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  1. The ultimate fashion frame challenge...can you make it look cool?
  2. They need to be bashed...its for their own good! Toughen them up and prepare them for the real world. To be fair though, I'm guessing some of the whingers are younger than Millennials...but I've no idea what you call them... I'm a Generation X-er myself. Shoe-gazing miserable gits...always expecting the worst.
  3. Haha! The shy and secretive Nopealolyst...
  4. "Dammit - I dropped my warframe-killer...where in Hunhow's name is it?"
  5. I highly doubt a "bitter, scathing ice queen" would have taken the risks she did to hide the Tenno in the first place. I agree that her consenting to become Lotus again, of her own free will, should be shown in a cut scene, if thats the way it goes. If she becomes SpaceMom again, it has to be her choice. If not and she chooses to remain as Natah, then I guess lots of folks will get their wish.
  6. Well something caused Natah to take pity on the Tenno kids in the first place and led her to hide us inside a moon, inside the Void. From what we know she did that of her own volition. The "brainwashing" and her taking on the character of Lotus was due to Ballas IIRC, with the helmet being used to subdue Natah's own consciousness. Its also clear her parents are able to exert their influence over her, making her revert to her original state...so there's been brainwashing on both sides. Maybe the helmet could be modified, allowing her to retain her own personality and freeing her from the influence of the other Sentients? In any case, I was talking about a happy ending for us, not the Sentients.
  7. Personally I put Sargas Ruk at the top of my s*** list, as far as bosses go, but yeah, Kril is super annoying too. Not looking forward to Roopypoopylist after seeing this.
  8. Wow - somebody's a Gloomy Gus today. Since we've only ever known Ordan Karris as Ordis, thats no biggie for me. He's no different to Cortana or Andromeda (minus the holographic body), or any other ship's AI. While somehow transferring his consciousness into another body is an intriguing thought, I don't ever see it happening, simply because there is no narrative imperative for it. He simply serves as a quirky sidekick. Since the Operator is pretty much the focus of the entire game (without them, there are no warframes...at least ones that can be controlled) I'm pretty sure we're safe from Wally, or anyone else. We're doomed to remain edgy, mentally unstable teens...unless DE ever decide to have them reach adulthood (again, no real reason for this). Funny, isn't it? Kids with strange, arcane powers are weird and slightly scary. Adults with similar powers are superheroes (or villians). I still believe we will find a way to separate Lotus / Natah from her family, stick that big ol' helmet on her pretty head and get our SpaceMom back. Admittedly there are a few different ways DE could play this, but since I'm a bit sentimental, (and because Canadians like happy endings), I'd like to think this is how it will go.
  9. Yeah - the new layout does feel a bit weird...but saying that I'll probably get used to it after a while. Other than that, I honestly haven't found anything to be a real issue.
  10. So according to you, we're basically just... If you weren't so blinkered and could take your own advice, you'd acknowledge that the majority of complaining is in fact utterly idiotic and childish whining, by people too stupid to use what little brains they have, to figure stuff out...expecting DE to serve everything up to them on a sliver platter. Also too stupid to understand a bit of basic economics and expecting free stuff all the time (as if having a free game wasn't enough). Or complaining that stuff is too expensive - even though there are regular plat discounts. The same ones, no doubt, also complaining that there is no challenge in the game, while refusing to accept gear nerfs, or using anything that isn't meta. The same ones that also complain about the lack of endgame content...who also seem unable to offer any constructive feedback on this topic. Think I've seen ONE good recent post on this subject. The same kind of people who burn through content as fast as they can, even when they KNOW it takes DE a long time to create content (and then complain about having nothing to do). The same kind of people who complained about missing out of stuff in Alerts...then also complained about Nightwave. The same kind of people who complain and say DE doesn't listen or care...when they put all their barely coherent saltposts in the wrong part of the forum. The same kind of people who get salty that DE don't give definite release dates for stuff, but trashed them when they did (and missed the deadline). The same kind of people who treat incredibly trivial stuff like cosmetics, minor graphics effects and UI issues like they're game-breaking, end-of-the-world problems. The same kind of idiots who think we should be able to have riven mods for everything and that they should be much easier to obtain? The console twits who complain that they don't get their updates the same time as PC players...when the reasons have been REPEATEDLY explained? Because this is exactly the kind of crap that makes up most of the complaints I see. Sure this game does have a few serious issues and there are always some QoL improvements that wouldn't go amiss. But reading this forum most days, you would think DE had created some utter garbage-fest of a game. The vast majority of complaints are unwarranted and are for things that have to be the way they are, either for technical or economic reasons. Or else just people being lazy or impatient (the classic modern-day "ME WANT NAO!!!" syndrome). Interesting paradox. People want the game to be challenging, but don't seem to want to put in any effort.
  11. Oof! Thats WAAAAAYYYYY more advanced than anything I have to worry about. How long do you have to stay in a mission to get enemies at that level?
  12. Thanks - I had no idea you could do that either. But Warframe is one of those games, full of little things like that, where you likely won't find out, unless you try (or ask).
  13. Just goes to show the devs really do their research. Well robots need love too!
  14. Seems fine to me. But if its that much of an issue for you...
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