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  1. I have one.^^ Someone said that he would like to have stationary guns for Grineer and Corpus and one from DEs employees joked about it. And now look what the Grineer got a few years later. Coincidence? I think (/hope) not.😂🤣😂
  2. That sounds like it would be bad that the player has to include the enemy AI into their plan so that they can succeed the mission.
  3. That's not completely right. Stealth-attacks are optional, but the other more important part that the Test does "teach" someone is to read the enemies next movements and this is actually quite useful. Best example are bosses like Mutalist Salad V and Sargas Ruk, but this "skill" is also useful on the other missions if someone meet an eximus, Nullifer, Ancient, Bombard, ... I would even say that "reading the enemys next movement" is even more important than parcour, gun-& swordplay, because no matter how good someone is. As long as he isn't able to dodge the deadly bullet he isn't going to succeed. And now we can add the Warframe abilities, which make all the learned basics useless, because they cheese everything. 😉😉😉
  4. failing, trying and succeeding. One of the most important things someone can learn from games
  5. I use for my recordings the recording function from GeForce. I think it's even possible to make records with Steam& Discord. Just try it. It even works on a 🥔 Pc like mine.^^ And what would I have of it? Even if I had lied and I needed twenty tries this test will still stay possible. Proof? Video? Or do you want me to disproof myself?
  6. Better give DE someone who can help them and show them the right/ good way. Kinda like Uncle Ben in Spiderman.
  7. Mr. 9 done on the first try and Mr. 19 will come on Saturday.😑😑😑
  8. You will need a universe, where humas are replaced against an intelligent species.
  9. I would like to disagree, but I have to admit that Q.-Carter is right. Warframe is now just a game with to many content Islands, balance problems (Especially the Warframes) and unfinished content (Orb vallis). It feels a bit like DE don't know what Warframe is and most important what it should become. But I'm interested how DE is going to solve the problem with the cost. Maybe a founder 2.0 programm with Nyx Umbra Prime? (Poster boy already used all his forms. Now it's time for poster girl to shine)
  10. If a frame needs a rework depends mostly on the own opinion. It's also possible to see that a frame needs a rework if nobody uses him, because he/ she is unfunny, weak, useless, ugly. But it's also important if a frame is used to much, because it could be that this frames is maybe stronger than the others. Imo it's also important to categorizes the frames who needs a rework/ revisit to go sure that the frames with the biggest problems get at first their deserved rework and not the frames who just "works". How I would categorizes the frames:
  11. I could understand that some people tend to stab the wrong lich, because it also happen to me once. But your problem...
  12. I'm sorry, but about what quest are you talking about? The only quest I know are about the story, but I'm sure they aren't the reasonwhy you played the game everyday. Are you maybe talking about alert missions?
  13. I agree with the others, that steel-path isn't endgame. But I would like a steel-path Sortie combination. Better rewards, while fighting enemies which can hurt my tank frames sounds funny. And just think about the amount of steel-essence which can be gained in an eximus survival Mission.🤤🤤🤤
  14. Yes, because the game remembers you that you will lost your loot, if you abort.
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