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  1. and thats why you go in with pre made squads, like you can finish this very quickly with a proper team, drone taking too long? get a loki to switch tp the drone.
  2. I never thought Id enjoy k drives as much as i did but as soon as i fully built one and did the quest, it was really fun learning all the mechanics of kdrives. Was it challenging? yeah, but honestly i'd rather have a quest that makes me learn and understand the mechanics of something ive never tried before that just SHOOTY SHOOTY BANG BANG or some puzzle nonsense. It's really best to take your time with the quest so you dont end up screaming into the void. I mean we have 3 days before the dojo stuff lets us get her other parts. I also really like that they made me give a crap about these k drive vent kids, honestly they were one of the highlights that I thought were going to be annoying. Also the comic art work was really freaking good and I commend the artist that worked on this, not to mention I love how they connect deimos to fortuna, i love those little crossovers. One issue I had was the instructions on how to perform the missions they were asking for are AWFUL, like seriously it took me wayyy to long to understand how to do the mission properly when I was hitting the right muttons but all it took was moving the L button on my controller a different way. Seriously they really should fix that because I feel like this is whats getting people stuck in the first place. Overall I enjoyed my time with this and I will forever hope they implement multiplayer k drive racing because i feel like thats a perfect way to make k driving fun again for people.
  3. alright finished it, my only complaint is the the controller instructions on how to do these missions is ASSSS like they dont tell you that you have to move a certain way to trigger the movement reward they want, that S#&$ is annoying, everything else is fine i guess
  4. honeslty i feel like the majority of the people here are either using the base board that we were given or they just dont know how to kdrive lol
  5. eh its fine, im on page 4 and im trying to figure out what the hell a tail spinja move is, why do they word these so weirdly?
  6. So idk why this happening but whenever I want to interact with my helminth for subsume I tap the square button and nothing happens, this has been going on for the past few days and I'm surprised no one else has gad thus issue before.
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