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  1. rarely. cause arbies are still S#&$ and I got nothing to do ingame except wait for plague star.
  2. if it's ready for PC and has past it's release date they shouldn't delay it just because it can't be on Xbox I know people who have taken holidays from work because of the event. This is fking them up.
  3. Was the same as you until I actually learned how to use her by using her. She's godly.
  4. How has this still not been acknowledged ? DE please fix this.
  5. Yes a score that was literally criteria for staying in the clan after the event ended which literally the whole clan was told. >I bet you never even helped some of those Tenno who had low scores during the whole event, did you? I DID THAT FOR HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS. How can you assume such a thing like that about me? I was helping the whole clan till the last minute of the event. I helped them with builds , guides , strats and and ran with them. I was constantly organizing runs and getting players kitted up and running. So you "bet" on that huh? Well you lost.
  6. Which is what we will all like. Leaderboards returning to the way they were when the event ended. Yet as of now no fix has been made. We worked really really hard for those leaderboard rankings.
  7. Some did. The ones who got the glaxion vandal. They were told they needed to meet the clan requirements else they would get kicked AFTER the event ended. Since it's a competitive clan. And when they got kicked, It should absolutely should not have had any changes on the leaderboards. Yet it did. Which is true nonsense. Nothing should matter AFTER the event ends , let it be players joining and leaving , getting kicked due to lack of required participation , etc. This is truly and unfair outcome and the leaderboards should be reverted as they were right after the event ended.
  8. How is this fair? Kicking inactive members after event has ended messing up our clan position. Leaderboards are expected to be auto locked / archived after a event ends. Not the next day. We worked extremely hard day and night to earn #3 position. I myself put in about 12hrs+ of work. DE please revert this. We do not deserve this.
  9. It's fine like how it is. I like it.
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