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  1. Not much. Just daily Sorties, ad-hoc relic clearings for Traces and Ducats, and a little Nightwave. Just got the 750-day Daily Tribute Milestone yesterday, and I chose the one with the 7-day Credit Booster, so I'm running Index as well, even though I have over 100 million Credits. Just keeping the routines. Also, when I'm not doing anything else, I'm hunting Liches for Ephemeras and Valance stacking.
  2. Maybe they just want rewards in rotation A and nothing else? The first two rounds of most endless missions reward stuff from rotation A.
  3. Well, first, I used Limbo so I could ignore all the enemies. I also learned to predict the changes in direction to some degree through observing the paths they're on, which is hard set so you could eventually learn the pattern. I didn't bother much with running, just bullet jumping to keep up. And of course, as with every MR tests, practice, practice, practice.
  4. 1. Gotta clear those Requiem relics every now and then. They reward 1,200 as a Common drop, and sometimes I clear them at Tamu or Taveuni, which gets me even more. 2. 6,000 from Sorties, which the damn RNG seems to be favouring lately. Got two of the thing in a week. 3. Nightwave. Don't really have much other use for those Creds these days. 4. Larvling hunts. I take the opportunity to level up stuff I really dislike levelling the usual way, most recently the Kuva Kohm, so I finish my Cassini runs instead of aborting. 5. I only have, like, eight to a dozen Rivens I care about enough to roll, and I'm in no hurry to roll them.
  5. Deluxe skins usually come with an update that has at least a bit more beef to it; like a game system rework or a new event. Maybe with Operation: Scarlet Spear, which is the next phase of The New War.
  6. 1. Madurai. I could tell from the Void Strike icon on the top right. I use Madurai myself, though I hunt with Trinity for a safer and more casual, relaxed 1-set-per-night pace. 2. That's why I said bring lots and lots of energy pads. He had them assigned to a hotkey and spammed them by the bazillions. 3. The Shattering Impact Sarpa is for stripping some (but not all) of the Eidolon's armor and increasing the damage on your sniper rifle. Again, optional, because the raw damage you get from the setup should be enough to overpower the Eidolon's armor.
  7. For fast solo, probably Volt, built around his 3 and a bit of survivability. Bring lots of energy pads. Weapons? Probably your standard Radiation Lanka or Rubico Prime and a good sidearm. Shattering Impact Sarpa optional. Edit: ah, here's the video I was looking for.
  8. I use them in Interceptions, when I'm feeling lazy and want to put YouTube videos on my phone while I grind for relics.
  9. I will say this; it still annoys me when the first two revealed Requiems turn out to be in the second and third slots, which mean the stab after revealing the third Requiem has a 50/50 chance of failing. Just happened to me twice in a row. Each time, I did a little sigh, swapped the second and third mods, and go back to rebuilding the Lich's aggro all over again. Would be a nice little QOL if I could skip that part.
  10. Well, yeah. I'll still take DE ditching the whole thing and balancing weapons properly any day of the week, but until then, I'm going to keep enjoying my Astilla and Phantasma Rivens.
  11. If you do something for six hours straight, of course you're going to be miserable. Set a hard number of attempts you're going to do each time, accept it's not your day, come back and try again later until you get it.
  12. I'm more baffled as to why Primed Chamber has a capacity cost of 7, while Charged Chamber costs 9.
  13. 120? I'm still making do with just 18. You people are crazy.
  14. Brakk: Currently Toxin, aiming for Radiation. Nukor: Toxin, and will stay Toxin. Karak: Currently Toxin, aiming for Radiation. Shildeg: Currently Toxin, aiming for Heat. Bramma: Currently Toxin, aiming for Radiation. Ogris: Currently Heat, aiming for Toxin. Chakkhurr: Currently Toxin, dunno what I'm aiming for yet. Everything else, I'm levelling to 40, then throwing in the bin.
  15. I'm MR 28 as of yesterday. I have 25 slots, and I've bought 10. So yeah, I could have up to 35 if I bought the other 10 slots.
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