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  1. Yeah. Thats why I hate Defection missions and avoid them whenever possible. Its almost like they want to get killed, stopping randomly until you go up to them and hit E, dropping to the ground & needing healing if they take too much damage...and all the while you're having to fight off hordes of enemies. Actually last Rescue mission I did, the guy did get stuck in a lift. Couldn't figure out how to unstick him, so I failed the mission.
  2. In the words of [DE]Steve: "Overpriced Aluminium..." Don't think its gonna happen any time soon...if at all... And, quite frankly, given all the platforms they currently support, there is no need for them to bring out a Mac version. Would just be more work for the team and one more set of hoops to jump through when it comes to getting updates certified.
  3. Why are you quoting what I pretty much already said? I'm well aware who C F Gauss was...thats why I asked the question in the first place! I already got what appears to be a sensible answer anyway (from a WF point of view, anyway).
  4. Good call! I prefer the originals of most of their cover versions, but I like what Disturbed bring to the table when they do one. Just heard this band for the first time today on the radio. Went looking for the song on YouTube, but found this earlier one instead.
  5. Ah, of course...forgot about that. Still, having very similar frames seems a bit redundant, even if it is so there can be "male" and "female" versions. Guessing (hoping) there will be enough differences to make them truly distinctive.
  6. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't get the point of this one. Why Gauss when we already have Mag (in case you didn't know Gauss is the standard unit for measuring Magnetic fields)? Seems to me DE will end up creating frames that are basically duplicates.
  7. Indeed - people just love to jump on the latest bandwagon. As seen by the various "This is gonna kill Warframe" threads. Then time goes by, the game continues to prosper and people quietly forget about that 5-minute hype train they got so excited about. Also, as you mentioned, I would be especially concerned about bandwidth throttling, with the prospect of the loss of net neutrality and ISPs having the power to offer tiered levels of service / access, depending on how much customers are willing to shell out.
  8. Well this is the response I got a couple of weeks ago (been away on a training course & travelling a lot to meetings, so only just caught up on my emails). Still no confirmation that our orders are ready to ship - although it did at least clarify that the t-shirts are causing the delays. So I responded to say please cancel my order. Hope you have better luck down the line.
  9. Until we see an announcement from DE themselves I think we can take this with a LARGE pinch of salt. I'm not sure you understand either. Sure Stadia Base will be free...but are you aware that with any "free" service, you are going to get bombarded by ads and and lots of unwanted crap? Also Stadia Base is only standard HD - NOT 4k: Stadia Base: Coming next year Resolution: Up to 1080p Frame rate: 60 fps Sound: Stereo Buy games whenever you want: Yes Access to free games released regularly: No Stadia Pro-exclusive discounts on selected game purchases: No Only Stadia Pro offers 4k resolution: Stadia Pro: Three months included in the Founder's Edition. Part of the Founder's Edition Resolution: Up to 4K Frame rate: 60 FPS Sound: 5.1 surround sound Buy games whenever you want: Yes Additional free games released regularly: Yes, starting with Destiny 2: The Collection Stadia Pro-exclusive discounts on select game purchases: Yes £8.99 / mo Also, whichever way you go, there is still the £120 (or equivalent) up front cost for the controller & access device. As previously discussed, this is likely only going to apply to casual gamers who haven't already invested heavily in consoles. Personally its not going to persuade me to stop playing on my PC. Can't imagine it will appeal to streamers / content creators either, as they need specialised setups to play while streaming, as well as the ability to save & edit videos.
  10. I have the same problem intermittently. Really annoying when it happens and hope they hotfix it ASAP.
  11. Well gullible casuals who already use smart speakers and other smart gadgets probably won't care...or even realise. Like I said, Stadia will likely have a fairly wide appeal to techies, who are not necessarily hardcore / experienced gamers. For those of us who love our PCs and/or consoles...probably not. If nothing else, console users will be able to look down on them and call them "Stadia Peasants".
  12. E3 is just an e-peen contest (the ultimate e-peen contest?) between the major studios. Not something DE needs to be concerned about.
  13. Well why would they patch it, unless they knew there was a problem? Seems DE do rely to a large extent on player feedback as far as spotting exploits is concerned...so until someone tells them, they won't know. And it seems perfectly legit to me for them to nerf farming exploits in a game that is built around farming. Can't have sneaky exploiters getting away with using shortcuts.
  14. Well this time I got a reply, but it was the same standard copy-paste response I've had before. They're still just talking about "overwhelming response" and being unable to give a date for shipping... So this time I got salty... Not expecting to get a response to this, but will let you know if I get one...
  15. I'm getting quite concerned by this now. I sent an e-mail to the Warframe store, requesting an update, on May 22nd but received no reply. Have sent another one today. If I don't get a reply by the end of the month, I'm cancelling my order.
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