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  1. The issue happens after a few minutes, so make sure you test it in something like Survival or somewhere where you spend some time. The issue is the Sentinel stops attacking after a while, not right away
  2. I'm also having this issue. If Vaporize goes before Assault, it will work fine for about 5 minutes. Then dethcube stops attacking. If Assault goes before Vaporize, then it never stops attacking but Vaporize won't ever be used.
  3. Thank you, my resolution issues are fixed, my crops are watered and my day is made! There seems to be a bug with the Syandana from the Nyx Deluxe Skin Collection in that clips erratically
  4. Balefire Doesn't feel like an ability at all. Summoning these lackluster weapons make it an easy skip, they just don't feel strong enough to warrant using the ability if there isn't some kind of bonus, specially when they drain your precious resource. Aegis Storm Controls feel wonky, also lacks power or any reason to use it when the main use is to CC enemies while you become less powerful. Mainly due to Balefire being the only way for you to continue attacking, which is lackluster in itself. Plus it seems like there isn't even a bonus for the 2nd Balefire? Overall these 2 abilities are the most puzzling ones, they just don't feel worthwhile. The other 2 feel like they have a use, and are simply in need of tunning.
  5. Please look into "Chaos". It already does very little against boss enemies and on regular enemies it becomes an annoying skill where enemies barely damage each other to the point of it barely being a CC skill. I get the other skills are meant to compliment this now, but it'd be nice if you could make it so Nyx players have to compromise range vs strength vs duration to make a choice as to how to build in regards to Chaos. Such as adding a component where under Chaos enemies do much more damage to each other, with the damage increasing with Strength but reducing by range. So you can choose to build a powerful skill that will make enemies decimate each other in a smaller range, or cover a larger area with enemies doing some extra damage to each other. Right now Chaos is a very "use and forget" and let someone else with actual AoE skills pick up the enemies that are now chipping damage at each other and not chasing the players. It can get very annoying.
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