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  1. so yeah, it was just a crash and I was able to get back in, but I though it may be helpful to post it here, my bug report thing was WAR-1965308
  2. ninjadbo

    warframe appearance controlling holstering

    yes, as a weapon option, i'm saying as a warframe option
  3. I feel like whether or not a weapon is visible while holstered should be determined by the warframe's settings. This is because some warframes look better without and some look better with weapons and some look better without and stuff, so yee, i dunno.
  4. ninjadbo

    Zeth's Workshop

    May have missed something while reading, but couldn't the back piece on the helm be interpreted look too ash like?
  5. ninjadbo

    mission kick item recovery inaccurate.

    Wouldn't that count as an issue then?
  6. I got disconnected from a fissure and then sent back to the login menu, when I got back in to the game, Ordis sent me this, only issue is that I lost a Ballistica prime BP, not this.
  7. ninjadbo

    inaccurate MR requirement on dakra, or i'm dumb

    sorry meant to be dakra prime
  8. this occurs whenever I look at a user's profile while in the starchart.
  9. ninjadbo

    ayatan stars grow in space

    so ya, that's a thing