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  1. I've only just started on the Sisters. One grind at a time.
  2. *Shrugs* I've just been logging on to do Sorties and the Steel Incursions that don't take too long, then logging off to go play more Total War: Warhammer II. Take all the downtime they need, I say. I can wait. I'll just be over here having more warcrime-tastic fun with my Poisoned Wind Mortars.
  3. Might be because of how difficult it can be to get her. The Granum Void farm was pretty painful. But personally, she's the newest member of my "main 5" frames, and I use her a lot. "Hey look buddy, I'm an engineer..."
  4. Took him on Steel Path Adaro once. Died about 3-4 times. Problem was he takes a bit of time to bring out his best tools. Too much time for my liking, and I had better options for Steel Path farming, while those same tools are overkill for normal star chart. So he's sitting there collecting digital dust at the moment.
  5. Saryn Prime. Ah, still remember how I got her to this day. I was walking into Maroo's one day, and this person said something along the lines of if somebody doesn't buy this they'll go insane. They seemed desperate to sell. Sold her to me for 40 plats. She was vaulted at the time. Best 40 plats I've ever spent. Yeah, because I sell every base frame the moment I get their Prime, Saryn Prime is my oldest frame.
  6. Every frame except Grendel, because I kind of can't be bothered farming him again. Yes, I even eventually farmed Khora again, despite previously vowing not to do so. My Protea needed a new 4, and Larva's range penalty, inability to be re-cast and aesthetics just didn't do it for me, so I sucked it up and headed back into Sanctuary Onslaught. It was just as painful as the first time around. As for which frame's using what, quite a few. I've already mentioned Ensnare on Protea, but I've also put Banish on Loki and turned him into a Rescue specialist. I've put Dispensary on Nova to support her with energy and ammo for her Kuva Bramma. I've put Roar on Mesa, Baruuk and Trinity for a little extra damage. I've put Gloom on Saryn, and basically made her invincible. I've put Shooting Gallery on Gara and Zephyr, because why not, let's make them extra invincible too. And I've put Elemental Ward on Mirage to leverage her extremely high ability Strength to mitigate her survivability issue, as well as on Nezha and Frost for a little extra armor behind their Warding Halo and Snow Globe. That's about it for now. I'm still kind of experimenting.
  7. Somehow reading this question makes me instantly think of the pilot-a-Revenant section in Doom Eternal. My brain is weird.
  8. Well, aside from the Tennolive relays and the Steam stream going belly up, thus denying me my free cosmetics and warframe slo- I mean Loki Prime, it was a pretty good show. Getting to play as Teshin was definitely the high point for me. Wonder how the element-switching swords are going to work as warframe weapons. Not as jam-packed as 2019 and earlier shows, but I do like this new more focused "we'll release what we'll show" direction. Just hope they sort out the technical stuff for next year. Ah well, at least I got my gunblade.
  9. Nidus Prime had me curious for a long time, as in: "really? Can't imagine him all gold and blingy." Just wanted to know how they're square that circle. Turned out, they literally just slapped some gold on to him. Eh. Don't really think they have many options. Anything more creative than that would probably encroach on the Deluxe skins territory.
  10. Update: got the receiver, just the BP left. Been doing one or two 4-rotation runs after I cleared out the relics the missions drop. So for last week, I started running the Venus mission on Monday after I cleared out the Liths. This week I only started running the Pluto mission on Thursday - the Neo Fissures refresh wasn't very favourable this week. Honestly, maybe I'm just really lucky, but it didn't feel like 8% drop chance to me. I've had worse grinds.
  11. If you've ever played any of the Unreal Tournament games, you'd know why. They are probably Warframe's closest equivalents to those UT weapons. Just be thankful they didn't decide to go for a Bio-Rifle skin for the Stug.
  12. Yeah, Nyx is actually pretty good now, if a bit niche. She's my first choice for Razorbacks. I've been using her twice in the last three days for my single loadout Sortie runs just so Nova wouldn't dominate the chart so much. She's a really good option for Disruptions because of her 2 and 3, though she's a bit vulnerable to Energy Drain. And that Deluxe skin is just absolutely gorgeous.
  13. Barrel and Stock down, Receiver next. What? I'm stubborn.
  14. Hehe. Considering what I heard about how well the Twitch drops worked last time, I'd say good luck. As for the in-game drops, it sounds like it. Very laggy last time, but it eventually worked.
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