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  1. FlusteredFerret

    Mot enemies

    Sounds like someone has finally found some...challenging content... *gasp*
  2. FlusteredFerret

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    Venus can be the 2nd planet new(er) players go to. You can unlock the Venus & Mars junctions pretty quickly if you're halfway decent. Therefore it won't take long to reach Fortuna. Just like PoE, Fortuna & Orb Vallis is intended to be a place for ALL PLAYERS to farm resources, level gear up etc. It was NEVER intended to be end-game content for veterans...so you all really ought to stop whining about the fact its not. Its new content aimed at attracting more players. Even now, the Corpus are significantly tougher than the Grineer at each bounty level. While I agree there ought to be some higher level ones, to match the top bounties on PoE, (maybe even harder?), the lowest ones should be achievable by newer players, therefore the nerf was appropriate.
  3. FlusteredFerret

    Longwinder bait

    Hmm... Did my first fishing session a couple of days ago, using just Broad Spectrum bait and caught loads of Echowinder, Longwinder, Kriller & Sapcaddy, in the big lake just outside Fortuna. Quite a few turned up even after the bait ran out. Took a few throws to work out how to use the electric spear though...
  4. FlusteredFerret

    How Do I Upgrade My AMP (Can't do Eidolons)

    What I did was spend several nights hunting Vomvalysts with my Mote Amp, until I had enough standing with the Quills to obtain built amp parts. I would suggest thats the way to go, if you aren't having any luck finding groups to play with and decide to go solo. You only need to get to Observer rank with the Quills to access amp components and while that still requires a lot of farming, it is doable this way (just takes longer as you only get regular intact cores from Vomvalysts). The Mote Amp has negligible effect on Teralysts, so I can sort of understand the reactions you've been getting. Keep trying though - you may still get lucky. Eidolon hunts will boost your standing faster, as you can get Flawless & Radiant cores, which are more valuable. But if you have no luck with that, try it the grindy way.
  5. FlusteredFerret

    Garuda is little game breaking.

    The usual. Ask 100 gamers their opinion on a game and you'll get 100 different answers. Which is why its good if devs largely ignore them.
  6. FlusteredFerret

    Garuda Locked Behind Heavy Grind

    Actually Umbra felt like quite an achievement for me...mainly cause I didn't get a proper amp until the last part of the quest. Also the whole Sacrifice quest felt like a pretty big deal to me, as much for the story as the gameplay. But obviously thats just me. Agree with everything else though. Whatever DE does, there will always be people who complain... For me Gara has been the worst grind, so far, in terms of farming resources. Revenant was a pain due to RNG refusing to give me the Neuroptics on bounties. Other than that, can't think of too many frames that have been a real effort to obtain. Had to kill Vor & Lech Kiril quite a few times to finish Frost, but thats been about it.
  7. FlusteredFerret

    Garuda Locked Behind Heavy Grind

    Exactly! Its the same story pretty much every time they release a new weapon or frame. Forum fills with posts crying that the grind is too much, or the game doesn't let them grind continuously to get it and therefore they're "forced" to buy with plat. If they just stopped to actually think for a few moment, they'd realise with a bit of work & patience they'll get them eventually.
  8. FlusteredFerret

    Thank you, Digital Extremes

    Good to know some people have been enjoying it. I missed the Plains of Eidolon launch, so its been interesting to be involved in the hype / build up to Fortuna. So far, so good...
  9. FlusteredFerret

    Openworld zones aren't seamless enough.

    Trust me, they are totally worth it, for covering large distances in a hurry. Not that hard to obtain either. All you have to do is complete the Archwing quest to get the launcher blueprint, then farm the resources to build it.
  10. FlusteredFerret

    Openworld zones aren't seamless enough.

    Its been seamless enough for me so far. Only get occasional lag in the "airlock" section between Fortuna & Orb Vallis. I suspect network connections & PC capability have something to do with it as well. But yeah, as long as DE continue to use peer-to-peer connections for group / team play there will be issues, as obviously not everyone has the same capabilities.
  11. You're obviously doing it wrong. Space bar lights up my afterburners just fine...
  12. FlusteredFerret

    What Are You Listening To?

    ...still with the metalcore...
  13. FlusteredFerret

    Press F for Stan Lee

    Yeah, I suppose the intention is good...and I suppose it works well on a Twitch stream, but the legend who basically created the Marvel Universe and the characters within it, does deserve a bit more of a tribute. The son of Jewish working-class immigrants, who took a job at a family owned publishers, carved out a niche for himself writing comic books, that went on to become a company in its own right...eventually turning into the multi-million dollar franchise it is today. He also played a large part in transforming comic book characters from crude, one-dimensional "black and white" heroes and villains, into complex, flawed, relate-able characters. We have lost a Godfather of the comic book world. Rest In Peace Stan Lee.
  14. I LOVE the Archwing again and have been using it to explore Orb Vallis. With all that space to zoom around it feels EPIC! I've even begun to get the hang of using it in regular missions. Still feels a bit clumsy in tight spaces, but I'm getting the hang of it.