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  1. Who cares. You announced Titania deluxe over a year ago and failed to deliver while continuing to fail to provide veteran farmable content.
  2. Great. More focus on existing and early content while veteran players rot in their graves.
  3. You have 5 different Emoji to represent positive feedback but not even 1 for dissatisfied / unhappy. Aside from that ~ Nightwave is admittedly more enjoyable than the regular alerts, although many are split on the subject. I fall into the category that is quite annoyed because you reduced the number of events and made some of the more challenging ones a joke (60 minutes reduced to 30, Defense waves cut in half, etc) - but it is not... 'new' content. It's a nice twist to existing content and giving some players direction for their playtime - which is good. You already irritated much of your audience delaying the latest Operation despite claiming a prior launch date ~ And now on the Plague Star date you've launched more rehash content that's easier instead of the thing players have been waiting on for weeks. All of this still without having Raids ~ I've lost Clan members to games like Elder Scrolls Online because of the high-level content drought over the past few months. Please get your ---- together, DE 😕
  4. We've lowered our entry requirements! New req are: ~MR12+ ~200+ hours in game
  5. Traditional is fine, but to play devil's advocate ~ You shouldn't have built up hype for a maybe last week release when you clearly were not ready, then keep your audience waiting over an extended weekend to this news. It's not anticipation, it's annoyance that much of the community is feeling. I say this as I'm losing Clan members to Elder Scrolls Online and others just due to endgame lack of content and frustration.
  6. I feel obligated to pass along thoughts from our Endgame Clan after much discussion. 1) We were excited and it brought a feeling of accomplishment / happiness with the 60 minute survival missions, as this allowed us to get credit for it while acquiring Kuva. Even with defense 40 waves, etc ~ for it to mean 'Elite' ~ it felt right. Not just cutting it to 45 minutes, but cutting in half - it's a joke. There's no challenge here. There's nothing, absolutely 'nothing' that is elite about it. 2) Petting your companion? This is regular maintenance regardless if you don't log in or pay attention to it. At least marking resources for some players could be seen as advantageous, this task is garbage. Rewarding people for it too? smfh 3) This is cool, abstract, and for many could be difficult. This all presents a strange message. You have the most intense players pushing 5x3 captures, but you removed raids. You introduce 60 minute weekly survival tasks which pushed your average player and is only a challenge in the last 15m or so for those moving towards high-end play, then you cut it in half to where it's a joke of a task. You have hinted at adding a difficulty slider / adjustment for missions - haven't seen or heard of progress. Arbitrations themselves are insanely dull for 4 organized team-mates until the 30-40 minute mark, while normal missions can take an hour just to get interesting. You have gimped the grind process for Cetus - going all the way streamline & casual and crashed an entire platinum market for dedicated players I understand the need to make money - I do. Trying to get players to join and stick with your game is understandable too. I also understand a majority of gamers especially in the free to play market are more casual players. But just like FFX|V, WoW, & so many others, you're streamlining the experience to capture people who may only play for a few months while the year-long veterans are suffering from vast content lulls and a sincere & complete lack of serious content. And no, the Thermia Fracture event is not considerable to me as 'new (serous) content'. It is a silly grind that is way too repetitive and by round 50 I had to drink myself to the finish line just to complete it and it felt way too forced. What's more is that once you've done it, there is literally no incentive for players to keep doing it as you have more than enough materials to spawn the boss for the drops you need. We have been looking forward to this new 'game mode' and the upcoming Operation / Clan Event. Hopefully tides will turn. But the direction with Nightwave went from interesting to annoyingly casual extremely fast. I hope this will be answered from the developer: Do you have sincere plans that will be brought to fruition in the year 2019 to captivate endgame & mid to hardcore players?
  7. Planning to play the Jovian Concord? Excited for Wisp? Ecstatic about a new Clan event / Operation? Want to be part of a team pushing to get on the leaderboard? Join us and get settled in for all of the upcoming updates!
  8. Added first dojo image gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/wrEuFRU
  9. Added dojo-in-progress map 🙂 https://i.imgur.com/Dne710S.png
  10. This.. is awful 😕 I mean, I understand how these things make the game's now older content more approachable to returning players, but you are doing it in a way that is a huge kick in the crotch to all of your veterans who have invested so much. (Time, resources, etc). You need to find a way to repay / thank the vets for their participation in this old system if you're truly just removing so many hours of playable content for the endgame grind. You could easily just have reduced the required wisps for items from 10 ~> 2 and still have the content be viable / necessary, then refund some wisps to players somehow. Still a dsck move, but you have to see how this looks bad to your long-term players.
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