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  1. Mainly seems to be affecting several of the Vengeful ephemera, Toxin lacks the wisps of gas that flow over the body and Chill is entirely missing the frosted glowing effect.
  2. Stage 1: First person to load in rushes to get the toxin, everyone else just stands around doing nothing. This is probably the least annoying stage but maybe move the toxin to absolutely any surface grineer camp? I've lost track of how often someone ended up managing to get lost in the tunnels. Stage 2: Swatting flies while you wait for a timer to tick down and hoping that absolutely anyone else in your group will also add even a single phylaxis/catalyst, ultimately resigning yourself to either using all of yours or just taking the minimum reward. Why is this the only event in the entire game where how greedy/lazy your teammates are determines your reward? Catalysts and phylaxis should not be a thing, just standardize the #*!%ing rewards already. Of all the runs I've done today I've run into ONE other player who ever bothered to help fill by adding to the phylaxis/catalysts. Stage 3: Everyone's favorite event, the unnecessarily long escort mission with an npc that moves slower than you! I mean seriously, has anyone ever enjoyed this kind of mission in any game in the history of gaming? Why not have the drone move at sprinting speed or at the very least move the damn thing to start closer to the boil? Stage 4: The actual mission. The only aspect of the entire event that doesn't entirely suck, only needing any changes based on getting rid of the catalysts/phylaxies ala the complaints about stage 2.
  3. With Revenant Deluxe you're adding a fourth two-handed nikana skin to the game. Only three two-handed nikana even exist. There should not be more skins for a weapon class than there are actual weapons of that class. The next time someone comes up with the idea that the game needs yet another skin for the giant anime swords no one uses just stop, step back and come up with literally anything else instead.
  4. Every few days (or weeks) I remember that it even exists, that I blew so many intrinsics on it and that I have yet to hire a single new crew member to replace the ones I already have. So I get my hopes up and take a trip to Fortuna to check in with Ticker, find some combination of exorbitantly priced crew with ridiculous tax penalties, horrible stats or worthless bonus effects and then disappointingly return to my orbiter to begin the process all over again the next time I remember.
  5. It's not just going to slow down fixes, it's likely going to slow down releases in general. We get stuff at the current rate because DE releases the beta version of each update to PC, has the entire PC player base whacking at it to see what breaks and then polishes everything up for the console release. Without that PC beta phase it's not like we just have to wait as long as consoles usually do because those console time frame releases are likely to take even longer since DE will have to spend extra time making sure each patch is as close to perfect as possible while relying only on their in house testing before they send everything out for console cert. And this isn't even just a matter of bug fixes either. Think of how often DE has released something that worked perfectly fine but still needed tweaking after the fact based on immediate player feedback. No more quick tweaks to a new warframes abilities or to a new weapons stats or drop rates or material cost or anything like that. Call me overly dramatic but if anything were to ever truly ruin this game it would be DE eagerly embracing less frequent and likely buggier updates that they'd then no longer be able to quickly fix.
  6. The best laid plans of mice and men etc. Even if DE put in the effort to release less buggy updates it still stands that when something does slip through we're going to be stuck with it for longer until they can get a fix through cert with all three consoles rather than getting it within hours
  7. Hope people enjoyed fast pc hotfixes while they lasted considering with crossplay they're likely to be going bye bye once they need to wait and patch all of the console simultaneously as well so everyone's always on the same build.
  8. The biggest annoyance I have ever had paying Vauban is when I'm trying to use his Repelling Bastille augment and stack vortexes on top of each other and in the middle of casting an enemy gets drawn in, the ball bounces off of it's head instead of going into the existing vortex and I now have an extra pointless second vortex next to the one I had been buffing.
  9. Even the cloth pieces don't seem to be coloring right, all of the reds seem to look the same for some reason. I was doing the same trying to get a different looking red to match one of my frames and I went through every single red I have including that one valentines palette that's just all different shades of red and everything just looked the same and way too bright to boot.
  10. When you kill a sister or lich what if you got a copy of the progenitor warframe head they had? Would make for nice orbitor decor hanging our heads on the wall. Or for that matter why not have the sister one as an accessory for the hounds? I mean that's what they literally already are to begin with.
  11. The Suda armor set has the same exact problem the Boolean Syandana has because it was obviously just a copy and paste job. Both of the things have a purple hue to them that cannot be changed which means that if you try to set their colors to anything dark you better enjoy a purple tint. I'd planned on using it with black for the most part and it's just a bright and shiny purple. The Hexis armor set chest has a blue Arbiters of Hexis symbol in the center, you'd assume it's set to the emissives? Maybe the energy? Neither, it's just blue and will be no matter what. And the physics on the cloths? Varies wildly between frames and animation sets for no apparent reason, half of the time I tried setting the arm pieces the cloth would hang straight down even clipping through the arms if possible and for the other half they would bulge out flying to the sides trying to avoid contact with the warframe by all means necessary. A real waste of 250k standing for the two sets if this crap never gets fixed, and considering the Suda thing has been a problem for who knows how long I'm not optimistic.
  12. Came here to complain about the same exact thing, they totally half assed this set and just copy and pasted the same problematic parts over and over again without bothering to fix the problem. I was planning on setting them black for most frames so I guess I just wasted 125k standing.
  13. Depends on the level of control DE has over restricting mod placement. Since the point is to get people to branch out into other companion types it could be set so that you can't equip a kavat species mod on a different type of kavat which would prevent double diping on Charm/Cats Eye. Also possible they could restrict the placement so you can only have one that doesn't match your companions type at a time so once you give a Vulpaphyla Charm you cna't also add Cat's Eye.
  14. I mean given some of the abilities things have already it's not like laser eyes are that farfetched. Depending on how poorly the animation team takes the idea it you could even just get away with taking even offensive abilities with specific animations like a moas stomp and just not have them accompanied by animations or use the closest existing animation for that companion type. Given the hectic nature of the game it's not like you'd notice most of the time either way. Then again the real problem mods here are the older passive ones so you could argue against even needing to touch much beyond those three and dealing with that problem at all.
  15. It's a lovely ephemera but... it seems REALLY interested in scanning your abdomen and crotch? At it's highest point it hovers just below breast height but dips as low as the thighs meaning it spends most of the time in between at roughly $&*^ height. It would look a lot less awkward if the whole thing were shifted up a bit or at least had the upper limit of the movement nudged up
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