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  1. Reminds me of Mortal Kombat's Bo' Rai Cho. Hey, I just had an idea for his 4...
  2. I grew up on RTSs like Command & Conquer and Total Annihilation (I didn't like StarCraft - StarCraft II clicked much better with me). So when I learned that Warframe has multiple major warring factions, my mind instantly thought of a Warframe RTS: Grineer: a Jack-of-all-trades faction. Can do what all other factions can but not as well. Corpus: glass cannon/subversive faction. High damage, low health, lots of tricks up their sleeves. Infestation: Zerg. What else? Sentients: quality over quantity. Think Protoss.
  3. Sounds like they thought the points are cumulative. *Shrugs* When I saw that the Operation tab records your "Personal Best," I instantly assumed it was points in one session. Soloed it with my Slowva and a Catchmoon on the first go without losing a pedestal. Oh, and I've decided to call my Catchmoon kitgun, er, "Catchmoon." If I start calling her by her real name ("Winona"), nobody's going to know what the Hell I'm talking about.
  4. Haha, yeah, another day that makes me glad I'm not in the riven market - neither a buyer or a seller. I even currently have a veiled rifle riven I'm itching to just give away at any moment, such is how little I care about the whole thing.
  5. Soloed it. Not too hard with a Slowva and a Catchmoon kitgun. Around 500-ish points per round, so it took 8 rounds. I suppose after the uproar over the Opticor Vandal, DE decided to play it safe? As far as I could tell, they're both just stat upgrades on the base Spectra and Glaxion; a little more damage, more status and crit chances, bigger magazines and faster reload times. Maybe a little more range too, but kind of hard to tell. No beams jumping or enemies exploding on death or anything unique. I suppose it's cool if you already like the base weapons? I was personally underwhelmed by both, so I'm not sure if these upgrades will convince me to use them, but it's early days. The best thing I can say about them are probably the crit chance increases, which makes slapping on Point Strike and PPG actually looks pretty viable. A little low on Formas right now, so they're just going to have to sit in cold storage for a while. Anyway, pics, so it did happen:
  6. *Whistles while sitting on a pile of 153 Nitains got from both Alerts and Nightwave* Sometimes, I love my OCD-ish habits.
  7. I'll do something a little different here; I'll go down my Loadouts list and elaborate. First, the two Permanent Favourites, the immovable top of the list: Ivara: My favourite frame. First choice for anything where being permanently invisible and one-shotting everything would be useful to have. From Spy to Sortie Assassinations, from Derelict runs to Mot. Remember, DE; Ivara Prime + Badass Prime Bow = I give you money. *Winks* Mirage: Paired up with my Astilla, still my first choice for many high-level Void Fissures, even if the Larkspur has allowed Hildryn and Inaros to move into her territory a bit. Plus, "be badass, look badass." Now, for the rest of the Favourites: Ember: First choice for low-level fissures, but I'm currently investigating if Day Equinox might replace her. Plus, sometimes I just want to see the world burn. Gara: Anything that requires a super tanky frame that can protect something; Sortie Rescue, Defense, Arbitration Defense, Hieracon runs during WOS6, etc. Hildryn: T4 Void missions, high-level fissures, any high-level missions that don't involve Infesteds. Khora: Erm... ...cos she's fun? Mesa: Suitable for many missions, but is primarily my first choice for Plains of Eidolon bounties. Yee-haw. Nova: Interceptions. All the Interceptions. Soloing them without a Specter still doesn't get old for me. Octavia: After many tries and experiments, trying everything from Ivara to Frost, Nyx to Loki, I've finally found her: my first choice for Solaris United bounties. Plus, I get to beat things to death with Darude - Sandstorm. Saryn: Sanctuary Onslaughts. Trinity: Tridolon. Zephyr: Maroo's Orokin Treasure Hunt, Exploiter Orb. Chroma: Profit Taker. Anything that needs both tankiness and high damage. Also, every time I look at him, I go; "We should have have acted." "They're already here. The Quills told of their return. Their defeat was merely a delay... ...till the time after the Void opened. When the children of Orokin would spill their own blood. But no one wanted to believe... ...believe they even existed. And when the truth finally dawns... ...it dawns in light! But, there is one they fear. In our tongue he is 'Chroma'; Dragonframe!" Hydroid: Er... ...dunno, really. Well, other than that he's sorta good for farming, I call him "Captain Hentai-Beard," and every time I look at him the Pirates of the Caribbean theme starts playing in my head. Inaros: Anything that requires a gigantic