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  1. Still waiting for an option to disable hold E for heavy attack... losing the combo counter for no other reason than having too high of an attack speed is infuriating
  2. Remove the forced hold E for heavy attack key bind, or give us a toggle already. We suffered long enough, losing BR combo counter for no reason
  3. So many hotfixes later and this is still an issue. BUMP for accidentally losing BR combo counter is annoying af
  4. Using a macro to spam E will ensure the key is not held longer than a few miliseconds. That's currently the only way to not accidentally trigger heavy attacks with high attack speed weapons. It would be a huge irony if you got banned for using macros tho.... trying to fix an issue yourself when DE is refusing to...
  5. This is a huge mobility nerf for Itzal users and gives no incentive to use other archwings because base flight speed is an important stat now.
  6. Still no option to disable heavy attack on holding E?
  7. Will there ever be a way to revive our fallen kavats and kubrows in arbitration missions?
  8. When will hold E for heavy attack be removed? Or given an option to disable this key binding?
  9. I don't know if you have Primed Fury or mod for attack speed to notice, but the time it takes to activate heavy attacks by holding E scales with your attack speed. With the new crit / high attack speed meta, this is a huge problem and encourages the use of macros to spam E.
  10. Great, now we can waste our entire combo counter by accidentally holding E and performing a heavy attack. Thanks...
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