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  1. I would say it means you are loyal. @ 2400 hours it is about the equivalent of 3 months of logged in time. 100 days at that amount of time over 1.5 years means playing about 5 hours per day on average. 5 years of playing @ 2k hours is essentially 1,825 days / time played means playing less than an hour per day, or more than likely just a couple days a week for possibly slightly longer sessions. For a bulk of dedicated casual, mid~hc gamers, and mmo junkies who have one dedicated title with possibly a couple solo titles on the side - 16~30 hours a week is about average for time investment between all categories for min / max high and low end. That also goes into the content diversity section, Warframe should not all feel like one thing. There is not enough very different content to sustain a player who wants to spend most of their free time each day/week in a single title for more than 6 months ~ 1 year without doing nearly everything available or burning out on the limited options to them.
  2. I wrote an article, there's both an older entry and an update to the general topic I published today. I cover the state of the genre, aspects that truly make a great MMO, as well as touch on some aspects of Warframe that troubled me. With almost 2.5k hours invested in WF alone and an MMO career dating back to 2003, I feel I have earned an opinion piece. Hope you'll check it out: https://medium.com/@MagicofGaia/mmorpgs-the-decline-part-two-b72b7ebd0f68
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