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  1. I think that Limbo is one of the most useful frames in the game for solo use and team play due to his defensive and CC potential! It can be detrimental if either the Limbo or Limbo's teammates don't know how Limbo works, but that's something that experience and exposure will fix~ Currently, I find public match Limbos to be adequate for the most part, but whenever I do see one who seems to be unfamiliar with their abilities, I don't find them to be any worse than say a Frost or Volt who doesn't know how to use their abilities either. The Warframe mechanic that I abhor the most in this game is Nekros making shadow Arctic Eximuseses. Due to the ability to make more than one, and their uncontrollable nature, I often find it difficult to shoot around their bubbles when there are a couple in awkward places.
  2. More variation and less repetitiveness is always a good thing~ ❤️ Personally, I'd prefer to just disable their cut-ins and voice lines though. Still hoping for a quest to get rid of Ordis! Makes me wonder though- If DE sold character voice packs for platinum, would people buy them. 🤔 There are some lovely characters in Warframe, and I'd actually enjoy to hear some of them unlike Lotus or Ordis. 😛 Just imagine one where every line is "CLEM!" "Clem, Clem, Clem!". Or Kuva-chan / Profit-Taker-chan saying mean things. ❤️
  3. I's love to see a primed [Hirudo] and [Panthera]. We're really scraping the barrel with how few Tenno guns are left unprimed.
  4. I mean, while this does seem to be a step in the right direction, you're not addressing the two biggest problems the chat system has right now. 1. An automated system kicks people for using non-offensive words. 2. Moderators with behavior deserving of permanent bans are still moderators. These concerns have already been stated in this thread, just as they have been brought up countless times over the last year or so. At some point will player feedback actually be taken into account?
  5. Say I wanted to purchase an Orokin Catalyst for myself- how bad of an idea would it be to ask someone if they'd be willing to gift one to each other? Would asking to do that be against the rules?
  6. Does this only work for people who have [Twitch Prime], or does it work with the regular [Twitch] too?
  7. I recently came back after a lengthy break and have heard about more than a few issues of moderators abusing their power and breaking the rules without consequence despite how players reported them. As someone who enjoys the social aspect of this game, I certainly hope your chat moderation updates come to fruition, the previous errors are remedied, and similar outbursts from moderators do not happen in the future.
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