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  1. I questioned myself the same. How should this work?
  2. Oh I forgot to mention it. Back then did the void meant something. Now it's just a golden empty tower made out of dust. And nothing to replace it. But I agree to this. I don't get it. Why get I always picked for having the wrong opinion? I'm really thinking that I should use the "it's-my-opinion-hammer" more often.
  3. Someone already did this with Ash (even though it was spamming in his own thread). He got a ban for a month.
  4. I can't say when was Warframe good (because it was always good. It was just never great), but I can explain what I miss when I started 7 years ago. Back then did waypoints and death meant something. There wasn't something like vacuum which picked everything up for you. It was easy to miss the one or other rare ressource therefore it was normal to make a waypoint when you found something rare. It was especially helpful on Assasination mission where it could happen that the pink-blue orb with the warframe part flew somewhere trough to room and you had to spent 5min only to find and collect
  5. *Lpw= Last Post Win. Maybe I have enough internet for today.
  6. So all we have to do is breaking the limit again.
  7. Option three: we reach the limit of maximal posts/ thread.
  8. Bei mir lagen sie Handschellen auf der Bank inmitten des raums. (Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere)
  9. Turn lech krill into Santa. Give him a mini-gun which shoots elfs and replace his hammer with a (present-) sack.
  10. Me being proud with around 1350hours. Vexx entered the chat. Vexx uses "playtime-9100h-2000h_with_Ash" Card. My proud:
  11. I look over and over it and I can't find anything wrong or something I really disagree with. The only thing which I would like to mention is that the damage Ash can inflict is so high, that it's never needed outisde form very long endurance runs (+90min, if not more.)^^ English isn't my native language, but isn't that what I said? You have a playtime of 675hours with Ash and I have a playtime of 1388hours with him. With other words is my playtime with Ash double so high than yours. Btw. how you you have more hours on steam than ingame? Two accounts? You can use the energy
  12. But in the game it still turns everthing without aiming into ash. Even robots made out of metal. Beat it. XD
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