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  1. FlusteredFerret

    DE please change the broken war grind.

    I thought you needed to complete The Second Dream quest to get Broken War? What is this "grind" you speak of?
  2. FlusteredFerret

    Save the Sarge!

    Kinda like Vay Hek when he sends his Ghouls after you.
  3. FlusteredFerret

    What is Volts Voltage?

    I got the reference just fine...but Doc Brown was likely referring to the power in a lightning bolt (voltage x current = power).
  4. FlusteredFerret

    On Giving Feedback

    Well said. There is a very vocal minority that forget they are just playing a game...a F2P one at that...and get needlessly angry. I blame social media and the fact you can hurl vile abuse at random strangers on the internet, quite often without consequences. It lets them think that kind of behaviour is acceptable anywhere...though I do wonder if they'd dare talk to their parents that way. Also the frequent "chat ban" threads are quite amusing to read.
  5. FlusteredFerret

    Save the Sarge!

    Shouldn't this thread have been titled "Buff the Sarge"? In any case Phobos is fairly early on in the star chart, so he shouldn't be that tough. Also don't forget that what vets find ridiculously easy, actually can be a challenge for other players.
  6. FlusteredFerret

    Discussion of Fortuna's vent kids...you might not like it

    Wow - never noticed that...but then I tend not to look that closely at NPCs. As to the guy going on about war vets suddenly having PTSD attacks and freaking out...I find it very unlikely they would be playing a game like this in the first place. If you've served in the armed forces and suffered traumatic experiences, to the point it had that sort of psychological impact, the last thing you need to be doing is playing violent video games, that feature blood, dismemberment and generally gruesome deaths by a wide variety of means. And thats even before you get to the unfortunate headless inhabitants of Solaris. For all its slightly cartoonish / anime visuals, WF is still a pretty graphic game and definitely not for everyone.
  7. FlusteredFerret

    Waframe, DE and the problem with rewards.

    Well twitch kids today have the attention span of a goldfish and want everything yesterday. Of course they haven't got the patience to grind for a few days...let alone weeks or months. Everything has to be attainable in just a few hours. This seems like a derivative of the "content drought" and "endgame content" threads, where basically people demand the impossible. "We want challenging endgame...but we also want ever more awesome rewards powerful gear...and ever more powerful enemies, cuz we can deal so much damage that nothing is difficult anymore..." Quite funny that lots of people don't seem to understand the paradox they are helping to create.
  8. FlusteredFerret

    What is Volts Voltage?

    Probably more than Vauban I would have thought...
  9. FlusteredFerret

    What is Volts Voltage?

    Except watts are units of power...not voltage...
  10. DE aren't going to publish a list of ban-able words...just like game devs don't publish lists of banned mods. Because then people just find creative ways of getting around them. Fraid you'll just have to rely on common sense.
  11. FlusteredFerret

    War Within isn't difficult, it's just not fun.

    OP is just one more of the many people who simply don't appreciate this is a multi-faceted game, that is much more than just wholesale slaughter with over-powered gear. Presumably is also one of those who doesn't like Operators either. TWW is meant to be more of an interactive story, than anything else, that takes you into the lore the game is built around. IMHO it was a very well executed quest for the most part. Sure, you don't have to actually DO all that much...but then thats not the point. Personally I found the golden maws quite tricky...especially the one where you have to guide one under a gate to escape back to the outside. Didn't find the battle against the Queens easy either. Didn't take ages, but definitely needed a few attempts before I nailed it. Overall, I thought it was bloody epic and narrowly beats The Second Dream as my favourite quest, to date.
  12. If only I could get some damn ALUs when I run Archwing missions on Jupiter... Can't even build the damn key, or whatever it is.
  13. FlusteredFerret

    Ugliest Frame

    Chroma without a doubt...the infestation / mutation is STRONG with that one.
  14. FlusteredFerret

    What Are You Listening To?