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  1. (PS4)Dubufu

    Make Conclave Great Again ! : Solutions

    Hiya, I play on ps4. Actually, hitscan weapons are great on console, just has a high skill ceiling. Every once and a while someone will wipe the floor with you using braton, grakata, or even a sniper rifle But this does not mean I am undermining your point. Console conclave is GARBAGE. Cheap tactics and weapons are the way to go on console. Why have good aim when you can rock arca plasmor, Ignis wraith, or completely demolish a team with Mios's unbelievably large hitbox. I consider myself "good". Nobody is really "great" on console without having some sort of crutch. Whether that be jumping around like a pansy with a cernos or opticor, to abusing loki's decoy Just to survive, I have been winning games across all modes using a Zaw dagger and a conclave mod called "Heartseeker" it that tracks targets. I have paired that up with Nezha's three and you have a melting machine. Because why get good when the results are better with cheap tactics?
  2. (PS4)Dubufu

    Destiny 2’s Gambit, or a pve+pvp hybrid mode could be great in WF

    Heh, instead of Heavy ammo in gambit, it's energy drops, that way you have the potential to wipe the entire team with a powerful ability. I like the idea but, does not look like DE is touching pvp
  3. (PS4)Dubufu

    Zaws in conclave

    Mios can knock players out of the sky with the slam combo that lashes into the air. It's odd but it happens on occasion. People in the air are not always safe
  4. (PS4)Dubufu

    Suggestions to make Conclave popular

    Yeah uh....im talking about console. Its a much different experience dude
  5. (PS4)Dubufu

    This should not be a thing

    Thank you. I don't think daggers themselves are OP, I think heartseeker is. Tracking is extremely powerful
  6. (PS4)Dubufu

    This should not be a thing

    I can upload numerous games like this. A "lucky flank" isn't a game where I get a 22 elimination clutch win using only a zaw dagger with heatseeker in a match I joined late. That's a ridiculous conclusion There was plenty of shooting, besides maybe the clueless limbo skulking around in the example. And uh....yeah, the peircing fury dagger stance can make opponents immobile/impaired with a single combo. Are we not going to talk about the two times in the video where I tracked opponents in MID AIR who were trying to run away? Its a 1 minute clip, of course you didn't see enemy power usage. Also, a full free for all lobby is rarely ever "person to person" combat. For future reference, pre-staggering is countered simply by being in the air (which I didn't need to in this clip, Peircing fury's forward momentum has enough speed to escape most situations like that anyway) or just by using Nezha's 3. Problem solved. I think the fact that it can track enemies in mid air is a problem, and it pretty much outclasses other weapons, as tracking is extremely powerful on console. Especially THIS zaw though, which is currently fastest dagger with an extremely low TTK. Also, I love using other weapons, I use the Daikyu and Lex prime normally, along with Hate. I just wanted to give an example of how much potential this zaw has. I have entered plenty of other matches with the same results. The only "clueless" person in the video is the limbo. Everyone else is reacting properly to a melee weapon by trying to create distance, which you obviously cannot do with an opponent with heartseeker. Most people can't even react fast enough before I have a lock, pretty much guaranteeing a kill for me. Here is the full video so you can see all the gunplay and powerplay you think it lacks. Excuse my salty comment at the end, I just despise zaws with a passion. In this match I was originally going to test out the Buzlok. Obviously that changed.
  7. (PS4)Dubufu

    Suggestions to make Conclave popular

    This playstyle is easily countered with a heavy zaw arial attack or and dagger with the Heartseeker mod equipped. Heavy zaws can cut you out of the sky really quickly with such a large hitbox. And Daggers with Heartseeker can track opponents in mid air if you did not know. The conclave dagger stance "Peircing fury" also has some serious forward momentum that makes it nearly impossible for an enemy to escape when being tracked in mid air. I would know, I USE this very method. You would have a decent point in terms of statistical data, as yes, it's common sense that a weapon with higher dps will with destroy lower dps weapons in the right hands. But that is where movement and frames come into play. It all depends on who can close/further the distance to use those weapons effectively. I dunno if this is just me, or just the simple fact that nobody really plays conclave anymore. But it find it REALLY easy to land ability kills, and I'm not counting supers. Some abilities are just super easy to get kills with, which is why everybody uses mag, loki or nezha. Because they have reliable abilities that can kill or assist in a kill regardless of player skill. Seriously, running a mag with Magnetize and a sniper is nearly inescapable. Same with Loki's decoy, if it does not kill with it's aimbot, it will certainly take a significant portion of health. Please don't put "unbalanced" in qoutes as if it is subjective. It just is. It is one of the main reasons why nobody plays conclave And on PC you have a point, almost nothing beats good aim. On console, WAY different story, plenty of things beat "good aim", which is why console conclave is a Zaw fest. Sure a sniper is reliable if you can land the shot, but I guarantee you that nobody on console has godlike reflexes like that in order to land shots consistently on moving/unpredictable targets. This argument only applies to like...the top 2% percent who are likely running something like an opticor.
  8. (PS4)Dubufu