slab of beef to stand somewhere and not die; Arbitrations, Sortie Hijack, Eris Void Fissures (I go AFK while I wait for the Juggernaut to bugger off), etc. Limbo: Hieracon and Index. This guy's basically my Chief Financial Officer. Nekros: E-I-E-I-O! As for the rest, which I swap in and out of my "Secondary" slots... Banshee: My Spy frame before I got Ivara. Has been sitting in cold storage since. Equinox: Currently trialling her as a replacement for Ember. Garuda: Poured Formas into her Umbra build, and... ...just left her there. Mag: My starter frame. Still dust her off for old time's sake from time to time. Nyx: Formerly my first choice for Sortie Mobile Defense. Still bust her out for Razerback. Titania: Play her from time to time, just for fun. Valkyr: What happens when a boss fighting specialist runs out of bosses to fight? She goes into cold storage. Ash: Cold storage. Some day, I'll build him properly. Atlas: Cold storage. Feels a wee bit weak to me. Plus, Atlas Prime is just around the corner. Baruuk: Cold storage. Excalibur Umbra: Cold storage. Frost: If my Limbo or Gara can't handle something, which is rare, I bust this guy out. Harrow: Cold storage. Waiting to have a few Formas to spare to build him properly. Loki: Formerly my first choice for quick Spy missions and Solaris United bounties, he's simply been outclassed by Octavia these days. Nezha: Collector's item. I don't like his passive. Nidus: Frequenlty slips in and out of cold storage. I see his potential, it just takes a few spare Formas to fulfil them - Formas I do not always have. Oberon: Formerly my first choice for Teralyst hunts, replaced by Trinity once I had enough Arcane Nullifiers. Sitting in cold storage waiting for spare Formas. Revenant: Cold storage. Rhino: The frame that got me through mid-game and Ghoul purges. Cold storage for now. Wukong: Cold storage. Waiting for rework and Prime. Vauban: Cold storage. Waiting for rework. Volt: Cold storage.
  8. Favourite Frame: Ivara. Especially now that I have an R3 Arcane Energize. Being permanently invisible and one-shotting everything still doesn't get old with me. When Ivara Prime releases in December, if the devs were to release her along with a badass bow of some kind, I will throw money at them. Favourite Primary: Corinth. The looks, the sound, the satisfying metal "clink" when reloading it. The primary fire that's strong enough to one-shot Shadow Stalker, and the secondary grenade launcher for clearing rooms. Form and function, in harmony. Favourite Secondary: Pandero. Yes, it's the McCree gun. Yes, I make my Mesa use it for no other reason than to complete the "space cowgirl" setup. Yes, there are probably better Secondaries. I only have one thing say to that: *draws the Pandero* "It's Tenno Clock." *Pappappappappappappappap!* Favourite Melee: Still a bit in flux, but currently Gram Prime. What can I say? I like big swords and I cannot lie. I also love red crits.
  9. That's why I paired her up with Valkyr, who provide plenty of senseless violence. Besides, Khorne does not care how the blood flows, as long as it flows. Die, Xeno scum! Nah, I'm actually a 'nids and Orks guy. Ya spikey boyz ain't no match for da right propa applikashion of More Dakka. Waaagh!!!
  10. War: Valkyr. She has an ability called Warcry, and an augment named Eternal War. So of course. Death: Harrow. What brings death faster than red crits? Pestilence: Saryn. Spore alone makes this the obvious choice. Famine: Nova. Molecular Prime makes enemies slow, weak, and vulnerable. But you know what? I found the Four Horsemen concept a bit easy, so I went ahead and tried to match up frames with Warhammer 40,000's Chaos Gods as well. Champions of Khorne: Valkyr and Garuda. Valkyr provide the war and rage, while Garuda supplies the BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Champions of Tzeentch: Nidus, Nyx and Revenant. Nidus embodies Tzeentch's change and mutation aspects, while Nyx and Revenant embrace sorcery and manipulation. Champions of Nurgle: Saryn and Nekros. Saryn provides the disease and decay, while Nekros revels in death and despair (Terrify). Champions of Slaanesh: Hydroid and Khora. Hydroid supplies the tentacles, while Khora has a certain dominatrix-like theme. Both are looter frames (desire and excess). Crap, I'm rambling on and on about Warhammer 40,000 again, aren't I? I'll leave it at that.
  11. December 2020, going by the current pattern.
  12. It's a new faction and tileset, and possibly new missions/quests as well. Mentioned all the way back in January in Devstream 122. Skip to 27:45. Funniest looking Festies I've ever seen.
  13. Late in the year, I think. Late Autumn to Winter, definitely after The New War and probably after Planes of Duviri as well. Yes, the devs said you'll be able to pilot the ship solo.
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