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  1. So after watching the devstream for 30 mins last night I got a popup saying I can claim the umbra forma drop, so I did. I found out about the Twitch Drops 2.0 literally right now and followed these instructions to relink my account. Is it too late though? I still didin't get it ingame.
  2. Hope you don't get a rude surprise when they nerf CD and Arqubex, making the event actually more difficult.
  3. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Deployed a Necramech and tried to transfer into it during a massive ping spike (999ms). I was unable to use the Necramech for the rest of the mission VISUAL: Irrelevant, pressing 5 to transfer into the Necramech doesn't show any kind of visual cue that it was unsuccessful REPRODUCTION: Unsure, possibly requires transferring in and out of a Necramech with an unstable connection to the host EXPECTED RESULT: I should have transferred into the Necramech after aiming at it and pressing 5 OBSERVED RESULT: I remained in the operator / warframe,
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