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  1. RIOT

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

  2. RIOT

    Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    Will zaws ever be able to use tennogen skins? also could melee stance be more detailed? what attacks have multipliers / 100% status procs etc, etc.
  3. RIOT

    Coming Soon: Devstream #96!

    can the attica get some PBR luv :( also can the akjagara get a buff, pweeeeeeease
  4. RIOT

    Coming Soon: Devstream #91!

    Can we get a status report for separately colorable cosmetics? I don't wanna drop dosh on tennogen until it's released.
  5. RIOT

    Coming THURSDAY: Devstream #90!

    Can we get a progress report on individually colorable cosmetics?
  6. Can we get a progress report on the ability to individually colorable our cosmetics? I've been holding off on buying cosmetics because ALOT of the cosmetics coloring slots are all over the place, which ruins my endgame. I jumped the gun on the question without reading the OP's fine print (only questions about AI / enemies), I had no AI / "special" enemy questions :( Please enjoy this picture of a ripe tomato instead. @Jamescell Has asked me to repost his message since his is buried in this thread somewhere.
  7. RIOT

    Coming Soon: Devstream #86!

    Can we get a progress update on individual coloring for cosmetics?
  8. RIOT

    List Of Codex Bugs

    FINALLY! IMPACT IS GOOD! pls fix de
  9. RIOT

    Coming Soon: Devstream #80!

    Are we ever going to be able to individually color our syandanas and armor! If so, can we get a progress report.
  10. RIOT

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #78!

    missed it, did they say ANYTHING about individually cosmetics? it's been several months since it was stated in devstream 72 that they planned on working on it.
  11. RIOT

    Coming Soon: Devstream #78!

    when are cosmetics going to be able to be individually colorable.
  12. RIOT

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    Individual cosmetic coloring WHEN! (question is at 58:08 steves answer at 59:47 also why are the standard holster positions not adjustable.
  13. RIOT

    Prime Vault Unsealed: Mag Prime!

    can't access buy page?
  14. Calling it now, increase novas passive range to 10 or 12 meters, or change it so when she gets knockdown, all enemies in a 10 meter radius are affected by an instant molecular prime.