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  1. But should "claws" be able to use "Gladiator" mods? If no should they also be removed from sentinel weapon, because of balance issues?🤔🤔🤔 Sorry for the late quote.
  2. Me who comes from a country where it's normal to write numbers like this 1.234,5. =/
  3. It's depressing, but I can kinda understand the companies which do it. Many additives are "just" for increasing the durability of a product. Sadly are the most conservative additives either (partly) toxic or they change the taste of the product (which has to be countered with other additives). Without these additives will the most food product just get destroyed in a few days. And other conservation mechanic (like freezing) cost a big amount of money and is in many times even worse for the nature. It's actually a vicious circle. And for the most companies is money the most valuable object.
  4. Isn't it the same problem like in America, but just no so obvious? I heard stories about a pink slime which is used as meat replacement in mcdonalds and other restaurants.
  5. I had heard rumours about that DE wanted to do it once. But luckily it was just a rumour.
  6. Yes and no. It's valuable because opinions from other playstyles prevent that a frame can become to strong, but these opinions should mostly used just for that. Otherwise it can turn the frame into a mix of these both playstyles which is normally neither perfect for people of playstyle A or B (Oberon is a perfect example of an allrounde playstyle mixed with defensive playstyle). Not gonna say that a perfect mix between both is impossible, but it's hard, very very hard.
  7. Let's just sum up Warframe with teleportation abilities Nova Nezha Loki Ash Flying abilities Titania Zephyr Wukong Hildryn, if she lead the power from her pistols into her engines Other movement abilities Excalibur Atlas Valkyr (<- to be fair, this would be more likely a survival race for spidey) Volt Gauss Hydroid (finally something where he isn't uselessl) All with infested mobility All if kids are allowed in this contest.
  8. I may not be a good tenno, but I think it would be the best to tell it spacemom ( @[DE]Rebecca) directly.
  9. Btw. I would increase the number to 99,9%. And what is more important is that even if the player knows how to balance things there's still the thing if he/ she is the "fitting" person. As an example. Let's say I give my opinion about this Banshee rework. My Playstyle: Mostly melee user, but if the target is really to far away I use bows or other single target weapons (mostly burst weapons) Typical quick, tricky, strong attack playstyle For the ones who don't what I mean: I use an opening in my own defense to force my enemy to attack me. And while h
  10. I always question myself how it can even happen that some people play a game for the rewards even though that's not funny anymore for them. Did they never played a good game? Is it just an addiction? I would really like to know how someone can do something like this even if they get nothing (rewards are only ingame, no fun,...) from it. It's not like that we can live forever.
  11. I'm normally the guy who says:" fight against disease and not the symptoms", but I think here is it better to "fight" the symptoms. Removing the buffs would be stupid, but having them shouldn't be a disadvantage. As an example: Reduced melee combo cooldown: only the animation speed should get increased, but the duration between each hit (before the combo starts from new) sbould stay untouched. Higher recoil, because higher firerate: recoil gets reduced by the amount of the speed buff. The recoil shouldn't become bigger and people can still benefit from the increases firerate.
  12. Give Stalker his old weapons back and let him drop 10 steel essence at once. It's not like that his Dread killed more tennos than his war ever could.
  13. I agree that's the easiest solution to make a challenge, but it also remove the player options for a prefered playstile. As an example this is my excalibur Umbra build and his exalted blade. If I remeber it corretly I combined the increased melee range with the gladitor mods on helios to increase his crit. chance, while using his third ability for increased damage. Without this mods I will very likely only suceed if I spam his second ability, while using stealth-attacks. The complaints about the grendel missions are also mostly about the problem that it removes the player mods and on this
  14. Sorry for the late answer. This means you are either a genius, or all the other guys who post rework concept in beta-feedback are... "not so imaginative". Like already told. Your concept which you made in two days is by far better than the one I have seen in the last years.^^ Maybe let icicles rotate around her which automatically attacks enemies in a short range (max. 2)? I would even add puncture damage to them, because it would be a good combination for her fourth ability. The stored damage value can be added to the icicles damage. Do it. This would
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