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  1. I'd rather jump off a bridge than ever play in a pub with people belo me 10 ew.
  2. what about kuva fprtress? did those rewards increase?
  3. Frankly I'm completely apathetic to npcs so if I see them suffering or begging for help I just ignore and move on because I ain't got time for that.
  4. For real she's really one of the best people at de that deserves the appreciation she got, like can you imagine if she wasn't part of the devstream crew?
  5. Please stop talking about politics on a thread that has NOTHING to do with politics, I dont want moderators shutting this thread down.
  6. Railjack revisited was obviously a very good update for this abysmal gamemode, but I still cant get over alot of the stuff that was said to come with railjack during tennocon and the devstreams when, (let's be real here it was worthless fluff). I still cant just say thanks de for this fix when so much time was put into railjack (2 years I believe) only to be given that broken awful mess of an update last year. They can fix as much as they want but it still wont cover alot of the damage that was already done by how they handled this sh*t show.
  7. I actually use electricity considering it chains and the amount of enemies required for an energy orb increases significantly.
  8. Interesting on how you added nothing to the conversation but hey u get ur internet points! 😉
  9. If I was given compliments for doing the basic requirements and bare minimum of being a developer I'd be "hard at work" too.
  10. TLDR I LiKe tHiS uPdAtEs aNd aNyOnE wHo dIsAgReEs wItH mE iS wROnG!
  11. Odd, well dry unless you screen record the part where he speaks those lines
  12. Pretty sure the audio file is on the warframe wiki along with all the others from fortuna and nightwave
  13. I use it often, I use to build it for gas, but after the gas nerf, viral is just objectively better to use on it considering how much slash damage this stupid weapon gives. My riven it + toxin, dmg, and SC
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