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  1. Arc2199

    Let us know who banned/suspended us.

    I found out later that the Clan leader was resorting to censorship. No one knew and still doesn't know because there's no transparency about what happens in the clan system. I left that S#&$ty clan and joined a far far better one. One of the many reason why things like these should be more transparent because people in power will always abuse the system.
  2. And make the riven market even more barren? No thanks. That's a terrible idea.
  4. If you think only snipers beat it in damage then you haven't been paying attention to the recent weapons. It's been outclassed for a long while now.
  5. It DEFINITELY needs a buff. I have 6 formas on mine and believe me , no amount of polarities save it from being outmatched by every other weapon past MR10.
  6. Agreed. Power creep has made it a relic of the past. DE's usual policy of not paying attention to older weapons isn't a good one. The Opticor should be buffed.
  7. Yes. Either make it a low level weapon or make it more useable to be viable as an endgame weapon. Since it's seriously not one at this point with the options MR14 players already have.
  8. Either way , not fit for MR14. It's too little too late at that point. Should be MR6 or something. And HELL YEAH ! Would love an Opticor Vandal.
  9. Agreed. I may be able to 1 shot targets but sometimes just to get to the slash procs it takes 7 HITS !!!!!! 7 ! It's ridiculous. A game which charges up so unbearably slow should not take 7 hits.
  10. It should've stayed at MR6. Making it MR14 makes no sense. You already have room clearing weapons at that point with far better Kills per second rates. MR6 was a better because you actually needed the power the opticor gave you. Reason for this post? I'm past MR14 and recently got myself the opticor and I've no reason to use it even from any standpoint since there are tons of other weapons that I can use. As for damage I've already got the tigris prime and can get the Exergis. And I always found myself wishing greatly for the Opticor when I was MR6 but I never could get it then. It was a terrible decision to lock it to MR14. I strongly think this needs to be changed with the amount of strong weapons there are for higher MRs. The power creep has made the opticor pale in comparison.
  11. Arc2199

    Broken Iliac syandana on oberon deluxe

    You have good taste !
  12. Here is a picture of what I am referring to : Broken Iliac syandana on oberon deluxe This made me very sad. I worked hard to earn the 220 plat I needed to buy this bundle for my oberon and just to find that the syandana is broken on him. It does not attach to his back like other frames and just floats there instead breaking the whole infested look I was going for. This breaks my heart and makes me very disappointed in my purchase because he was the only one that I actually wanted the syandana for. DE I hope you fix this bug as soon as possible. Thanking you in anticipation.
  13. Arc2199

    Let us know who banned/suspended us.

  14. Pretty sure some of my clan mates won't be able to play warframe after this update is done. Some of them even jokingly said goodbyes but it was obvious they were pretty sad about it.
  15. Arc2199

    Let us know who banned/suspended us.

    Clan leader said he has no idea who has done it and can't unsuspend me.