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  1. I came to the forums to say exactly this. I've run maybe 30 vaults or something... each time trying to get to that elusive T3 vault only to have it yoinked by time-worms, bugs, or loid inexplicably dying during his incredibly slow walk back to the vault. I'd say of the 40 minute waste of time runs I've attempted, I've actually gotten into the T3 vault like 30% of the time -- sometimes because I literally fell asleep during the run.
  2. That's what I'm going to have to do now too then. Gear wheel, no, switch weapons again? no, gear hot keys 1-4? nothing. Omni-tool-button (had to set one): nope. Abort due to bug (3rd try in a while... or maybe I should just go play skyrim for a while).
  3. after you get back to your ship, you can press a stats button to see the stats, but by then someone already picked a new mission and you're frantically trying to leave squad so you can switch up your gear.
  4. They don't seem to actually read any feedback in the forums. I'm just gearing up for my divorce from the game I guess, so I'm trying to find hurtful things to say.
  5. I hadn't really thought about it, but it all makes sense now. The devs are testing the console UI on us because they have that simultaneous release coming up and patching games on consoles is a big deal... but patching on PCs is not. We're stuck with the shtty console UI until at least a few weeks after the release. (this is also why they won't listen... they need the PC losers to test their shtty console crap for them.)
  6. I did. I only play Warframe for the feels. I have all the things. If I don't have my feels ... #*!% it. I'll play deep rock galactic or something. I mean, only partially... the giant font that makes me have to turn my head to read the stats table in that stupid 6pt font, the fact that you need to interact with clicks instead of just reading all the results at a glance ... They're all just symptoms of the real problem: the devs don't play the game anymore because they're bored with it, and they don't listen to the people that actually do play.
  7. In complete and total fairness to the end mission screen, could we get a 68pt font for the forums so people have to literally turn their head to read messages? it only makes logical sense. I'm so irritated about this I just quit out mid sortie to go do something productive. Maybe I'll vacuum the house or something.
  8. One wonders why they even have forums at all. Why not just a blog without comment sections.
  9. I do. who cares what you care about? I guess? There's nothing for me to do in this game. I have everything. I want to see those stats because it gives me something to do so I can keep playing. I want to keep playing. Are they saying they want all the veterans to just wander off to play Deep Rock Galactic or a nice game of Warframe Screensavers? The Steel Path seems to suggest they'd rather have vets stick around; so they shouldn't pretend us have-literally-everythings care about the rewards in the slightest. Admit that we definitely do want to see those stats and definitely want to
  10. I do. I'm MR 29. I don't care about the drops at all. What I care about is who took damage, which weapons worked better than others, how many kills I got in relation to other DPS frames. If I can't work on my warframes in relation to others, there's not a thing for me to do in this game. I have all the things that can be gotten. I don't need any drops. Really. I don't even look at that stuff. just the stats. But now I have to go click/find it and the highlights that I definitely do care about are gone.
  11. That's hardly the problem. Change is fine, but the new end mission screen shows a tiny fraction of the information I could see at a glance on the old one. Sure it was dated, but when they updated it they made everything GIANT 42pt fonts and HUGE PICTURES so you can't see anything at all without clicking and scrolling and whatever. New things are great, but they should be at least as functional as the old things. Presently, I wonder if there's a way to just turn off the end mission screen... it's useless as it is. That or an option to decrease the font size 4000%, that might help a little
  12. I came here to say exactly this. I played two missions before I realized the full extent of the problem. I'm MR 29. I have everything in the game. I don't care about the rewards at all, I just want to see the stats; now it requires a click to even see it? WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA??
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