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  1. Because Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo don't want to lose customer's.
  2. Please explain all your problems here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1765-railjack-feedback-post-devstream/ Be precise, but keep yourself also short. If there's something which need a longer description use the bold or underline oprions.
  3. For this information you have to write the support. They will send you every data that they have collected about you. (Includes the purchase history) Oh and have good luck and fun if you switch to destiny. ^^
  4. Wait are we on the wrong side now? Warframe adds free emotes following destiny paid emotes
  5. The big question is if this is now good or bad for warframe. I mean pokemon is probably the best example what could happen with the franchise if they lose their rivals (Digimon).
  6. I don't wanna know for what stand that "yes", because both are actually sad.
  7. Wouldn't that also mean that the entire Destiny & Anthem community was destroyed by the 1% of Warframe's community who mastered the mobility system⁉️ Or did everyone used Octavia?🤔🤔🤔
  8. The same in which destiny would destroy Warframe.
  9. The lack of mission variety isn't a problem. Even if warframe will add every day a complete new unique mission it will get tired. What has to be changed are our enemies. Current now are 90% of the games like this. Tanks are unkillable, invisibility turns off enemy AI, CC dominates everything which doesn't require killing and our damage is endless. DE has to add enemies which prevents us of being gods. Sentient were a good faction which prevented us from being gods. But their problem is that they are also immune to status effects& some/ many warframe abilities. Sentients don't have t
  10. Railjack is actually quite funny. Main problem that it's take a much time to farm the equipment which you need to have fun. Maybe you should also try steelpath. It may be just sponge mode (enemies have high ehp, but low damage), but at least for me it's enough to play the game regulary with fun. About Mr. 30. For some people is it just to "need" to complete everything. Ohers did it while enjoying some runs on hydron. I for myself did the exp farm mostly passively (I had ~7 years time). Against to many others I also never had a break. I play warframe mostly "casually" (~1h/day) and if I pl
  11. But I would agree if we get on day the option to use Chibi-frames. Like Chibi-Hayden-excalibur:
  12. The tennogen-skin makes her look much more appealing. If she is still to unplayable for you just max her and throw her into the trash can. Btw. near enough? I think I'm gonna call her now : "Iron-mum".
  13. A mini-boss destroy a console. A unit which is supposed to easily kill and survive the players attack can lead to mission failure. Maybe you should try something like cookie-clicker? Because other players would just walk far enough away from the console to prevent situation like this...
  14. When people will learn to use good titles and know where to post there wishes. (Yes, I want steelpath void-fissure, too.)
  15. Why? Whyyyy? Just let this thread die.
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