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  1. At a certain point the quest progress is tied to you failing the index (and your investment). The regular mode can be cheesed in many ways.
  2. Then we just need to wait until they introduce that moment when "it matters". As of today you rather use either or, completely ignoring the other option. Heavy attacks are already in a bad position when facing armored enemies. Outside the weapon classes that have forced slash procs on heavy attacks you need to remove armor first, potentially killing the target in the process and eliminating the reason to use heavy attacks in the first place.
  3. I wonder what happens if you ignore them enough, up to the point of stripping yourself from the possibility to kill them. E.g. they steel all your requiem relics/mods.
  4. If you are refering to the base element / energy color I'd agree that those are the ones in favor to build upon. I've 3 builds for my exalted blade using fire energy color resulting in corrosive+fire, radiation+cold, gas+cold Each is using 2x 90 and 1x 60/60 elemental mods. Here is an example Works with 2 forma but if you happen to have condition overload you'll need 3 least. I also have life strike in my builds so there is also potential for more damage and forma. Ah and my excal doesn't have 180% power strength so 1 60/60 mod is neccessary to get 100% status - again not min-ma
  5. I like the idea. Saves time for people, provides transparency on the market. No downside whatsoever.
  6. I very much like the idea. Rivens, as they are now are 100% rng. Alleviate at leat a bit of that rng by allowing us to choose the weapon.
  7. Well, you will unlock new game mechanics until the end of the war within quest, which is unlocked with the Sedna junction, what is pretty late in the star chart. You probably should unlock Jupiter as soon as possible to have access to all basic crafting resources for new gear. After that it's all personal preference really. Though I reccomend to get your hands on at least 1 orokin reactor (yellow potato) and 1 or 2 orikin catalysts (blue potato) to put them in your favorite frames and weapons. I personally found everything after Jupiter to be a pain in the arse w/o potato'ed gear (when soloing
  8. This is a 3 Forma Hek build I'm currently running: https://goo.gl/QPzpBy
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