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  1. Nah there is a catch, there must be. Something terrible must be going on with the infested jesus and his fallowers.
  2. There was a time when I was one click away from being a founder. That year I've supported many other games, Carmageddon:Reincarnation, Interstellar marines, Armikrog... What I saw from warframe back then did not impress me enough to go and dish out more, when I already did for other, now mostly forgotten games. (+ I never played MMO before nor since - except for warframe.) Years had passed. And then I saw by chain of coincidences trailer for Plains of Eidolon. THAT did impress me! I went to explore what is warframe and is it that game that I saw years ago? - It was! And it wasn't. Dec. 2017 I was hooked. And I have been hooked ever since. I did buy a ton of Prime access packs and plat in 75% off to show my appreciation for what I'm experiencing with your game. Also I simply dont have time to grind, that I used to have, but time = money and that goes both ways xD. It is very unique in several departements. and after 270h when I got to second dream, I felt that the game just began. "So NOW the tutorial is over..." was what I said to my self out loud in two in the morning. Should've given the Interstellar marines money to Warframe. (hmm or maybe I did and forgot xD) who knows? Just like in warframe, there is no "load game" in life. I'm glad I'm on board and after this years TENNOCON I Know I'll sink another 1600h in this game xD. Thanks DE PS: My GF hates you btw. xD
  3. It's gonna be friday, becuase, timing is well, it goes out, people will have weekend to gather the bug reports, and DE will have some time off (naive view) but most importantly: I have a B-day in suterday =D It'd be perfect timing for my tiny universe ´=D
  4. 🎵... and we all farm togetheeeeer, togeeetheeeer.🎵
  5. Exactly 1/ Issac Clark form DEADSPACE2. 2/Sniper from Battlefield4 . 3/ Space marine from Aliens 4/ well ... with this gear YOU are the REAL S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  6. As somebody who actively practises lucid dreaming for over two decades, I approve this message.
  7. Here is mine. ´=D ?art? category. Digital painting. "LOTUS, I'M HOME!"
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