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  1. dude relax, I was just asking a question to know if there was any sense in posting in the forums at all. And I disagree that "expecting" DE to listen is "putting unreasonable expectations" since they're the ones saying that they "listen to community feedback a lot".
  2. I didn't know this was a thing xD Equinox battle royale would be funny, no one would want to attack because everyone is looking to soak some damage while running away. hahahaha, might be a very hilarious game mode where everyone thought to nuke with equi then everyone just ends up playing a weird game of tag.
  3. you just found an exploit for the forums, now it will never work.
  4. what? but it hasn't been out yet I think? what? O.O
  5. For example if we have an idea here, how do we know that DE listens? Do we need to reach a certain number of replies? Does it depend on how many replies with in a certain time frame? If DE forum mods read and pick ideas they like, that does mean that community feedback is really based on what the mods like or is there a numerical value before DE says, "maybe this idea is worth considering". Is there a compilation of forum posts that DE responded to and then actually changed or does DE mostly respond to youtube video feedbacks?
  6. While I would also like this, I don't know if this is an "easy fix". That being said I really would like that kind of alert, responding to syndicates and alerts would be based on the syndicates you are associated with which might mean a little bit of dynamism where the rewards can be syndicate exclusive. From what I can tell, the community is very divided with this. I mean I'm all for booting players that joined a bounty but is instead doing something else. Proximity meters will probably be problematic as there are nodes everywhere. While I also don't think this fits "easy fix" I at least hope DE can say something about this, address that there's an issue. This fits "easy fix" theme quite well I think. Most players have just relied on looking at the time (as I'm sure you have as well) but yeah, this seems like such an oversight on their part to have multiple buffs but no proper way to tell them apart. Smeeta has 4 buffs right? In any case I'm sure icons aren't the worst things in the world for them to make and add into the game. Ohhh that clarifies it. I've never reached the loadout limit so I'm ignorant with that but it does sound reasonable. I mean if you're going to have 30+ frames it makes sense that you should be able to have 30+ loadout slots. When thermia fractures first showed up, I just instantly turned my brain off. I think I was doing 4 per day until the 100. Makes me wonder tho really where the game is going, a lot of the "new" things are just the old things but enemies hit harder. Might also just be the fact that I'm 2000 hours in and so of course everything feels old to me. DE is in a tough place for sure.
  7. You can buy arsenal loadout right? i think it's 10p per loadout if I'm understanding what you mean. fashion loadout sounds nice. Bind operator/warframe loadout, they've done this if you mean operator skill tree. You can now change the skill tree on the arsenal window and it is different per loadout depending on how you set it up. 4 sounds REALLY reasonable and amazingly easy to do. They just have to make a rule where mods NEED to warn someone first and make sure they submit a screenshot where a person warned insisted on breaking the rules. 5 also sounds quite convenient so does 6. Would help a lot with modding and min-maxing too.
  8. The bad optimization of archwing really makes the mode suffer. I can't even believe they ADDED that "feature". I've heard of bugs being turned into features but features ending up as outright "bugs" is just too meta. I'm not sure if that would be an "easy fix" but that sure sounds great. are the new players that bad? I've been playing solo for a year now because of bad ping. can you please rephrase? I'm sorry but I really don't understand why DE would want to annoy their player base. I get that there's grind and that there's RNG, but why would DE want players to be annoyed, how would that add anything to the game experience and make them want to spend money?
  9. I don't even know what they were going for with this, why does this exist in-game? O.O
  10. I don't know if 12 is an "easy" fix because of a new system, but if it is then yeah that sounds real good. Also you won't have to worry about the fish that gets under the ground mesh. 13 I don't know with DE, maybe older players aren't spending more plats maybe? 14 sounds nice and also doesn't sound complex as it is just a few UI changes and conversion isn't really that hard to code.
  11. I don't get number 8 O.O 9 sounds great but DE likes RNGeezus a lot and creating a node might not be an easy fix. If it is though, this sounds great so players can just hunt him down tho some might probably like him randomly dropping in on missions. I think I have most if not all of the helmets so I can't give any opinion, anything becoming cheaper sounds good to me though. 11 kinda sounds weird but with the game mode allowing players to be Stalker, maybe that might work.
  12. yeah totally agree with 4 and 6. 5 seems quite alright too, but I'm neutral with it. 7 seems really great but DE has to hustle, haha. Well 7 will be really good but I really doubt DE will change that. I don't know if I can agree with this assumption. I'll say this though, they can easily test this. Make an instance of the open-worlds where enemies doesn't respawn at all; this will make setting up the instance really really easy. Then test the metrics for two weeks. After two weeks, deliberate using the metrics DE needs (probably total amount of plat spending and time engaged in gameplay or chat) Then it will be easy to see if "...allowed to farm this stuff is the danger/annoyance." statement is truly applicable. I don't know how you mean with 15, what about kuva survival scaling? 16 I think your idea fits the theme of this thread quite well, easy fixes that brings big changes. 17 I don't know if balance can be easily solved and some players might not like a cap but I'm not an endurance runner so I can't really say. 18, I don't know either if this will be an "easy" fix, but yeah I agree that that would be great. 19 I'm neutral with, probably because the players I get connected to these past few months don't really speak so I've never really had the need. Sounds useful though if ever someone is in that kind of situation and the only solution is for the whole squad to leave the party.
  13. So this are meant to be small changes (at least perceptibly small) that will produce big impact to the game. Supposedly easy to make. These is my list, add yours too or comment your feedback. BUT, the change must be small and presumably easy to make! 1.) Allow us to mine and fish in peace: maybe implement this so that enemies near rivers and inside caves do NOT respawn? Maybe a toggle where if you turn on "peaceful Tenno" mode, you only get the wildlife or at least enemies don't call for other enemies. 2.) Allow us to choose the elemental combinations we want regardless of mod position: it would be cool if we can choose to activate an elemental combo i.e. corrosive but only cold and fire, NOT blast BUT I understand that that might be too much. So maybe at least if we have 4 elements, allow us to choose how it loads, left to right or right to left so that way we can choose since sometimes we are stuck with the innate polarity of the weapon. If it has a D in the beginning then most likely that's going to be a 90% cold elemental mod and now you're stuck with that unless you spend a forma undoing that which is possible but the point of this list is small changes that make a big difference. 3.) Allow us to choose if we want to join a queue or be a host. I have to keep cancelling the countdown when I don't want to host since my ping is bad but game keeps insisting for me. So that's my list, I think number 2 and 3 might not be easy to do, I'm not sure, but it seems small enough. In any case what are yours?? EDIT: addition Increase rejuvination mod's health per second from 3 to literally any number above 3
  14. Clem deserves at least this. or maybe a temple of clem, a new clem syndicate or something. If Tenno wants to worship Clem then give Tenno tools to worship Clem. I suggest a "helga"-ish (Hey Arnold!) Clem temple for the orbiter.
  15. calling it OP right now. I wouldn't mind tho, but would probably make nukers bust a nut once he joins.
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