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  1. I played it and actually really enjoyed it. it had a unique ability system, characters, gameplay and really stood apart from other hero based shooter games like OW considering how over saturated the market was at the time. I was really disappointed to see it get canceled, but despite its unique take on the genre, pulling it was probably the right call. It likely would have done poorly because of how late it was to the party.
  2. 😂 Sometimes, the funniest jokes are the most simple, subtle, and ernest.
  3. I didn't say that it wasn't a fact it was an opinion. Obviously its an opinion. That is a fact I won't argue with you. Did you really post that just to try and play the semantics game? All for what? Clout? Edit: if it wasn't clear, I was talking about the contents of his opinion. You absolute melon.
  4. Well I never questioned the legitimacy of your points so, guess you didn't read my post.all I said was you should try writing coherent threads that have constructive feedback because: A: more people will read the whole thing B: devs are more likely to actually read the thread c : actual discussion will take place What was that about glass houses again?
  5. Then say that. Don't say "x is trash" and then backpedal when people take you literally. learn how to write up feedback that is useful to people and not just vomit on the keyboard. The devs cant improve the game with passive aggressive rants.
  6. Just ignore them OP. Report if necessary. they arent worth your time and if its not locked behind MR then its not supposed to be. Sorry some dweebs thought they we're inspector morse and took it on themselves to harass you.
  7. "heres my opinion which is fact" Well, you've lost me and its only the first paragraph. Good job. Lets add more incomprehensible rants to the forums
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