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  1. Thank you for these changes. We could use some more variety in the prime unvaultings 😄 Can you please make a change in the open world relic drop table though? We have two open worlds. We don't need both of them to have unvaulted relics in their drop table. Can you please change it so we can have unvaulted relics in one open world and new relics (the latest prime stuff like wukong relics for example) in the other? I like doing bounties for specific relics I want because the drop table isn't as diluted as any of the other missions. So with this change we could have the best of both worlds! Horrible pun, I know. But could you please consider the above proposal? Thanks.
  2. Knaifu Waifu Gender: I Identify as a knife Age: I like knives Favorite Food: Like, I REALLY like knives Favorite Movie: You should see my knife collection sometime Favorite book: Don't touch any of my knives though. If you do, I will cut you into a million pieces ❤️ Favorite color: Blood Bio: Just looking for someone to to cuddle and take hot steamy blood baths with me❣️
  3. YES!! Thank god we can get the relics in Fortuna and poe. The droprate for relics in the Rhino/Nyx unvault was horrid. Thanks for the unvault de!
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