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  1. "NAME IS PERMANENT" seems pretty final to me... (And yeah, i also want to change it as well. I'v missed an r when i named my completely flawlessly grey kubrow Ferum when i wanted to go for Ferrum. The worst part is that typing Ferum into google shows some boobies as the first results... Really creepy.)
  2. They can and i'll argue they will... See, DE doesn't want us to heavily customize our weaponry, that would go against what the objectives of the game is... They don't want you to be able to make yourself a nice bow with heavy slash procs, they want to sell you that bow pre-baked. Customization freedom goes directly against their goal of constantly feeding us weapons, so by locking the weapons by their original stat and now allowing you to deviate from it, they create a necessity, and then sell you what you want. So say you want a bow that has very heavy blunt damage. You cannot do that wit
  3. Unfortunately we've been shouting "Mod 2.0 Sucks" at DE for as long as half a year now, i believe... Hell, maybe almost a full year. They don't seem to care, they just want us to live with this horrible mess of a system. And your problems is what Mod 2.0 boils down to. Necessary mods? Yes, every build will have some Necessary mods, because Mod 2.0 wasn't originally though as a "modification" system but as a simple "progression" system and therefore, linear. Rank 7 Serration is linearly better then Rank 2 Serration, therefore it "levels" and powers you up. The problem is that this progr
  4. So what you're saying is that every problem you're having right now that might be turning the game into one boring experience can be all neatly encapsulated by the words "Mod 2.0 Sucks"? It's almost like Mod 2.0 is some kind of horrible, horrible system that needs to be fixed but Steve cannot see it for the problem that it is...
  5. Is utter and complete bovine waste. I know this was a move made in desperation out of a wish not to make Sentinel obsolete. The whole Kubrow thing is designed as if it doesn't wants to be used! But you know what? Sentinels were boring, are boring and will always be goddamn boring! So they WILL become obsolete as soon as you give us anything that is actually interesting! So stop trying to force my hand to go back to the boring Sentinels.
  6. Weirdly enough, because they're Kubrow and probably their power scales like crap, i would take the Sahasa's power to further dessekrate my opponents over any sort of peashooter the other Kubrow could have... Hell, it would be even better if it worked like another Nekros in mission, because that would mean i would occasionally getting a double dessekrate by myself...
  7. For the Record, most of us know of the rest of the Secret Areas... So don't worry, your work is appreciated!
  8. For the record, i think OP is right... I'm going to want the 100% all the time anyways because i want my Kubrow in top shape...
  9. Oh yeah, because that's the ONLY thing out of place in this goddamn game. It's not like we can somehow not get Orokin Cells as a regular resource from the, y'know... Orokin Towers...
  10. It just illustrates the point of "It's not about the money" doesn't it? The fact that a dude with 1.2mil on Creds lost his Kubrow because he got a little careless...
  11. You might be perceiving that you need WAY MORE then what you needed before because of all the Rank 10 Kubrow mods and the Kubrow food...
  12. SOMEONE WITH STANDARDS! FINALLY! Everyone follow this example, people, stop trying to justify everything Warframe throws at us only because other games do the same! Don't settle for the lowest common denominator!
  13. Not bad, but i don't think i have enough faith in DE for them to have something so practical happening. But hey, one can hope...
  14. Why don't you address the RNG that is required to GET one of those to begin with? Or about the fact that there is no way to get rid of your cloned sickly dog so you're stuck with whatever ugliness they throw at you unless you starve them for 5 days? Or how about Loyalty having a 3/3 daily limit to restore it, considering it restores 20% per use and the Kubrow loses 40% per death? Or how about the price of Imprints being increasingly more ridiculous to acquire and them doing actually nothing since you can have a full red Kubrow, a full blond Kubrow and result in a full dull gunmetal
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