i won't be lucky enough in the first runs of all the weapons to get a high % on any. It kinda worked as i obtained 4 ephemeras and all weapons in the process. Highest % was a lucky 55%rad shildeg, rest is far below and basically all but few have "wrong" elements. It doesn't change much, all are powerful even than (maybe except quartakk i cant make that weapon to work for me) . I prefer corr on auto or pellet weapons, rad on single, burst, aoe ones. So great elements are rad, electricity, toxin, heat in that order. Dont see a usage of magnetic and impact, cold would be ok if there was a slash melee for a viral combo as there is a primed toxin mod for melee. With valence fusion you basically can change the element at the end of the grind road to the one you prefer even if it is already at 60%. Thats a really good quality of life they did with the recent change.
  5. I didn't explicitly write that, I am for universal vacuum, i would love to see team loot like it is in railjack as well. Excluding wisps, orbs and ammo shouldnt be hard. I think it could be done like this. Your frame has 15m univac, 20-30 with exilus mods (exilus 20, exilus + mod 30), but this univac works only for loot. Your pet has mods that would exclude, multiply or give bonuses to loot like smeeta kavat double timed, with mods like high radius (25m) for orbslike stuff, additional ammo conversions etc. It should be done in such a way that you can make any orblike to your liking, but also with much higher mod cost up to 25m. Base for all is 3m like it is now.
  6. Since when? They do travel slowly, but cats enlarged the area from which you could collect them and could even bug them. I havent played eidolons quite a while and i always just switched my cat setup to one without vacuum so i couldnt notice.
  7. If we had pockets and said pockets had finite space and we would actually be able to pick stuff we want to take with us and which we don't, i would agree that vacuum might interfere with certain aspects of looting that might be important to gameplay. Example Path of Exile. Certain aspects of gameplay are lost forever once a game lasts for some time. Like a flask and hp refill npc in towns in PoE or vacuum in warframe. Once its there there is no scenario when it is gone.. It can only get worse, so more vacuum only allowed. There are certain scenarios when i don't want to pick something or have control when i pick that (orbs, unairu wisps in eidolon hunts, ammo etc). This issue could be resolved by excluding it from universal frame vacuum (same as with companion) and only equipping the mod would allow to them be vacuumed (mounted on exilus in frame or on companion). Railjack has a problem with looting. Loot flies and can aquire ridicolous speeds on different vectors, sometimes vacuum doesn't work at all (near debris, green glowing stuff destroyed), after a fight you might look at loot spread across 4x4 km space which is traumatic to cover, railjack has bad fov as a pilot.. And the grind there is serious.. It creates a bad looting experience. I would vote for small robotic railjack drones that you craft on mission only from those 4 resources you gather, that would collect loot for us, could be destroyed, had capacity and fuel, would need some maintance from engineer. So you spend some of those 4 resources to loot more of other resources.
  8. Have no idea about the statistics, but it does seem that certain communities that were tied to specific activities that required more in-depth knowledge are getting smaller and smaller with each update. I was part of the raiding and relic hunters, knew some part of endurance runners and eidolon hunters community. My clan was aiming for "skilled" players.. Judging by the last logged it seems that a huge part of those communities is gone. My clan went from 70ish to 10ish in that time.. Does it matter? Depends.. Most of knowledge of how to do things is passed by clans, alliances and communities. Yes there are tons of youtube videos, wikia is really good etc.., but from my experience a lot of funny, powerful, not widely known things i learned from other players. I help new players trying to pass the knowledge i aquired. What i see on alliance chat, from new players is an increasing lack of guidance. I would never be where i am without some people.. Warframe is an easy game, but it also has tons of little tricks, hidden mechanics, hard to find interconnections between abilities etc. It might be that new players with just base knowledge, stay forever on that base level, because most of the time you don't need any of it to complete what the game throws at you. Problem starts when what they know is not enough.. Longer arbitration, tougher enemies and they are lost. Recently i found that its even hard to teach others on how to. Plasma sword, machete wraith is unusable for them.. Frost, gara, rhino cant aoe dps at all... My friends with incredible game knowledge are laughed at on alliance chat by mr10s.. And than i go into sortie spy with wukong. Mr 10-20s all lokis, ivaras writing i will leech and won't contribute.. I tell them i dont need any frame to do any spy and they don't believe.. I do my first vault before they even get to theirs and than rescue one more before failure.. They are clueless what happened, but they don't want to know.. Than i go with my vazarin nekros on 1h survi arbi in a premade. I am told i am not needed cause drones explode and i will die a lot. It ends with me reviving half of my team, keeping all of the supports intact, doing 70% of damage and 2k kills, earning 200k nanos. No one even wants to know how and why. Than i do a sortie defense with my speedva and a pellet weapon the rest is "he is a troll". When i put the defense target with my 3 in a safe unreachable place and make the mission twice as fast with 4 and do most of the damage and kills with my 2&4 they are clueless what happened.. No one asks.. And than we have a forum thread like this one.. We lack difficult coop content that creates communities around it.
