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  1. *only Tenno weapons and items get primes so maybe a wraith version instead*
  2. Oberon has lower max health than someone like Mesa because he’s able to heal himself. Mesa can’t do that. She gets a 95% damage resistance, but when that 5% cuts into her health then the value is stuck there until you pick up some health orbs.
  3. When you complete the Second Dream. So Uranus/Neptune is about where you’d start it.
  4. Did you link your warframe and mixer accounts
  5. Warding Halo grants you 90% damage reduction. Not 100%. If your health takes more damage than the halo counter then you will still die. Being one-shot does not trigger the invulnerability stage.
  6. You said corpus, not specifically amalgams. Some corpus units have armor, such as bursas.
  7. It depends. If you’re selling prime stuff like maybe an equinox prime set then it’s probably only going to get you 100p. People wouldn’t risk their entire account to chargeback 100p...usually. If I get over a hundred plat in a trade then I just wait a few hours, maybe even a day, and then go ahead and spend it. If you’re selling some spicy rivens for 2k plat...you might want to wait a little while to spend it. It’s highly unlikely they would remove the charged back plat AND some extra. Also i tend to take screenshots of all my trades just in case something goes wrong and you can prove you didn’t purchase plat from a third party.
  8. Your post didn’t make that particularly clear. Like @Rin-senpai said, blood rush and condition overload are a good start
  9. Not sure what this has to do with Skiajati, but “massive damage melee weapon” can apply to almost anything if you have the right setup. Depending on your mastery level I’d recommend dual swords like Nami Skyla / Twin Krohkur or a Zaw (polearms are usually pretty good).
  10. Players are invulnerable during the animation. Slows you down? Sure. Dangerous? No.
  11. If you can’t do it then you can join a group and get carried
  12. That would basically make the system unusable if you’re so worried about not being able to catch up. Obviously it’s not going to happen in every mission, but if it can be exploited in any way then someone will
  13. welcome to warframe then. you can look forward to the second dream. /s
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