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  1. Where is your point regarding rivens? None of this justifies the arbitrary means of aquireing a riven for a favorite piece of gear.
  2. Sounds like you'd want to play a different game. What you describe fits Division quite well. Warframe is Dynasty Warriors in space and with guns.
  3. Oh I've failed many missions because of deaths. It was either bad play or missing knowledge but never not bringing gear with a riven. There have been builds that allowed to do any level of content imagiable with ease, before rivens even existed. I don't use rivens, for reasons mentioned above.
  4. Yeah, it's more of a time gate then a grind. Wich makes the double layered rng even worse imho. There is no challenge to begin with. Rivens don't have any impact on that.
  5. Not talking about stats. Just the weapon the riven is used for. the random stats are an ok grind and people who want to invest into that and sell them afterwards should be rewarded for their work. It's just that the weapon is picked radomly which should be the weapon you did the challenge with. That's exactly what I don't like about it, but then I wonder why there are no other complaining about it.
  6. Why are they random? I can't get my head arround why they've been implemented with 2 layers of rng. I'd like to use them do save a slot on a few of my weapons but hoping to get that one roll out of 100 possibilities or paying tons of plat (if that weapon is popular) isn't my beer. Prices for rivens for meta weapons would probably drop significantly, but that's hardly a negative. Is there any conept behind other than pay/grind to overcome rng?
  7. Imho it's mainly his 3 that needs some tweaks or at least some synergy with the rest of his kit. Either some interaction with his 2 or scalable number of enemies hit or the los restriction lifted. His 1 and 2 are good, the augment on his 2 is meh though and the projectile of his 4 is too slow to hit anything moving.
  8. Still, aim gliding cancelling out melee mode (when other weapons are equipped) is a bad thing introduced with melee 2.9. Among other bad things like auto blocking or the inability to rebind channeling.
  9. I actually think that introducing several difficulty tiers adds to a long term engagement. There are difficulty tiers already, but once you have a set of potatoed and formaed gear they become irrelevant. Given the current reward tables are also tied to those tiers you could just copy that to the general difficulty tiers, e.g. tier 1 being the levels as is, all relics are lith only, with increasing refinment levels as you progress through the star chart (current t3 missions would drop radiant lith relics) with world tier 2 being meso, tier 3 neo, tier 4 axi. One could also replace "bad" rewards(e.g. mods) with other rewards that are more sought after as one progresses through the tiers. Events, Alerts could be either excluded from tiering, targeting most of the player base or also provide different rewards, based on the selected tier. Though this would need further reworks of frames and weapons to at least provide more viable options on high level play. Meta exists now and will continue to exist, though it should not need to be mandatory to follow the meta to be able to play at the highest level.
  10. What if heat becomes the viral status for armor? Imho noticable on star chart content but pointless starting at sortie level. In that case half of Embers issues would persist. Given that my memory did not trick me the DR fromula is Armor /(Armor+300) A lvl 70 Bombard has 4.320 armor, resulting in ~ 93.5% DR. With heat applied (armor halved) its DR be only reduced to ~ 87.8% - and the difference will only get smaller as enemy level/armor rises further.
  11. For me it's the controls for the most part. And the archwing powers and weapons feeling lackluster. I'd wish someone from Project Aces (Ace Combat series) would show them how to build fun flight controls.
  12. DE at least showcased the idea of having the block combo to be kind of a gap closer a couple of devstreams ago.
  13. The change to stacking damage is good. With fire removing armor as well they've overtuned it. I would have prefered to have a unique touch to Ember. It's Missed oppotrunity imho. The rework imho addressed the weaknesses of her kit but seems to be overshadowed by the buffs of fire procs
  14. Thanks, totally missed that. Leaves little incentive to use Ember over Ignis then imo.
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