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  1. Hi there, I was actually the "lead" player in a group for the first time last night (insofar as I appeared to have the best gear). Unfortunately, my "strongest" gear happens to be Rhino, with a Tigris primary and a Raplak/Pencha/Clapkra amp. My Tigris can deal over 4k radiation / magnetic / corrosive damage, depending on build selection, with around 2.8k slash. My amp can only deal around 2k. The other guys appeared to be even bigger newbies (one said he had no idea how to damage the Teralyst, the other only had a mote amp) though they at least knew enough to bring lures with th
  2. I got the blueprint after unlocking the Neptune junction (or was it completing the Natah quest?) Anyway I looked it up on the Wiki...but as is so often the case, it wasn't terribly helpful. Apparently it has a pretty low range, although it can be modded to produce different types of damage. Doesn't seem like a particularly powerful weapon. Is it worth building - is it something I'd find equally or more useful than regular sidearms, such as Dex Furis, Akmagnus, Aklex etc.?
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