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  1. immolator1001

    [Spoiler] Dev Workshop: New Mods Part 1!

    As a mastery rank 22 player who had taken a break for a couple months, these mods really reinvigorated my interest in Warframe and I'm really exited to get Riven mods for my favorite weapons that aren't quite top tier. There are a few things I think should change: 1. Add a weekly mission with Teshin to get a Riven mod, so that it isn't totally Sortie RNG 2. Don't increase the cost of rerolling mods. The reason people want to reroll a mod is because it is a weapon they like and they want the mod to suit it better, this simply discourages players from rerolling mods for weaker weapons. 3. Add caps to stat changes, -100% on basically any stat can ruin a weapon, if it is damage the weapon basically ceases to work. Like it so far and can't wait to see it evolve!
  2. immolator1001

    Status Thread: Specters of the Rail (SotR)

    Good luck! Love the game!!
  3. immolator1001

    Coming Soon: Devstream #74!

    Plans on new sentients?
  4. immolator1001

    Coming Soon: Devstream #67!

    PBR Excalibur prime?
  5. If you'd read the codex literally none of it was surprising besides character customization.
  6. immolator1001

    Pc: Second Dream Teaser/hype Megathread [Spoilers]

    They talked about a focus system...
  7. immolator1001

    Pc: Second Dream Teaser/hype Megathread [Spoilers]

    It will come no sooner than the last code.
  8. immolator1001

    Coming Soon: Devstream #62, Trick Or Treat!

    Can you show us stuff about the Sentients? Maybe upcoming sentient based weapons?
  9. immolator1001

    Steam Workshop Launch + Faq!

    The problem is that you can't actually change the models just the textures n stuff.
  10. immolator1001

    Who Uses Immortal Skins?

    I use them on primes if it doesn't cover up the gold bits.
  11. immolator1001

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Ability Rework

    try something like this please? Also I'm worried that since you need duration, strength, and range mods for her to be effective, we won't be able to use corrupted mods without seriously hindering her builds. Also any consideration on making contagion a toggle ability?
  12. immolator1001

    Orokin Are Humans?

    There is no evidence of any alien species in Warframe. Everyone seems to either has decended from normal humans, or are synthetic in origin.
  13. immolator1001

    Instead Of Screaming "no Auction House" How Bout....

    Oh look an unsubstantiated fact!