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  1. I just remember first noticing it when I switched my landing craft to the Nightwave, and that it disappears when you switch to a different landing craft - which I've re-confirmed just now.
  2. It's a clipped part of the Nightwave landing craft.
  3. I remember a time when "cover" is something you just run behind if you need it instead of having to go up to specially-designated geometry and giving it a button-prompted smooch. Ah, those were the days, as I rock back and forth on my chair clutching my shotgun to ward off those darned kids.
  4. I've been using Spy missions to refill my relic bins for the daily clearings. Didn't get my Ivara Systems after filling my Lith bin the first time round. Stopped right there and waited until after I cleared the bin to go again. Got it on the second set. Same deal with Neuroptics and main BP. Got my Chassis levelling stuff at Pavlov. Don't go to war with the RNG, you'll just become miserable. Accept that it didn't roll you way, and come back another day.
  5. I only have 2 free Warframe slots available, and am not willing to spend plats to get more, or have an icon on the top right corner banging on and on about how I have stuff to collect on my Foundry. So, I've been building the Chassis, Systems and Neuroptics and keeping them in cold storage until the abilities list is released. Parts built and ready: Banshee, Baruuk, Hydroid, Nezha, Trinity, Vauban, Volt, Wisp, Wukong, Zephyr All blueprints secure, need resources: Gauss, Inaros, Ivara Blueprints partially acquired: Ash, Nidus, Oberon, Octavia I haven't started farming the rest yet. And yes, I've been tracking my progress on a notepad on my phone. I just like tracking things.
  6. They said on the stream that they they haven't touched the tileset; just moved it into the Deimos nodes. Everything else will be the same.
  7. Nah, Rebecca and Megan just mentioned it on the Home Time stream; the keys and blueprints will be refunded.
  8. Yeah, I got 13,000 of the things. Hope I can feed them to Space Audrey II, at least.
  9. Didn't hear anything about them. Sorry. We'll find out soon, though, in the PC-only pre-Mainline patch. Might even be next week.
  10. Sorry, but DE are going to run a script to refund the blueprints and every key you built.
  11. Meh. Won't miss having to build them instead if just jumping into a mission.
  12. I found my Kuva Nukor built for Toxin to be very effective.
  13. Hmm. Haven't thought about it in-depth yet, just with my "Four Horsewomen;" my four primary favourites that have permanent slots reserved for them at the top of my loadout screen: Ivara: Navigator. Hopefully for something to help with mobility, or more damage on my Artemis Bow. Mesa: Ballistic Battery. Hopefully for a more straight forward damage booster. Mirage: Sleight of Hand. Hopefully for a DR ability. Saryn: Molt. Hopefully for some sort of CC ability. Probably obvious choices, but still.
  14. The real New War is the friendships we made along the way.
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