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  1. Can garuda get her blood ball numbers moved to bottom right like every other core frame mechanic? Like sure i enjoy the aesthetic of the physical orb above her head that sits in the curve of her mirror but having to look up to see how much energy it has is stupid. just clone it to the bottom right corner of the screen where spore, rubble, and other UI elements are. edit from reddit: this post has 100% upvote rate after 200+ votes never before has the internet agreed so unanimously. Help me Pablo you're my only hope.
  2. im sorry love some of us have lives out of game and cant stay logged in 24/7. i hope you'll understand that some day ❤️
  3. plague star please xD kids are staying awake on the east side of the world just to farm that re-hashed boss xD thanks for the update tho keep up the good work DE ❤️
  4. Q: just read up there somewhere nightwave 2 will be about infested, my question is, will there be or how long until we (the people who couldnt grind this round due to irl reasons) may be able to get another chance to grind that reward pool. Thank you and all the best ❤️ Stay awesome!
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