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  1. Hm, it might be worth peeking into the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Coz that's the image I get when combining flashy combos with wiping out masses of enemies. I prefer it less flashy and more mass-wiping though. It IS a toggle. You need to be in melee mode to turn it on though. It's clunky but a toggle. Dropped a sh*t ton of thermia during the last fracture event because of this bs.
  2. Hey, when can we expect to see more of the melee 3.0 changes?
  3. I usually run Helene (Saturn) defense. Meso relics are on rotation A so: 10 waves, quit, repeat. If there'd be a void capture mission rewarding meso relics it'd be the fastest possible way.
  4. @Silver_Shadow_Kaze This has been fixed with Hotfix 24.2.9 (January 2019)
  5. Hm, iirc that challenge bugs out if you use forma (polarize gear) in the simulacrum.
  6. Aww, okay. I had the hope that Fortuna & Melee 3.0 would hit consoles at the same time (in 2018).
  7. Just stumbled upon this now: you can't change the charge state of the Daikyu as you can with any other bow I've tried (dread, rakta cernos, cernos, cernos prime, mutalist cernos)
  8. It's not a major thing but I run into this regularly because I'm not using the english client so I do not know every mods english name and go by their effects. And I've found some inconsitencies in the elemental damage mods descriptions. Eg. Fever strike saying "+90% extra POISON damage" and Primed Fever Strike saying "+165% TOXIN" Just verified that one example with the wiki, but I'm pretty sure that it's also the case for some primary and secondary mods.
  9. There is a FFXIV Medley I particularly like, would the Fate+Ultima part of it be possible?
  10. The only hope I have is that melee combat will be more diverse than it is now, without heavily relying on 2 mods to be viable on sortie+ levels.
  11. I like the new interface in general, but there are some minor improvments neccessary. One thing I noticed is that the cursor skips several items on the main menu when using the D-Pad. I'm not sure if it may be language related as some items have a longer decribtion as others on the german UI. It usually happens when moving from an item with a long description the cursor moves from there to the next one with a similar long description, skipping any item with a shorter description. I also feel that precise inputs are hell of a lot harder now, especially when there is no D-Pad support. At least I had a hard time hiting the right notes on the mandachord with the cursor at mediocre sensitivity.
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