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  1. Let's see it as an safety mechanic against trolling. ^^ That depends on the enemy level. But you are still right. The damage fall off against highr lv. enemies is to high. But that's a problem of the exponential armor reduction. All the ones. I miss the times, were I accidentally killed my teammates in the halo 2 storymode and I know I was now f### up. How should I think about your arguments? I kill myself rarely, because of mods like enemy radar, where I am able to see, where I have to shoot. Reading someone next steps in the game shouldn't be a problem, I'f you ever drived a car.
  2. Du hast Revenant vergessen. Einfach Fluss, Stromlinie und verstärken müsste eig. reichen. @(PS4)BleederHound evtl. eine dumme Frage, aber wenn du in der Mission stirbst. Denkst du auch daran, deine Punkte wieder aufsammeln? Würde zumindest erklären, warum die Gegner so schnell aufholen.
  3. I'm getting tired of all this:" I do a mistake. DE has to fix it!"... I have one big question for the "remove self-damage" group. What is an explosion for you? For me is an explosion a mix out of sound, colors and destruction. And I'm probably not the only one who will miss the destruction part, if I shoot with a Loki on a floor and everything around dies, except me. (Or did Loki just eat to many bones?)
  4. Allow me to correct you, please. Think, polish,refine, think more, polish, refine, think even more, polish some more.^^
  5. And next they should add a party and minigane mode like in mario party? No. If I want to loose my friends I woild play Mario kart. But Warframe is a game, where I want to play in a team with others, while doing space-wizard-ninja stuff.
  6. Would be hard to have resources for such a long time. (But who knows. Maybe Orokin technology was so good, that it could make you a burger from nothing.) But what, if the time in the void work reverse?So the crew did grow back to child. Or even better. Because of a malfunction the crew were exposed to to strong void waves and the one who could survive it, were turned into children.
  7. Danke für die Übersetzung und auch noch ein schönes neues Jahr. Habt ihr noch din video/ Foto davon übrig? Beim schnellen googeln konnte ich zumindest nichts finden.
  8. But if someone doesn't know how to move he is basically a grineer for the others. Not even DE can do something against stupidity. Explain please how someone can troll in conclave.
  9. Before we drift to much from the topic away and the thread gets closed. Anyone having a good idea, behind what challanges all the ephermas could be hidden?
  10. How was you able to see it? But if you ask. I will keep it short (maybe I will add a bit later). I think I don't have to mention, that I agree with you, that he need a big change. I won't say anything about your concept, because I already did it in your original Ash thread and I couldn't find any differnces. In my eyes Nightwaves is right now to 99% perfect. Maybe a few changes for the missions, but with the rest I'm okay with. (Before someone judges me. My playtime is around 8h/ week. And I still have enough time to do what i want to do and to get to nightwave rank 30.) And about my wishes. A pay option, where I have to pay around 70€/ year, but for that I don't have any research, smith and others timers anymore. A few extras like 100 free pt per month would also be very nice. So theoretically "buying" the game. One giant with the technocyte infected corrupted dragon as an boss enemy. I can't take the sentients seriously. The remember me on the bone koopas from the mario games. A Conclave rework. Otherwise we will probably never get a endgame.
  11. ES-Flinter


    Not sure, if it was really to overpowered. But if I remeber it right, the main reason why it was changed, was that many player used a max range& effiency build to level in draco. And you probably know how DE like one button frames. Especially, if they can destroy a whole map with one button.
  12. Or defeat 1000 sentient in a row without any pizzas. And every sentient is one level stronger than the one before.
  13. Instead of buying in the market I would like it more, if the epherma would be a reward for some crazy challenges. Maybe destroy all enemies in less than a minute to get the sentient epherma. (Solo, because public would be to easy.
  14. I'm not sure, if that is even allowed. But even if. If no one is responding there can be only possibilities. First your idea is just perfect and there is nothing which can be add to it. (But people tend to use the "like" emoji to show you that's it's a good idea.) And second... Nobody want to be the first one to tell the truth.
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