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  1. Doesnt work for me, have to relaunch every time. I assume they will be fixing it soon tho
  2. I keep getting stuck kneeling in my ship after leaving a mission.
  3. "Back" button when viewing player list for invite player is showing as greyed out behind the overlay, but still clickable :o
  4. Probably already mentioned here, but the item linking popup is showing up behind the chat window so its hard to read and selecting something ( if thats meant to be? ) isn't working. Enjoying exploring the update so far! PS: Still no star emoji :C
  5. Ughhh I'm so intensely bummed that TennoCon is happening on the other side of the planet, so many people who also love the game are gonna get to have all the fun, there are awesome looking in game things you have to be present IRL to get.. LIFE IS UNFAIR. :( :( :( Not enough sad faces can convey my level of sadness. Edit: I am in full support for the virtual ticket idea. At least then I could have the cool swag and cling to it while I cry over not being able to physically be there. :C
  6. Yaayyy no more Karak Wraith pieces @_@ .. I hope.
  7. This has been happening to me in most of my runs so far. either it doesn't spawn, or it takes foreeeever.
  8. Are there any plans to have a cosmetics only version of Prime Vault packs? I have everything prime frame and weapon wise there is ( except excal and the weapons he came with ) already, and although I would LOVE to give you my money and get my hands on some of the prime cosmetics I wasn't able to buy when they came out, I'm not in a million years going to buy those packs if it means also buying prime frames and weapons I already have. I WANT to give you money, let me give you money!
  9. Hmmm. three wishes. Thats a toughie! Picking only three, I mean. Lets say mine are in no specific order.. 1. More loadout and appearance slots. I've got too many frames I'd like to keep loadouts for, and too many color schemes I want to hang onto for just A, B, and C. 2. Ability to replay quests. Especially ESPECIALLY The Second Dream. 3. Screenshot mode/photostudio in the ship and/or dojo. It would be fun to be able to take neat pictures of our frames! Maybe even a way to take picstures with fancy rendering like in our profiles.
  10. Can someone explain the relevance for the name Ivara? Usually the names of frames relate to their theme in some kind of way but I don't know what this one is referencing :) Edit: Found a thread finally, got it!
  11. I will fully admit that when exposed to too much Archwing at one time, I get into such a foul mood. I get frustrated, annoyed, and my glee for Warframe is snuffed out like a candle. I can spend hours doing just about anything in this game, but drop me in Archwing missions for .. 30 mins? And I just want to sign off. Hence, I only play that game mode when I absolutely have to, in order to obtain some other goal that requires Archwing. But, I don't take that mood out on other people by any means. :I And ofc I want to save the relay, even though spending time in the relay makes me feel a similar amount of frustration.
  12. I loathe archwing, but my drive to complete as many pieces of gear as I can and have event rewards forces me to play it. I'm dead inside.
  13. I see two entries for Baliff in my Codex, and I have no issues running the first two steps multiple times. :) Maybe it was adjusted since your post? I'm not sure. As for the Rift Sigil people are talking about.. I think that there is no problem with bringing it back to be obtainable again, but they could have at least brought it back via some kind of equally challenging TA. Tossing it in the prize barrel of a low level spy mission is a little cheap, and while I am happy to see that not everything is a one-time-deal, it puts a little bit of a wet towel on the victory all of us who completed the original event achieved. It was a fun event, it was challenging, and it had an awesome unique reward at the end. Its exciting to be a part of that. When it comes to games, people like to have symbols to tote their achievements. In Warframe, emblems and sigils are the way to do it. When you just toss it out there again without at least a repeat of the event or something similar, you kind of ruin that a bit. It makes it just another meaningless cosmetic item, and while some people may be fine with that, a lot of people aren't. So, I can see why people would be upset. At this point, whats done is done, its back and new people have it and I don't expect it to be taken away, but maybe in the future DE could consider more carefully how they re-distribute previously awarded event related badges or symbols. Players who love the game and have played a long time seem to take a lot of pride in having played their part in the history of this game, please don't cheapen it!
  14. I literally screamed when I saw the vid. I CANNOT CONTAIN MY GLEE.
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