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  1. Does anyone experiencing the same problem? This happened to me only when i'm using Nova Prime but not other frame.
  2. thank you for returning back Tatsu's front slide movement
  3. yo, what is up with these random crashes? it's really annoying
  4. dammit, i've experienced more crashes with this hotfix. yesterday was fine
  5. i just wanna buy the accessory pack using paypal, what's wrong with it here? endless loading i've tried multiple of times, checked my paypal. everything is in order but still gave me same result, error error error smh EDIT : and yeah, i've ticked the terms and policy every time i did for the transaction. tell me what i did wrong here, please.
  6. Please change Tatsu's melee combo(Calling Thunder) back to it's former chain(Calling Thunder combo have front dash after 2 strikes)
  7. Please change Tatsu's melee combo(Calling Thunder combo) back to its original form. Thank you.
  8. Please change Tatsu's melee combo(block combo specifically) back to its former state. + it's still there even when me and my friends did/finished the challenge.
  9. please change Tatsu's block combo back to its former glory
  10. and now that's done for, at least buff up the rewards!
  11. we got single handed nikanas, dual handed nikana, dual daggers and dual swords but not dual nikanas? it ain't space ninja without dual nikanas
  12. why did you change the Tatsu block combo? it was so good, it makes you zero shift if you build it with +speed smh
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