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  1. I ve stopped playing this game after they released the update with big family world map and robotic thingies is there anything Im missing that I MUST check out also, should i start playing the game once again? How's the weather here?

    TLDR: havent played for over a year what did i miss?

  2. after you roll, there is now a very short time at the end where you are stunned and cannot do anything and protea looks like she is sliding like she is on ice or something

    I think the stun-lock after roll at the end should be reduced a few ms to prevent this.

    -It is very visible in the orbiter but not as easy to see in a mission but the awkward stun is still there



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  3. 50 minutes ago, CortiWins said:


    • Yes, Redeemer is not the most practical choice for a lot of missions.
    • No, that doesn't require change.


    I actually dont want redeemer to change. That's the whole point pretty much. Im just giving a heads up that if the dispo went any lower than it already has, due to the statements I've already made, It wouldn't be convenient to use as it is already not better than any other melee at the moment.

  4. 1 hour ago, GreyDeath789 said:

    Instead of discussing the points raised by others the OP spouts drivel about those posters as a 'defense' of the position held in the OP.

    That is extremly hypocritical considering I was already replying but okay.

    1 hour ago, GreyDeath789 said:

    it is derailed by the OP insulting others

    that's just funny.

    well, looking at your reply, you just tried to make me look bad and you dont have any intention to argue about the topic.(ironic considering you were talking about me not talking about the redeemer while i was already) Extremly manipulative of you. I guess I have to congratz you or else you will think that I am insulting you, huh? Well, here's a medal. 🎖️ Good for you for sticking to the original topic and talking about redeemer instead of trying to derail or talk about me.

  5. 1 minute ago, ShortCat said:

    Noooooo, I pulled it out of thin air. Good luck with your agenda.

    You're just making fun of yourself with your silly assumptions. Not gonna help derail my thread with your ridiculousness. You're delusional.

  6. 6 minutes ago, ShortCat said:

    This is not a Redeemer thread. This is "my overpriced Riven will become weaker" thread.

    what you just said... your reply is the most ridiculous and doesn't even hold an argument value in this thread.

    11 minutes ago, ShortCat said:

    The weapon will maintain the same power for ~98% of the playerbase

    yeah? how do you manage to get such accurate numbers? you cant even make a proper assumption about my thread.

    I mean, I even explained myself. Did you even read the thread? Sorry but you are just laughable.


    Simply, there are better melee weapons out there and If I know DE, they will keep nerfing redeemer's disposition till it is too late. I feel responsible for not saying anything as I really like the idea behind gunblades.


  7. lmao.

    all those comments saying that redeemer is so powerful...(I dont think we play the same game, duh) after melee 3.0, literally, any melee got to redeemer level good before the rework whilst redeemer become worse.

    So, Redeemer is so good but it cannot deal with grouped up enemies and slow. yeah sure, that makes sense. Overhyped and hyperbole. that's what it is. Redeemer is as useless as atlas in casual missions and you have to be indenial to not accept that. You can easily out-kill redeemer with almost any melee, lowering the dispo just makes it worse.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, nslay said:

    Redeemer Prime is still substantially better than a full magazine of shots from a full combo ripped Lanka. It's not even funny... for most of the event, I carried a primary with a focus lens that I never used once. Just use Redeemer Prime to kill the Condrix, Khora's whip for everything else and use the Catchmoon to blow the canisters on the Aerolyst.

    Exodia Contagion is a bit harder to use than Redeemer Prime to be completely fair... just point and shoot Redeemer Prime.

    so, you dont aim and shoot with exodia contagion? anyway. I already talked about how bad redeemer is in casual missions. I am repeating myself at this point. Clearly, you dont play redeemer in a relic mission or such, if you did, you would know how bad and slow it is compared to any other melee which is why it shouldn't get any lower dispo than it already has.

    and like i said you just cant compare a melee weapon to a primary weap which you did once again for some reason

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  9. 5 minutes ago, nslay said:

    I used it all Scarlet Spear to kill the Condrixes fast. It does more damage in a single shot than a full magazine of 6 forma full combo Lanka. In fact... I didn't even use primary after I figured out Redeemer Prime can outdamage the snipers for Condrix.

    oh boy, that surely makes it a beast, absolute unit against casual missions which I talk bout in the thread already.

    If you didnt know, Exodia Contagion did a whole lot better than Redeemer for scarlet spear. That doesnt make exodia contagion op.


    EDIT: Add the part about expending the full magazine of a Lanka to do less damage than a single shot of Redeemer Prime... just to show where Redeemer Prime stands against one of the most powerful primaries in the game.

    first off, redeemer is a melee and not a primary. You cant basically compare them.
    and like i said, there are better melee weapons than redeemer with better dispo. The logic of yours make no sense here.

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  10. 24 minutes ago, nslay said:

    Wait, what are they doing to do to Redeemer? What did you hear? Where did you hear it?

    But... if it is Redeemer, it probably does deserve it. I mean, it's really dumb that one shot from Redeemer can outdamage an entire magazine of Lanka at full combo. If it were an actual melee in the conventional sense, that would be different. But you can even snipe enemies at range with Redeemer while outdamaging actual sniper rifles! That's stupidly overpowered IMO!

    EDIT: It has bad dispo because everyone else noticed how stupidly overpowered it is (including me).

    well if i ve seen this comment before the melee rework, I would say that you are right but since we are passed that I think you dont play redeemer.

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  11. Redeemer's performance in casual missions is just awful compared to any other melee. It cannot deal with a crowd quickly enough. It will get a lower dispo with every disposition change even though it is objectively one of the worse melee to play with. Stance changes aka melee rework made it awful. Spamming E as useless as Atlas' 1. The only way to actually damage enemies is using your heavy attack and even then you're limited to a single enemy with a godawful speed. 

    and then we have Scythes, Heavy Attacking with them with a decent build will obliterate group of enemies very easily. I dont understand where is the balance here. They are basically the better gunblade.

    Redeemer cannot kill group of enemies 
    It is slower than most melee ✓

    Bad dispo 

    I cant be the only one thinking like this. sure, Redeemer was a good melee for eidolons but who even cares about Eidolons at this point? They are obsolete. DE should stop changing Redeemer's disposition based on popularity because as someone who used redeemer a lot and has it as it's most used weapon, It is one of the worse melee weapons in the current game to play in a casual mission.

    Gunblades overall in a really bad spot. The only thing that kept redeemer going downhill was it's dispo. Now that they started nerfing it, there's no reason to play it (If there were any at all already) 
    Simply, there are better melee weapons out there and If I know DE, they will keep nerfing redeemer's disposition till it is too late. I feel responsible for not saying anything as I really like the idea behind gunblades.

    thanks for coming to my ted talk

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