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  1. now exactly how I would put it but I guess that's the same? yes, who likes doing capture missions? mob def? well in any case it's not like what I'm asking for will happen, would be awfully convenient tho
  2. The disruption has been so far pretty fun for me, I don't even know why since it's pretty much mobile defense but in any case as much as I like it the rewards are kinda mediocre and alright, fine, relics, I get a lot of relics but then I have to open those things so it's like I worked to get more work so yeah it's a long shot but would it be possible to get the relics already opened? I would prefer that than having to do missions again just to get that feeling of actual rewards. and it has to be opt in so of course players who want to upgrade their relics can do so. I've already played disruption and I have to spend another 5 minutes each opening a loot box and you know, would be nice if I have the reward after the mission and not after another mission.
  3. DE is usually pretty bad with marketing their side content, but I think this is a great idea! 🙂 I hope this receives more support!
  4. to be fair regarding the chance that DE doesn't even want to think of PvP because of server costs, they oughta do it anyway I think since ping is usually high (for me and most of the South East Asian people I encounter) and PvE suffers for that as well. the thing is I don't count Conclave as PvP content, the reason is that it's kinda S#&$ I think. I mean think about it, most successful PvP content out there are those where you do not farm and WF is already a farming game so can't people just shoot each other in PvP? They did it with dog days, they can do it by removing enemies and placing players against each other. The host will probably win though, lol, but it seems like an easy thing to try. Almost no new asset, barely any balancing as well. how does this not make sense tho? If there's 2 million players (I think 200k plays at about the same time? Let's say 50k to be immensely conservative) that's still a lot of people and I would say if 10% of that shows interest with PvP then that's still a significant number especially since we can assume that if PvP had better support and better marketed then that figure will increase and that is still a market worth of pursuit. WF is big.
  5. yeah now that I think about it, maybe the biggest reason why DE doesn't want to do PvP is because of server costs. I really think despite the vocal minority -- most people are fine with PvP and would probably even enjoy it if it was done right. People enjoyed Dog Days, no frame abilities, no mods, no nothing. I think even though WF is mostly PvE, the community has gotten so large that PvP is now necessary.
  6. yeah, and if the tools produce only a notepad setting (i.e. that configuration of maps and things inside it are stored as text and read by the game to know where to put stuff) then there won't even be a problem of downloading anything. Since it's just a setting in the end then it can just load like a normal map during loading.
  7. There's a slot in a mini stairs in Hydron where usually enemy kavats get stuck, I've also seen scorpions get stuck there. It's a small slot in the stairs. There are many stairs but I don't think many of them have slots, in any case the slot doesn't really add anything to the map as players can't get in there anyway, the stair can just be made wider to occupy the whole width available and no more stuck enemies.
  8. I've posted here before and a mod said something like that. Well who am I supposed to believe? My post got deleted because I asked if DE reads the forums and the mod deleted it because some people weren't following the forum rules. Now iirc the mod said that the devs don't read the forums, so if only the mods read then what exactly does that mean? In any case I never had the complete answer to my question as my post was deleted but the mod did say that the devs didn't read.
  9. Mobas beg to differ though, I mean I can understand what you're saying but what I don't understand is why you think it is the same to such degree. People have seen everything Mobas have to offer but they are still going strong, because dynamic content has longevity. There's a difference between killing a mob and another player, to speak without acknowledging thresholds is just mind boggling.
  10. just my opinion but if the PvP will be a shootout, I'd actually prefer no grinding, I mean we have tons of that already. That being said I've only tried conclave a few times so I don't know the grind mechanics behind it. There are always no players O.O
  11. I don't really find anything negative towards people who don't like the idea of PvP though I'd like to point out that PvP has repetitive elements but is not repetitive where it counts. I mean you can't turn your brain off in most PvP games (assuming the matching is done decently).
  12. that could also work, though at this point the biggest challenge to WF's PvP are the WFs themselves. It's impossible to balance them and without huge hoops to jump thru the meta for this PvPvE will probably just the same as the current meta of nukers so it might become a huge resource investment for DE but similar experience for us players so in the end it might also end up just being "static" content. That's just my thoughts on WFs being allowed normal function tho.
  13. holy crap this sounds great! I want to be an ambulas! *makes mechanical chicken noises*
  14. Warframe needs content, the reason is because ALL games need content. The thing with a PvE game is that most content are the same and it is simply human nature to reject routine in a stimuli driven activity. If this isn't true, then just stare at a blank wall then call that proper fun. In any case please don't scream bloody murder if you disagree because as you can see (or not see) there is a lack of exclamation marks in my statement. I do think Warframe is lacking in content, to be precise, Warframe is lacking in dynamic content, but I don't think it's the end of the world. There is always a middle path and it's always those in the extreme that ruin every discussion. So I'm here to make a case that 1.) a comprehensive PvP of some sort is one of the best ways to go and 2.) a community driven content creation system is another. BOTH are difficult but both are also worth discussing at the least. 1.) PvP is dynamic content and in a stimuli driven activity like gaming, dynamic content is always welcome. Now of course Warframe has PvP but Warframe also has "it's there and it's dead on arrival but it's there" syndrome towards support for previous content so current WF PvP doesn't really count in any significant way. WF needs content and if DE invests in a proper PvP, market it to the right people in the community, market it so that it doesn't alienate the other part of the community (not that it needs to be inclusive to the whole community but rather it will be marketed properly so the whole community knows what it is and the commitment to PvE is still the same) then PvP will make its own content due to the dynamic nature of PvP and that should help with WF content. Specially since PvP is pretty much a blank state, will it be operators only? WF but guns only like the previous Dog Days? Will it be a board game like what happened with DOTA and auto chess? A card game like poker? It can be anything! It can even be a revamped lunaro but I think going small is the way to go. BUT there must be support for it! 2.) DE makes a decent amount of sidegames, why not give it to the community? I've said it before that DE makes content with great potential but they leave it that way, just at potential. Frame Fighter could've been great! But they made it friends only, there's no pub game for it and you even have to (semi)grind to get the characters but NOT through playing Frame Fighter, how does that make sense? So if DE doesn't want to support this, then give it to the community, provide a sort of content creator for the community and allow a market to pop up based solely on the side games. Allow people to mess with it and again while that's difficult, at least it's dynamic. Dynamic content has longevity compared to static content simply due to its nature and its compatibility with human nature. Zephy flappy bird? Why not allow the community to turn that into a sidescroller? The current shawzin? Allow people to make comprehensive music for it and turn that into an actual music game. There are many ways this can be "bad", people will say that "this is modding and that won't work because of this and that" but DE is a multi-million dollar company and they can find a way to execute this where it can work. The truth is I don't mind content drought that much because I just don't play. I log in and that's that. But I still love this game and I just want to express that DE is making content anyway, just maximize it so that it works on their favor instead of being throwaway side crap. Now if they don't want to support it then just make it a community driven content, and Valve (steam) made its money that way too, by allowing community driven content then buying the best of those content. Well, it's worth discussing at least. Though sadly from what I've heard, DE doesn't really read the forums 😞
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