  9. Well the only thing we actually need is invulnerability state till migration successfully finishes (lost loot cases are a different thing). Objective and frames enter it on host migration, when loaded a few seconds grace period of that state and we would be golden. Its kinda crazy bad to lose everything in a endurance/arbi mission just cause there is a host change. And it would be also nice to have better scaling of certain targets we protect on higher level missions. I failed few mobiles with liches due to the console being destroyed while i was in lich's kill after stab animation (i downed the lich with no enemies near it and full health console). Whats funny, mechanic is already there when stalker attacks you (mission lockdown with target inv)
  10. Havent read everything in this thread, but there was a bug (havent played rj for long dont know if it is fixed) with enemy ships damage (aparent on clients mostly, connection i believe pays a role) that allowed them to one shot amesha with all or part of her charges intact (you ended up dead with for example 15 charges on 1st ability left). Its not the bug that allows you to cast 1 just before dying and you end up as a corpse with max charges. This one is replicable easy enough and its prolly just visual. This is actually only 1 of 2 cases i know when you just die without chances to do anything. The second is two crewships near eachother with poor connection. You wipe one ship, exit it and die while in animation from the damage of the second one. They might have fixed that with inv period on exit, but i havent played rj after that update. For her 4 to charge energy use asteroids, its far better than ships, kinetic diversion helps. Enemies have a tendency to shot stuff in bulks which might give you not enough time to recast 1. Omni tool also helps, you can easily get health back on railjack and it is somehow connected to hp of archwing, energy is not i think.
  11. Shame you lost so much of your time cause of this. Warframe is not really awesome in introducing itself to new players, not much written anywhere. How to do, what to do etc. I understand. DE as well. They acknowledged that, its high on their priority list, but shamefully not much has happened since that "new player experience" on the white board. It should be improved. .. but... There is a but.. First you entered a hidden cave location with a loading screen by pressing that X (that means different location) and you got a cinematic with talking heads, distinctive music theme. There is nothing similar to that experience in open worlds anywhere. You could really feel something unusual is happening especially when npcs told you something wiped deck 12, you see the debris, it couldnt be your normal corpus grunts, could it? Than you needed to use a special consumable (never used in any other mission) in a place looking like an arena and that.. locked the doors behind you.. 3 distinctive clues, 2 stages of acceptance. What excatly did you expect? I would expect a boss fight. Special boss fight. You wrote yourself, you were in mining setup, you had leveling weapons only, you were not really preprared. Why did you press that thermia dispense button? Maybe it needs more clarification, but i won't believe you did not feel you are risking a bit here.. This orb is not that difficult even with inv loki and unmodded drakgoon if you have an operator. Getting to 2nd stage would allow you to get out with a bounty failure.. I understand how you feel, but i also feel you could take a less risky aproach and get back there with less loot if you didn't want wiki spoilers and check what it really is.
  12. And if i want to use that one i shouldn't? Because you think thats what i have to? I used saryn, mesa, frost, nekros, equinox, limbo, valkyr, trinity, rhino, volt, ember, loki, ivara to an extent i dont want to play them anymore. Wukong is probably not even in top 10 of my most used frames, but i want to play him now. All the time. Why cant i? I try to master each of them slowly, but thoroughly. That is my choice how to play the game. Tell me how does that influence your experience? Cause in pugs you see a wukong from time to time? Its a far worse case of limbo hate, literally. Clone is not one shooting eidolon limbs as he can't target limbs and equinox clone is far more powerful in terms of raw damage output, my clone equi build has twice the multi of my wukongs. If clones were able to do that its not wukong you should fear. Wukong is in a pretty good and fun place right now. His 4 lacks some scaling like all exalted weapons after the melee rework, but all in all there are many broken frames in everything wukong does, he is actually quite well balanced all things considered. You are being irrational..
  13. Heard they changed something, (watching some series in my free time and havent log in the since two days), is it that bad?
  14. 25%, probably repeated.. That would be the normal outcome for the distribution they have chosen. Did 24 liches, have excatly 1 55%, two 40%ties (44, 47) and few 30%ties (less than 5 i think) and the rest is 25-27 (around 15, for some reason 28 and 29 are really rare).. Not kidding, the random function is not plain (your chance for 60% is different than for 25%), its skewed to the bottom. I can asure you its not even remotely the pinnacle, wait till you get a coward after 20th repeated 25-30% cold/magnetic, cause you want that ephemera.. . Than you can write pinnacle and essence ;p
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