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  1. Let me tell you of a story of a bug that saved videogaming Marios jump was a bug, the end If double mod damage was a bug. i wouldnt call that "YIKES!!!" i'd call that something that saved mark of death on release
  2. I was a bit excited to see that i could finally bring out banshee But then mark of death was obliterated I hope this is a bug, this isn't balance, this is just saying for everyone to not use this skill anymore
  3. When can we get necramechs in regular missions? Also sword necramech?
  4. As the title says, after the latest hotfix, ive had to reset my password each and every time i want to login into warframe When i enter it, it just says "login info failed" But when i enter the password on the website, its fine and then i change the password to something else Immediately after changing, that password works on the login screen ingame I'm not misspelling the password, capslock is not on, i have to enter it perfectly on the website to change it so i know its right. I even write it down to double check each time
  5. I have to reset my password each time i want to login My password works perfectly fine on the webpage, im not typing it incorrectly, as this has just been happening the past 3 days
  6. YES FINALLY a first post that isnt complaining and forcing bugfix awareness that should be in the bugfix part of the forums NEED MORE OF THAT PLEASE
  7. We havn't even gotten our hands on these things and its already been nerfed Guys CMON. let us have FUN
  8. Not even a change to inaros tornado? i know that inaros is an immortal tank but his playstyle is a bit boring with a few unused powers
  9. I just found out about the double affinity weekend....on the weekend
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