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  1. Well, six months later, and I don't think I've been all that adventurous. My best build so far is probably my Gloom Saryn. She's bloody invincible now, and even keeps my Smeeta alive easy peasy. Went straight to my first choice for farming Steel Essence. Ensnare Protea. Yeah, Larva is probably still better, but Ensnare has the same range without Overextended, can be re-cast, and looks less weird. Banish Loki. Probably my new first choice for Rescues. Even did alright in Sortie Defense. Roar on my Mesa, Valkyr, Eidolon hunting Trinity and Baruuk. Yeah, not very imaginative,
  2. Eh. To recall a baseball metaphor I brought up earlier, I even like cricket more than baseball. I'm in for the full Test match; the whole two Innings each over five days.
  3. Ah yes, falsely claiming that I am once again arguing semantics. Nice explanation. Then answer this simple question: is "Steam exclusive" or "EGS exclucive" the same thing as "PC exclusive?" Simple yes or no. If "no," we can move on. If "yes," you're either going to need a better point or have to agree to disagree. In the first of your quoted instances, I directly answered your question, but then it seems you misinterpreted what I said to construct an argument I never made. In the second, I basically agreed with you, so I don't know what the issue is. And the third is just you
  4. Welp, I can't unsee that. Now I'm picturing Heavy Gunners grabbing a bunch of them and then going "G-R-I-N-E-E-R! LET'S GO!" Dang. I've been representing Exilus Adapters with 🥨 Pretzels on my notepad.
  5. Yeah, it's pretty funny. Though I'm a little bummed that health orbs being called "tomatoes" and energy orbs being called "blueberries" never caught on.
  6. And the issue I had was specifically the bit in italics that said "But Steam isn't a platform." I've never used this argument. Again, you just cooked this one out of thin air. You have not provided any sound justification to, quote, "move on." You have not provided any reason to discard the PC platform as a separate but still valid entity from the storefronts, other than because it has no singular owner, you think it's "nonsensical" to discuss it, as if the lack of a singular owner somehow disqualifies it from being a factor when pertaining to how exclusivity works. I have already demo
  7. You claimed that I said, quote; "But Steam isn't a platform." Nowhere in the bits you quoted have I even suggested that, let alone explicitly asserted it. It is not relevant to my points, which are a) Steam, EGS and the PC platform are separate and distinct entities, and b) the definition of what is a platform is very well-defined. You can't just arbitrarily mash them together or discard them just because you feel like it. Again, you cooked this out of thin air. And as I have already demonstrated, storefront exclusives and "PC exclusive" are not the same thing. Just because the PC
  8. Yeah, I don't know how to feel right now. I suppose I'll have to wait until I see it in action before I make up my mind. Also, might depend on how Gara Prime looks.
  9. I've already demonstrated why it isn't just semantics. You even had to dishonestly crop my post to make it look like I was arguing semantics. Never my argument. You just cooked this one out thin air. Never said DE can't do anything. As I already stated, business discussions happen continuously on all manner of topics. All I said was storefronts and platform owners have to put their own stakes on the table to make it happen. Again, you cooked this one out of thin air. Again, not what I said. What I said was exclusivity deals need storefronts and platform owners to interv
  10. You can't compare and contrast their economics, hence my use of the word "probably," but they still all fall under the category of cosmetic packs. Your attempt to arbitrarily carve out the plat purchase ones just because of their different economics in order to justify your argument is what's dishonest and has no basis in reality, for they all still generate revenue, which is what I've been talking about. Never said revenue is the only business consideration, just that's it's the primary one. Businesses will gravitate towards maximum revenue generation as first priority, with every oth
  11. The bottom line is the bottom line. Just because you aren't paying for them with cash doesn't mean DE don't profit from them, and just because the free-to-play economy works differently from cash purchases doesn't mean DE haven't maximized revenue from them. So no, you probably can't compare them - because the free-to-play economy is likely even better for revenue.
  12. Again, your attempt to restrict definition of cosmetic packs to fit your argument is arbitrary and has no basis in reality. DE get the most revenue out of universal cosmetic packs, and the vast majority of these packs are universal. Just because they aren't purchased with cash does not mean DE haven't maximized their revenue from them; in fact it's probably the opposite, due to how the free-to-play economy works. Stop being dishonest.
  13. Another arbitrary redefinition of standard of fact. The vast majority of DE cosmetics packs are universal. Just because you don't pay for them with cash does not mean DE aren't profiting from them. Indeed, the free-to-play economy is arguably actually designed to maximize revenue beyond that of a cash-based purchase model. Your attempt to saddle an arbitrary condition on what should be considered as "universal cosmetic pack" is dishonest.
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