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  1. Ok imma work on blurring out the names and post the conversation later on
  2. I have the screenshots of the conversation but idk how to post em with out being reported for shaming.
  3. The guy I talked said he has to stay in it because if he leaves, he will get reported and he's afraid of getting kicked form warframe
  4. Never done this support desk stuff before can u show me how? I really need to report this
  5. Idk how to post pics here but I ran into a guy that said he has to pay 15p a month in order to stay in the clan? What kind of loser do you have to be to do such a thing? Again idk how to post pics can someone tell me?
  6. Haha nice, skill up got me into warframe actually.
  7. Well I may not have the same negative experience as you, this sad to see players go, so farewell and good luck to your future endeavors!
  8. Nah. I WAS in a good mood but then I had to be reminded that people like you exist, but whatever.
  9. Hey smartass, I never said everyone that plays warframe loves it, I am asking a SUBJECTIVE question for those who who want to answer.
  10. This has the potential to be freaking amazing and terrifyingly bad.
  11. Why do you love warframe? Is it the action? the style of gameplay? the fashion? The lore? For me, the fashion aspect is what got me into warframe in the first place, the ridiculous amount of customization I can make towards all of my frames, weapons, honestly warframe is part of the reason why I decided to be come an artist/animator in the first place. And considering it was one of the first ps4 games ive ever played, I can also so that was a reason aswell. So what are your reasons?
  12. Warframe has lot of great music but mynissue 8s that there is no song that sounds like "warframe". Yeah we have lotus's theme but it doesnt sound like it represents warframe as a whole, the scifi weird ass magic chaos game that we all know and love.
  13. It's the same type of logic as having fall off damage in #*!%ing space
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