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  1. Yeah I slid it to 70 but it didn't work all the time, so with the time tested principle of "crank it up til' it works" I set it higher. Though I still don't think it works with the scanner which is used to.
  2. I used to use scanner to see kuva since the thing is practically invisible after some updates, especially the ones that made the game either too dark or too bright depending on your settings. (I am on low settings, my clan mates were complaining that for them it was too bright.) that being said, I don't know which update caused it but I can't see the floaty head thing anymore for kuva. And since the thing is practically invisible for me without it, I just can't see it at all unless I miraculously manage to point my mouse directly at it so the word "kuva" pops up somehow. Kuva is already a tedious thing even now that I don't actively farm it, what's the point of this change? I honestly don't know if this is a bug or a feature.
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