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  1. Full disclosure: didn't read all of that, but Hildrens flying is 10,000% different to any other frame in the game. its way more restrictive and locked down. Think you're overthinking it. Fames having some overlap isn't an issue.
  2. You gotta do all of them before you get a reward. It's not like bountires. Most weapons are fine as long as you have the mods etc. You definitely don't need a riven for the final sortie mission.
  3. Think the point is more frustration because a) We know chat moderation is broken and DE aint likely to change it b) its a dead horse at this point c) OP poked the bear and got surprised when it took a bite out of them
  4. No backflipping is super easy on keyboard. I have no idea how anyone plays WF on a controller. its not a controller friendly game.
  5. You're misunderstanding, the current console issue is the groundwork for the NEW UI coming soon. Its just something to put up with till the whole thing rolls out. Once the new UI is here the idea is that everything will function together seamlessly and fix the current issue consols are having.
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