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  1. Requiem fissures are horrible. Host migrations that fail do not return your rewards like normal fissures so you basically lose everything time and relics included. Considering host migrations are as common as Ammo Case, to call this infuriating is an understatement. Having so much RNG based layers only to have a random chance of you losing all the hard work and grinding is more than enough to ruin any players mission run. Perhaps tagging players that complete the objective so that way failed migrations result in a mission completed state would be a good idea. Letting us keep our rewards and loot up too the most recent mission milestone would he nice as well E.G. last relic cracked and so on. Losing 45 minutes worth of kuva fortress loot, relics, kuva, and rewards is not gonna make players stay.
  2. As much as I hate this and hope for a toggle button soon, the best you can do is jump as soon as you notice the wind up to cancel the attack. In the mean time PLEASE PUT A TOGGLE DE!!
  3. You are very welcome. Warframe to me has always been a game about playing creatively. Why else would there be so many frames and weapons.
  4. As crappy as the usage based system is and should be revised the best thing to do right now since that most likely won't be changed any time soon is branch away from these easy to use meta build from time to time and get freaky with how many other weapons there are.
  5. Still not completely outrageous claims tho. A vast majority of players do. But hey congrats on playing creatively, here's a bada** point.
  6. There's plenty of great weapons that havent been touched by nerfs or widely used by the community. The real problem is its easier to just mindlessly blast with catchmoon than aim a pandero or knell
  7. They have been lol this is the one time they didnt get a nerf 2 out of 3 isnt singling out Rubico lol they aren't wrong.
  8. Now if the majority of the community would just get creative and try different weapons now and then these changes wouldn't suck so bad 🙃
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