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  1. Sevagoth's abilities just kinda suck and need anywhere from minor visual changes to total overhauls. Reap should NEVER just fly off aimlessly. The default behavior should be either homing in on whatever enemy is closest or traveling back and forth between enemies within a certain range with the aiming behavior continuing to focus it on the targets you want it to hit as it does now BUT continuing to do so even if you stop aiming. Having it just fly off in whatever direction its pointing in just because you weren't aiming at the time or stopped aiming mid ability use is just stupid. Sow ne
  2. Sevagoth, the "#*!% you, go buy some forma" frame. No polarity on his aura slot, no polarity on his shadow's aura slot, no polarity on the shadows exalted weapon's stance. Who the #*!% thought this would be a good idea?
  3. Back then you didn't even have to build the crap tier sigma or low tier wreckage, for a long time you were better off just getting out of the ship and using your archwing to wreck stuff. Most of my early railjack experience until I maxed my own ship out consisted of the pilot parking on the edge of the map or inside an asteroid and telling everyone to get out.
  4. What better way to kick off this update than by handing out goodie bags full of seven day boosters, riven slivers, umbral forma and legendary cores... but only to some people and for an almost entirely arbitrary reason. it's like Christmas morning, except you're the redheaded step child that gets sent to the basement when it's time to open gifts because there was a secret list of chores you were supposed to do and you failed.
  5. This isn't even "early adopter" compensation, its literally just "We're #*!%ing with the cost of repairs, here's some resources as a 'refund' is you repaired a lot of S#&$" and in that case the ONLY thing they should have included is the resource bundles. But no, for some reason having repaired a bunch of wreckage means you're also entitled to a set of seven day boosters, an umbral forma, a legendary core and a riven. It's just plain stupid.
  6. These early adopter tiers are just a total S#&$ show, between here and redit the majority of the conversation is just people figuring out what they need to do to cheat the system and get the best rewards. Meanwhile the actual early adopters who didn't find a need to pointlessly repair thirty pieces of wreckage can go #*!% themselves.
  7. The fact that people are now trying to work out the easiest means of spamming cheaply repaired wreckage to get the top tier rewards should tell you how #*!%ed up this is as a metric for actually rewarding "early adopters".
  8. Why on Earth are you making up excuses for crap like this? If anything the fact that almost anyone could just spend a few days and quickly meet the standard to get those rewards just highlights how utterly pointless repaired wreckage is as a standard for "early adopters"
  9. Deciding early adopters based on wreckage repairs makes absolutely no sense. I started playing Railjack from day one and have nearly maxed out stats in every component and armament (all before valence fusion was even a thing) and just because I waited to build those best pieces instead of constantly repairing and replacing parts I get the absolute lowest tier while someone else gets to walk away with seven day boosters, umbra forma and a legendary core? Who thought any of this was a good idea?
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