    This should not be a thing

    https://youtu.be/F7yoPtillJA Video says all. This isn't fun, this isn't challenging. This is just a serious problem on console. Nothing like pairing the fastest zaw in the game with a tracking mod (Heartseeker) to help you clutch a win.
  9. (PS4)Dubufu

    Conclave: MAG Review

    I should have been more specific. Impact damage is more effective at taking down shields than health in conclave, hence why I said that, although incorrectly
  10. (PS4)Dubufu

    Conclave: MAG Review

    Thanks for information, i'll add it in an edit for a later date. Unfortunately I dont have anybody willing to do testing so my information is limited. I was not even aware that "community ability documentation" existed. But I am confused with a few things you have said Odd, I use normal mag and it says 110 in the stat bar for conclave But when I go into a game it says 100. Guess that's a discrepancy there I never said that "Crush" has inconsistencies. I do not understand where you got that from. I said magnetize did, in which in some cases the animation will play, but not magnetize the opponent, likely due to improper aim or being out of range
  11. (PS4)Dubufu

    Zaws in conclave

    I dunno if you are purposely trying to sound completely retarded but...you succeeded, and not because you tried repeating what I just said in the laziest way possible. Whether or not you were trying to undermine my post in a sarcastic manner, it did not work. Zaws are still seriously powerful in conclave, as explained before.
  12. (PS4)Dubufu

    add a server browser

    I have never, in all of my hours of warframe (PC and PS4 combined) have seen someone in the recruitment chat try to make a conclave match. Let's be realistic. The only posts in recruitment chat referring to conclave, are advertisements specifically to get the conclave weekly, and daily challenges done via cheese. All in all, a server browser would be a good idea, or just a list of ongoing games next to a quickjoin option. We already know that warframe pvp is bad, and a generally unbalanced experience. This does not automatically exclude it from quality of life changes that can improve it down the line.
  13. (PS4)Dubufu

    Conclave: MAG Review

    Hey guys! Welcome to my new series that I hope will take off in a constructive and meaningful way. Hope these reviews help new players understand what frames will be good for PVP, and their viability. Disclaimer: I have been playing conclave for a long time. I am by no means the best, but I know what I am talking about. Mag is a high contender for conclave, and is a fierce opponent in the right hands. Stats ARMOR: 55 ENERGY: 100 HEALTH: 110 MOBILITY: 0.90 SHIELDS: 165 SPRINT SPEED: 1.00 Off the bat, we can see that her shield pool is drastically larger compared to other frames. Her kit compliments that in conclave with the use of clever polarization and high damage potential. I will now go over her abilities, and how they work in conclave. To anyone new; Warframe abilities are changed specifically in conclave. Do not expect them to work the same as they do in PVE PULL: This ability forces opponents to the ground. The range is 40 meters, but the radius is small, so make sure your crosshair is on the target for a successful knockdown or stagger, as well as 40 damage to their shields. MAGNETIZE: A devastating ability that surrounds the player in what is essentially a larger hitbox that amplifies damage by 0.5x. Great for those players who can't stop jumping around, making for easy targets. POLARIZE: Give yourself a boost of instant shields, while also depleting a percentage of enemy shields within a range of 15 meters. Pair with the right weapon for 1 shot capability, preferably a shotgun if you plan to be that close. CRUSH: Surprise enemy players with this powerful attack. Guaranteed to kill with bursts of damage up to 13 meters. Be careful, enemies can escape, and you are extremely vulnerable to anyone outside of the short radius. With a mix of high damage potential and constant harrassment, Mag is a threat to both new, and veteran players who think they have mastered their evasion skills. The variety of engagement options make her a solid choice for new players. She pairs well with any weapon, and can make quick work of any foe DOWNSIDES: Her passive ability is essentially useless. Newer players may experience inconsistencies with her Magnetize ability, in which it may proceed with the animation, but may not work at all. Likely due to being out of range or lag. SUGGESTIONS: You can afford to sacrifice shields for mobility. For augments, I would recommend "Sapping Reach". See Teshin in the relay for mods and details. DIFFICULTY: EASY RATING: 9/10 -Dub
  14. (PS4)Dubufu

    Suggestions to make Conclave popular

    Some weapons take placement, good aim and timing to pull off, I understand that. I run bows all the time, so that applies. But I still think that any vet can have better results if they run a meta weapon. What's stopping them anyway? What's stopping them from being the Vectis with something like Mios? Nothing. Even vets use cheap tactics to insure they shutdown people doing the same thing
  15. (PS4)Dubufu

    Conclave Royale!!!

    As much as a joke as this is, it gave me a good idea. Imagine a pvp mode like last man standing or king of the hill in a map like The Plains of The Eidolon. A huge playspace where players can duke it out and travel to their destination to fight for an objective