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  1. i guess i expected to much from de to make an fortuna not a reskin of POE my kistake, i guess i had my hopes to high for de to make something interesting
  2. ive seen it, and its just like the other massive but potentially bland updates, could i be wrong? sure ill check it out ingame when i comes but im not exactly holding my hopes up. i really hate the excuse of its just free i couldnt care less if its free i hold all games to the same standard
  3. At first i was just like everyone else when i saw railjack this tennocon, i was excited to get my hands on this new system, but in now that the excitement died down in me, im just not hyped anymore and here is my reason. The massive updates that were released before has had the same issue as railjack, massive exciting updated and we cant wait for POE! or Fortuna! or, or the sacrifice! And when they come out, yes it looks fun it looks exciting, but after time, thats it. Sure de will pump out more updates and additions to this massive update but after time, it's just so boring. yeas railjack is going to be very different from the typical open world bounties but honestly, i see it all the same. Cool looking updates that look fun and engaging, but after time, its just so uninteresting. Its all just style over substance with warframe. At first i did not want to come to terms with this statement as it seems a little extreme at first, but in all honesty, have any of these updates actually done anything engaging or long lasting? POE: looks cool and all but most of us go there for tridolons, not because the bounties are actually interesting or engaging at all, because theyre not Fortuna: Basically POE covered in snow with big spider mommas and cool secondary guns. But thats it,....thats all there is. Looking a railjack, looks cool and new, but after time it will just be thrown into the same pit with all the other stylized meaningless schlock I dont care for how hard de works on these updates because if empyrean ends up the same as the other lifeless updates, then it will just prove the point of how blinded DE's direction with this game is. I know there will be a few "special people" in the community that may wipe off this post as another complainer complaining about warframe, but i want to do something more that finishing my sortie and logging off.
  4. i have no idea what this is but it intrigues me
  5. Thinking of making a mirage rework thread, yall got anything to point out before i write it and will eventually get ignored? 😕
  6. honestly after reading this post and every comment along the thread, i find it unsurprising how de handled this. Dog days may have been fun for a few hours but it is not worth my time to spend anymore than a day in it of its entirety because of how utterly boring it is. I frankly dont give 2 sh%$ts about those who say dog days is just a mini event and is meant to be about fun and crap, because that thinking is muddling op's point and overlooking glaring flashing neon signs that has been shown years on end. but in all honesty, ever since de nerfed the loot synergy and made hydroid basically useless, im convinced they havent played their own game enough to actually see the issues regular players and vets have. And it will continue and never stop because of the overly sensitive people in the thread that left worthless posts trying to discredit op's points and not contributing to the topic at hand, these type of people is whats killing this game's progress.
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