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  1. agreed. And I do those pretty regularly, but it would have been nice to be able to spend my Emmisary cred on something. I think that's the whole point of putting in there in the first place: so the people that already have all the helmets and all the Nitain they'll ever need have something to buy. Cool, so lemme buy it.
  2. So, at a certain point on this nightwave, I had literally everything in the store (minus some camo skins I really didn't want); 100 Nitain, 14 blue and 7 gold potatoes ... And I just kept waiting for the kuva to come back. Leveled all the way to the top of the prestige levels because I genuinely like doing the little challenges. I did every single one. But I waited 5 weeks for the kuva to come back to the store and it never did. So I let 246 Emissary Cred just expire -- or, in retrospect, maybe I spent them on more potatoes I didn't need. Doesn't really matter. I think it's neat the kuva is an optional buy in there, but I can't figure out why it's not ALWAYS there or at the very least there on the last week of the Nightwave. Having that as a random option feels like a dirty trick. Vauban is always in there (even if I filter to hide owned, along with 400 helmets I already have "crafted"). Why isn't the kuva always in there?
  3. To make it fair then, they should make volt speed a pickup I can carefully run around -- or at the very least a cone shaped target area.
  4. Dodging backwards while aiming... or jump, then roll back. Great, do that every 5-12 seconds and you've got that SPEEEEEDspam fixed.
  5. No, we really don't. The odd speed buff here and there with 150% str and 20s duration isn't what we're talking about. The 8s boost at 300% str. You can backflip to shave a few seconds off it, but it's just coming back in 6 more seconds. The most dreaded sound in the game is SPEEEDspam SPEEEDspam. Personally, when that happens, I just sit down and wait for them to go finish the mission. The other really good way out is to simply abort.
  6. They pretty clearly do care. Some of the fixes (particularly the colorblindness ones) were nearly verbatim copied from the feedback --the vacuum fixes is from player ideas too. They don't seem to want to add x-pickup and don't want to remove the rez. That's different than not listening.
  7. LOL. Was just doing some excavation. On the way to the exit, one guy went down. Two others picked up debuffs and quickly followed. I was just standing on the exit LOLing. Pretty funny new system. I like it.
  8. What would be more funny would be playing that +300% hydroid with that +300% angstrum, then watching all my "teammates" die cuz they picked up those stupid things; then leave the match anyway.
  9. Oh god I love this. This game desperately needs a story element. Some little mini-random-generated story. No matter how dumb it is, the novelty of escorting a rescue through a survival/defense ... when an ambulas shows up. Holy hell.
  10. Everything about this is wrong. I just did 40 minutes as equinox mostly in day form. People got bored (because there's no rewards). I could have gone longer. I was in mourning, so I left. I'd have preferred to go longer. You don't need a tank. You need to be careful. It's that which I love about this mode and I'm saddened by the loss of it. From now on, it's going to be pure salt, "rez me you A******s." And I'll miss the days that the unlucky simply left.
  11. The only reason I actually play arbitrations; and I really genuinely like them is for the perma-death. You feel like there's real consequences. You have to use cover if you screw up. You have to be careful. It's delightful. Of course, there's ways around that: I could just play a tank or whatever. By adding this goofy revive system, you're just making me solo these every single time. If someone's in the arbitration that's not set up right for it, they die, they leave ... the host migrations don't even bother me. This new rez system certainly does though. Sad.
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