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  1. Triburos can actually make entertaining content AND criticize de without having to sacrifice either one. Most of the wf ytbers that I've seen don't like LOR and have been vocal about it, (subbuchi for example). I don't like LOR because he literally adds NOTHING to the conversation. He repeats the same crap constantly whole pretending he this know it all mastermind. Hes like a child at a table full of adults pretending to be smarter than he actually is.
  2. What's ironic is that these people like to use that word alot but when it comes to criticizing the content creator they will whiteknight the S#&$ out of them.
  3. I love this backhanded pretentiousness going around, "the devs and community won't listen to our awesome and cool af feedback, we care so much about the devs that we are patiently waiting for their game to die so we can say I told you so!" Save me your nonsense.
  4. I clicked the option to not see his content and yet I'm still getting recommend his garbage. A 50 50 ratio is not a sign of "we told you so" or anything like it. If your genuinely waiting for a warframe update to be negatively recieved so you can do a " we told you so" then you can leave warframe right now because you certainly aren't adding anything to the conversation and are just being as toxic and insufferable as the "whiteknights" that you weirdos hate so much.
  5. He had decent critique a long time ago but it's just the same thing again and again and again to the point that its obvious hes doing this for views and to stir up anger. The titles alone speak volumes as to how insufferable hes has gotten, to me atleast.
  6. So he decided to start making clickbait content about the community because a few people got pissy about what hes making? That just sounds petty as hell. Im specifically referring to those that stir up unnecessary drama just for the sake of it, and considering that most warframe ytbers already do this Its not hard to lump them all in. LOR speaking "truth" is the funniest thing I've heard all day, if by speaking truth you mean regurgitating the same crap that everyone is saying but with a smug af attitude then your not wrong, but can we stop with giving gratitude about content creators
  7. I will forever question why people take the creators seriously when they quite literally stir up unneded drama and take attention away from ACTUAL criticism that warframe needs. These clickbait garbage bottom of the barrel content creators are doing nothing but reaffirming the hard core warframe defenders stance on criticism when you have it leaded by such creators that do nothing but spout a circle jerk in the comment section about how good they feel quitting warframe and how the game is dying or whatever. It's quite funny how mogammu basically decided that because his channel was slowly bec
  8. Mmm I love me some doomposting, I guess it's time to ring the "WARFRAME IS DYING!!!111!!" bell again?
  9. god im so tempted to explain why khora was stupid broken and deserved her nerf in my own posts but last time i tried to explain something like that the thread got locked
  10. Why do these people always act as if them not buying something from warframe will affect De at all? Unless the whole community stops supporting warframe your refusal to buy anything is meaningless and worthless.
  11. eh i found it to be fun, instead of mindlessly shooting at a worthless boss like a mad man, i got to use my wits, so that counts i guess
  12. get your swords and guns and meta frames ready today, for we may face an interesting boss, or sergeant 2.0
  13. the post was moved to off topic after i made the comment, stop being ridiculous.
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