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  1. They did say on the Devstream there would be freebies for both the frame and melee reworks, so probably yes.
  2. *Goes into a thousand-yard stare, muttering incoherently about losing half a squad after an Assault missed a point-blank shot* No one who has experienced the full Trickster God-like fury of XCOM's RNG comes back without a horror story to tell...
  3. Nope, they're one-off prizes for the stream, like the normal plats and Prime Access prizes they usually do. No official word on a general unvaulting yet.
  4. I am quite certain there will be a Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel at some stage. That should help a bit, and will also probably be the first of several Primed Archgun mods. No official announcement or anything, just that it would make sense.
  5. Eh. Let people have their opinions, as long as it's within the rules. Only thing is such discussion might belong in Off Topic, but that's just a filing issue. For the record, I would be playing Destiny 2 myself about now - had the save transfer not wiped out my Red War campaign progress. Back to hiatus probably for the rest of 2019 while I try to get over it.
  6. Well, Unvaultings typically last 2 months, so the current Saryn & Valkyr one is due to expire at the beginning of November. That would be the prime (no pun intended) opportunity to do so. I'm personally really hoping for a Vauban + Ash Unvault. They're the last two frames I have yet to acquire, Grendel aside, and my spending rules says I can't use Plats to buy them. Also, Ash Prime should come with Vectis Prime, which I also really want.
  7. A million to one is still a probability. It's still theoretically possible. I'm a XCOM: EU/EW / XCOM 2 player. I'm used to "the odds being in my favour (TM)."
  8. That's the thing about randomness. You can never be sure it's actually random.
  9. It's every two weeks, supposedly. More like whenever they can and have something to show, though. We just had one last week, so no, no Devstream this week.
  10. It's nice. Tested it on my Ivara and did Marduk with her. Doesn't work well with how I play, though. Crouch, jump, jump again, roll. Lots and lots of times.
  11. Nah, you're not doing anything wrong. K-drives are just useless in general.
  12. This is not a recent bug. It's a glitch that comes and goes for as long I've been playing Ivara. Loading into a new area usually fixes it, and I spend most of my time playing her invisible anyway, so it's usually not noticeable enough to be distracting. Do I want it fixed anyway? Sure. When will it be fixed? Dunno. But yeah, still belongs in the Bug Report section.
  13. Placebo effect is powerful stuff.
  14. *Whistles as I get in my flying car and flies off.* Game over, man.
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