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  1. Many people cry about shotguns and damage fall off on explosive weapons, so there might be some truth in the complains. But just wait and see for yourself. The change to enemy armor scaling might as well mitigate the "nerfs" to them.
  2. OP sems to be on PC so got the changes already. Seems there's still no improvement.
  3. Faction is infested, mission type is disruption on Jupiter. Fails to spawn enemies, maling it impossible to complete.
  4. I share your sentiment regarding to time. That's why I started to set up the items I want to sell in warframe market (3rd party site). It takes a while but things eventually sell. Also, don't waste time in a hub, most trading happens in trade chat. Just send your message and go on a mission, if nobody is interesed you did not waste time, if somebody is interesed you can eiter abort mission to do the trade or tell him to wait untill you're done - that's what I do on weekends.
  5. I don't know hat I'm missing, but as it is not it's actually a good thing to be able to get the same weapon you just got, again. I was hunting for a second Nukor after I got my first one to change elements. Then I figured that I had to get another weapon (lich) first, to be able to get a Nukor again. Meanwhile I was flodded with back to back Krakens or Tonkors I wasn't looking for. With the ability to know which weapon you get, the exclusion of back to back weapons can cause some serious PITA.
  6. Tried it yesterday and it worked like a charm. Thanks for your help!
  7. Will give it a shot. Worst thing to happen is nothing. I understood the patch notes in the way that the weapon with highest bonus dictates the element. If the equotation is element of sacrifice = element of new weapon everything is nice and dandy.
  8. Title basically.Got a 60% electricity Nukor, would like to change that into toxin. Is it possible to change it via valence transfer/fusion or do I have to get a toxin one and upgrade that?
  9. Check again, the option is there. Railjack got it's own section in the controller menue. I haven't found much use for it though, as the game will automatically turn your RJ to a "neutral" position.
  10. I suggest you try thinking. Helps solving and preventing problems. But still, It's bad that somebody else can force you a lich you do not want.
  11. Oof. Please don't. I want that bodies been torn appart when I strike them down with my Nikana. Thinking of them just kneeling down after being hit by a gazillion damage doesn't seem right. It maybe woth considering for eximus units. I absolutely do not want to be forced into finishers though.
  12. This trade system reminds me of how I had to set up a shop with my Ragnarok Online character about 20 years ago. Trading like this today is a real PITA.
  13. No but if the node happens to be on a planet that is "owned" by the lich, it still steals some of the rewards. Even if the node itself is not controlled by the lich.
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