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  1. Htf is gating all the content going to do any good for his friend. his friend just wants to play ash. The Devs haven't done anything to address the new game situation here and time gating inorder to make the other person pay plat. There is a reason why half of all the stuff in this game is called mastery fodder. I would hate to explain to my friend why he/she can't get this or that in warframe yet, telling them to go to wiki for explaination which DE fails at? As for blowing through content, you do know that warframe ain't challenging right? just tedious, hell i bet his friend can solo the entire star chart in 1 or so month and just wants to play with his friend. i don't see this kind of problem in FF14, path of exiles
  2. yeah you are right, i would rather get myself a nice cold one rather than waste time on this game anymore with its perpetual grind
  3. most are plain boring as paint drying on a wall. the most bearable ones i watch from time to time are quite shy and tactical potato
  4. nope he is just a prize just like the sentient sword. they won't have any say or factor into any story missions
  5. meh go through 2 spy vaults ringing up the alarms and do last one undetected.
  6. it's good but i won't waste my build on charged shots, i rather put drifting contact for 100% status
  7. aint that the truth. it's just about mod setup and arcanes. most people farm or buy power and then mostly look at youtuber or reddit endgame builds
  8. Smh head, some of the people's responses really disappoint me with respect to this community. To the first poster i get what you mean, yes Saryn, Equinox and any nuke frame is the meta now and people just don't want to farm/play tediously. But at that point I would just suggest that it's better to play another game, rather than white knight defending an overpowered mechanic and doing the same boring stuff for 1000 hours+. You must also realise that DE doesn't have the best track record when it comes to buffs or nerfs, leaving stuff to overpowered as in the case of Saryn or completely break the frame as in the case of Ember. Saryn went through god knows how many reworks and now Pablo did his recent rework which may be the final one as the community believes he is the best person in DE when it comes to balancing. So in the end what I wish to say is you are right there is no drive to improve in this game, it's meant to be played 30 mins to an hour and do something else. How you do that is entirely upto you and since there is no endgame, you can play however you wish. I myself semi afk sorties with umbra before logging off to play GTA online or Path of Exiles.
  9. there is no endgame. thats a pipedream lol
  10. you can do 3 ranks per week to reach rank 30 by week 10 which is last week of nightwave season 2. i did the same in season 1, i can't be bothered with doing all those boring challenges
  11. I have tried to verify and optimize the download cache from the launcher and I still got fps drops from 144 fps to 29-34 fps. A solution I have found from a region chat user was to uninstall the generic pnp monitor from device manager before restarting the computer. I don't know if the solution is permanent though. This has never happened before to me.
  12. Same here after the latest Quartz update, my fps seems to tank from 144 fps consistently before to 34-45 fps for 2-3 sec every few minutes before coming right back up again. This has happened both in squad and solo and I play on max settings. I have found that the fps doesn't drop if i restrict it to 100 fps using nvidia inspector but anything over 100 fps and the tanking of frames starts to occur again. My specs are as below: ASUS rog strix scar ii GL504GW with 144hz, 3ms screen CPU: Intel i7-8750H six core @2.2 Ghz GPU: Nvidia geforce RTX 2070 mobile Memory: 32gb ddr4 2666 Mhz Dual Channel Ram Can anyone tell what's the issue and how to fix the constant sudden drops in fps? I haven't overclocked anything on my end
  13. Has anyone else been experiencing massive fps drops after the latest update? I used to have around constant 144hz fps at max settings but now after the update my fps tanks from 144 to 34-45 fps for 2-3 seconds before coming back up. This happens quite regularly hence leading to a jittery, lagging play through on my 144hz screen. a fix i have found for now is to disable v-sync in both nvidia inspector and warframe options and put the fps cap at 100 in the nvidia inspector and then in the warframe options put the fps limit at no limit since even at 120 and 144 there is that same fps drop. The specs of my PC are as below: Asus rog strix scar ii gl504gw: CPU: intel i7-8750H 6 six core @2.2GHZ GPU: nvidia geforce RTX 2070 mobile Memory: 32gb ddr4 2666MHZ dual channel Can anyone help pinpoint the problem and how to fix the sudden fps drops? i would really like to play back on 144 fps
  14. that's not an ash deluxe, he doesn't look ninja-y? that look suits nekros or harrow more
  15. i could understand the stacking part abuse but i feel locking the catch-up mechanic behind completing every weekly and elite kinda defeats the entire purpose of catch-up. most of the warframe fanbase is casual and half of them couldn't even hit rank 30 in last nightwave. i shouldn't feel myself restricted to nightwave here, is what i and many of the old vets who got burnt out i assume are basically saying i guess.
  16. that's cause she has her pickpocket ability. take it away and she loses half her endurance strength. plus you don't use bladestorm to kill in high endurance, you use bladestorm to finish off the enemies when they are at their weakest. what you really use to kill on ash is seeking shuriken+viral hunter munitions zarr+2 sets of magus lockdown.
  17. but you have to finish all the current weekly and elites to catch up with previous week. if you don't you can't catch up
  18. after you finish all the currently weekly and elites but what if i can't do that. does that mean i should be locked out of catch-up mechanic?
  19. can we please not have to finish every boring tedious and grindy nightwave weekly and elite weekly challenge just to play catch up with previous week? you can't seriously expect 70% of your fanbase to play all missions and then do catch-up. please give us the option to catch up whenever we feel like without this annoying restriction. as for the people who are against it? why? just to reward more tedious grinding? Edit: i am fine with having a catch-up mechanic, it's just that i wish it wasn't restricted behind completing all the current weekly and elites of the week. if we could catch up anytime we want, that would be better
  20. of course ash still has his place, but a diminishing only use in a few niche places since most stick to lvl 100 where half the frames overshadow. take him to something like a 3hr survival run and see how good he can be. he is god-tier with fatal-teleport+seeking shuriken. rolling guard takes away the small window of vunerability inbetween invisibility casting. arcane trickery with bladestorm almost constantly keeps up his invisibility even till lvl 200. the trick to really fast kill with ash is to use viral/gas with 100% armor stripping. pair him with a zarr too. as for sleep well, magus lockdown takes care of that. ivara is slow and the only thing she has going for her pickpocket life support and going through lasers in spies. all ash needs is a faster targeting mechanism and better teleport homing. if he had a pickpocket or farming life support ability then he would have outclassed ivara
  21. or just use range+duration limbo. i slept off during the 3 index match with my clanmate waking me at times
  22. simple, warframe is a formulaic game where you can't deviate from the same mission structure much. a vet with 1000+ hrs under his/her belt has seen it all and knows that warframe is a fast casual experience where you spend 20-30 minutes before logging off. steve said the said the thing, play 2-3 missions at a time. vets just got tired playing the same mission over and over so they get it over with quickly. i do the same and wait for my teammates to catch up with me. hell most of my sorties even the hard bosses one end it 5-6 mins
  23. NO, you know what you were dealing with when DE told you that riven dispo will change every 3 months with each prime access. PSA to anyone else: buy high priced rivens at your own risk. DE will change riven dispo of popular weapons to keep the market in balance.
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