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  1. He's correct. Alt-fire is responding as momentary button-press, not toggle, for channeling. One must hold alt fire button down to channel. Can we please get a fix for this? Also, When holding a coolant canister, it can be "thrown" as a bomb of some kind. Is this intentional? Easily reproduced: pickup coolant canister on Vallis, press B, press left trigger once(some kind of aiming arch shows up), press left trigger for a second time. According to notes, pressing left trigger at any time should aim my primary/secondary weapon. However, if holding canister and melee shows selected(name in bottom right of ui), the behavior described above occurs. Thanks for your prompt reply
  2. Warframe will run beautifully on most $400 laptops, let alone a $700. Problem is folks put money into unneeded or purely cosmetic upgrades. You dont need a 19" laptop screen, for example. In fact you would be far better off with a true HD(1920x1080) panel on a 15" screen. Save your money and buy one without paying extra for more RAM or an SSD. Why? Simple, both are simple to install yourself and you'll almost certainly pay less for better hardware purchased elsewhere. So upgrade it with(yourself): Samsung SSD 860, and get at least 8gb RAM. This takes 2 screws or less on most laptops. Note: many laptops now offer PCIe M.2 slots onboard, if yours has it... use them over the SATA ports.
  3. It updates pretty regularly. Sometimes multiple times a week.
  4. I've actually received 3 Octavia parts over the past week from ODS. Unfortunately, I think it's just you being that statistical anomaly. Btw, and please do not take offense to this question, you do know rotation C drops at 20:00, right?
  5. 👍Name calling is always a sure-fire way of gaining respect in this and any other community. Keep up the good work! If a whole squad runs drop rate boosters with nekros on the right map, one can easily collect 40ish in 20 minutes or less.
  6. Mag prime relic? Pretty sure this is a vaulted relic, so it should not drop.
  7. PC Fortuna, 2018.11.08, part II 2018.12.18 = 40 days. XB1 fortuna 2018.12.10, part II 2019.01.29 = 50 days. (Based on Tuesday ETA) So only 10 more days than PC, I think that is mostly due to Certification and multiple holidays.
  8. I think you need to go back and read my post in its entirety. Never once did I say "I never had bugs" or "all problems are user related" As a matter of fact I said most issues are "outside influence" <- this can mean a number of things... Such as: poor packet routing across trunk lines, packet loss due to ISP infrastructure, your neighbor downloading the latest 4k movie, failing router/modem, etc Additionally, I clearly stated that I absolve DE of no issues. Host migrations need to occur more smoothly and with better congruencey. Notably without resetting your 1mil+ gara buff, or your 99 nidus stacks, etc However. The OP is clearly focused on dedicated servers being the fix all for connectivity issues. So I attempted to focus on that.
  9. Wow... folks really dont seem to understand how so many of these issues are not controllable by DE yet alone any developer. 1) PING You got a good ping, huh? I'm sorry to inform you that's only 1 metric of MANY that defines a "solid and fast connection" 2) SYSTEM HARDWARE Everyone's system hardware is identical, right? Well, obviously not... yes, even you console players. Your hard drive, RAM, and even your GPU likely did not even come out of the factory the same week or month. Not only that, but magnetic storage (hard drives) are hardly infallible. If a host has a harddrive that suddenly decides(determined may be a better word) it needs to relocate a bad sector, bam... instant lag. Same goes for clients on that same session. 3) NETWORK HARDWARE Do not even get me started on network hardware. Also consider geographic locations. Packets traveling from US->Australlia and US->Asia will more than likely travel routes. Some of that is your ISP, some of it is just bad routing, and the list the goes on. How about that 10yr old switch you've got burried in your closet? What about your router? Hoes does it do with blufferboat? How many ms till it drops a stale packet or connection? How often is your roomate buffering up some spank bank in 4k? Oh cool, you got a 100ft LAN cable for $5? Nevermind the fact the cable runs across the microwave, the surround sound receiver and your 1000watt blender, there is no way it could cause problems, right? 4) NOTHING IS PERFECT Your XBOX or PS4 has never crashed? You must be special. 5) DEDICATED SERVERS Even if the game were to go server based, which I believe would cause more issues particularly for those attempting to play with friends overseas, what happens when a server inevitably has a crash/failure of it's own? Everyone on that server would be effectively kicked/dropped from their session. Let me be clear, I dont absolve DE of any or all faults, but in most situations these problems are due to an outside influence. Need help? First step, IMO, get your network in check. Watching netflix is not the same thing as an hour long survival run, so please dont use that as a defense. Second step, tell your friends it's time to ditch the AIO(modem/router/wifi) combo their ISP gave or charges them for. They simply cannot and do not get patched or maintained properly for the ever-evolving internet. Apologies for run-ons and rants. If you truly need help, feel free to contact me. I'll do my best to assist in resolving/identifying issues. Please bear in mind... Dont expect an immediate response - I do have a full time job and a family.
  10. I cannot say I've had this issue you described before. Does this always happen to you? Just wondering if it's something I should be watching for. I recall some random person I ran relics with once mentioned something similar, but no one else in party had experienced this.
  11. Have some respect for yourself and those who we lost: delete your post!
  12. are you sure about that? Mouse and keyboard work just fine on my XB1X and XB1S
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