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  1. speaking of which, they expanded the prestige tier to rank 90, who's HAHA now?
  2. as the title described; dear DE, can you remove the rank 30 limit for prestige tier in NW(Nightwave)? i hate to wait for another NW to start so i can get to do stuff and get things from the creds offering(nitain extract for being the most needed). thank you.
  3. so here we are again, when are you gonna fix Archmelee homing ability? we can't just use veritux/prisma veritux all our life from now on
  4. hi, when are you gonna fix the archmelee homing ability?
  5. and again, when are you gonna fix archmelee homing ability?
  6. how about that dual nikanas? are you gonna start making it?
  7. also, when are you guys gonna fix the homing archmelee ability? it's been lost since itzal's nerf/archwing changes.
  8. hi, can you guys please fix the companion loadout, its not loading properly like for example i've set my kubrow on Loadout A and my Dethcube on Loadout B, when i change the Loadout from A to B it still equip my kubrow as my companion in Loadout B where it supposed to be my Dethcube. its annoying i have to go back to the companion section to change it everytime i switch loadouts
  9. thank you for the hotfix, looking forward to more hotfixes and changes/balance for Railjack
  10. so apparently you'll not get the same items as your pals in squad for railjack missions we picked up zetki reactor mk3 from the mission but i got the ones with 57 avionics, my pal got the same part but only with 37 avionics, is this intended? the loot should be the same as we all put the same effort in that mission
  11. got another question, when will this https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Z5XV8G be coming out?
  12. the only and most important question for this, WHEN?
  13. hey just a suggestion. how about instead of giving us that 3 sec delay for the universal blink(which sucks), make the universal blink consume energy perhaps? i guess that's fair for everyone
  14. Dear DE, I think we need a new chat room solely for the Kuva Liches trading. It's a mess now in trading chat, so much confusion going around there. Thank you for the update.
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