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  1. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Melee 3.0, when?
  2. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    What's The Most Effective Ways To Farm Endo?

    But the loading time to get in and out of cetus ... no thanks.
  3. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    What's the best setup to farm focus?

    OR, again a 2 lens solution, EV trinity & melee in ESO. Note that Loki isn't particularly usefull for stealth kills - better use Ivara with a range/duration build. Edit: go and find a team to capture eidolons. Tons of focus.
  4. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    What would MR30+ unlock?

    It should unlock real life, seriously.
  5. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    best places to farm the unvaulted relics?

    You just could have used the search function. I've compiled a spread sheet of the relics containing the unvaulted items and their drop locations.
  6. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Melee 3.0 - when?
  7. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    How to earn plat ?

    Not on PS4 (no idea about xbone). That's why our economy isn't broken as much. We have to pay full price for plat. The discount is only used for items on the market.
  8. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (Prime Vault + Hotfixes)

    Aww, okay. I had the hope that Fortuna & Melee 3.0 would hit consoles at the same time (in 2018).
  9. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    Warframe Builder

    Just stumbled upon this now: you can't change the charge state of the Daikyu as you can with any other bow I've tried (dread, rakta cernos, cernos, cernos prime, mutalist cernos)
  10. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    Promo codes

    has to be used in capital letters and did not work for me. The others are confirmed to be working as of today (August 16, 2018)
  11. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    Promo codes

    It did work at the time he posed it. But it was a time restricted one, I think it ended back in February.
  12. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    I think I know what the acolytes are?

    I'm quite convinced that the Stalker and the Acolytes are some kind of Warframe prototypes. Similar to Umbra but not created in an act of violence or revenge but for stuying. Basicalliy the failures mentioned in the Vitruvian.
  13. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    After getting Excalibur Umbra, regular Primes seem... Bland

    Ability wise Umbra feels underwhelming to me. I like his upgrades on health armor and energy over the regular one, but there is no improvement to a prime. The only major difference beeing the Umbra polarities that are exclusive to him. If the differences remain that insignificant for future Umbra releses they'll just make the use of Umbra mods easy.
  14. (PS4)de_sch0sch

    Should I directly target a prime frame?

    Star chart progression and regular frames should be your top priority when it comes to regular game progression. You need access to later planets to farm higher tier relics and crack them in higher tier fissures. Progression bought with money is a different story.