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  1. Eh. Didn't bother with it. I'm sitting on 196 million Credits.
  2. This is why I have weapon restriction rules. My Saryn isn't allowed to use non-Infested weapons (except for the Tatsu), for example. Ignis Wraith is like the weapon version of Inaros: definition of boring but practical.
  3. It's gonna release when it's gonna release. If it does get delayed to 2022, I just hope it won't release in the same window as Elden Ring, Saints Row, or - worst case scenario - Total War: Warhammer III. I might be able to split some free time to check it out in the first two scenarios, but I might not even log in with the latter.
  4. I usually just flip a coin. But in this case, I'm letting it pass. Don't need any more Reactors.
  5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My Slowva I use as my first choice for Star Chart still works for Steel Path for me. Kuva Bramma for Grineer and Festies, Kuva Nukor + Glaive Prime for Corpus (Toxin) and Corrupted (Viral + Heat). Just gotta pay more attention and work a little harder.
  6. Ah, my Ivara's nemesis. Does make it kinda exciting to fight him, though. I have worked out a fairly reliable way to take him out as Ivara. My Arcane Ice seems to stop his Opticor's Heat proc from one-shotting me, so all that's left is to roll out of his Magnetize bubble and shoot him from cover. Alternatively, all of the Acolytes seem to be deathly allergic to the Glaive Prime. My Nova with the Glaive Prime just eat them alive.
  7. Dunno mate. To me Inaros is just a 10,000 HP brick I throw the general direction of a problem until it goes away. Definition of "boring but practical."
  8. Warframe is my "podcast game." I set my headphones down, stand my phone up, and put YouTube videos and podcasts on while I play.
  9. Blast. Don't care if it sucks right now. "I am here to ask you one question, and one question only: EXPLOSIONS!?"
  10. Eh. I'm still on Rank 18. After my Prestige ignore list got me to Prestige 54 in the last Intermission, I decided to just continue it through Nora's Choice. I'm in no hurry.
  11. Eh, with how quickly you can switch between melee and gun these days, I don't even use the setup for glaives very often anymore. And I almost always carry a Glaive Prime into Steel Path - Acolytes hate the Glaive Prime. So I don't really see the point if that anymore - aside from enacting the old "drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword" meme.
  12. It's per projectile. Vastilok fires more projectiles (your picture is wrong, the Vastilok actually has 9 multishot).
  13. I only go for Catalysts these days, but thanks for the thought.
  14. I was expecting something else from this thread. I feel a little bit deceived. To use a parlance from another game I've been playing a lot more than Warframe lately: "this is going in the Book."
  15. A bit of both. I will use any frame that's suitable for the job, but most of my favourite frames are aesthetically pleasing to me as well. In fact, one of my four criteria for frames to qualify as my "Primary Favourite" (currently Ivara, Mesa, Mirage, Protea and Saryn), with their own permanent, exclusive slots at the top of the loadout screen, is "stylish, with aesthetics more or less settled."
  16. Hmm. Sounds like DE watched a certain YouTuber's review of the Pandero Prime... Edit: holy crap, I've just re-watched it. The devs really do watch her videos.
  17. I used to have stacks of 50+ relics, and there are no easy way out of that, I'm afraid. Just do some quick fissures to whittle down, like, a dozen relics at time. As long as your relic intake is less than the ones you're getting rid of, you will gradually bring those stacks down. After finally getting rid of all my relic stacks, I've since implemented a strict relics control policy to make sure those stacks never appear again.
  18. Because did you know that 97% of creatures in the Origin System aren't exploding right now?
  19. My melee setups, which I stress is not quite the meta everyone tend to use (I rarely use Blood Rush, and tend to build my melee for Heavy Attacks and Condition Overload finishers), are still deleting enemies left and right. So... ...yeah. This is what the melee nerfs feels like to me:
  20. Wow, a two-year necro of a thread I replied in. This takes me back.
  21. Honestly, Sorties these days are just a nicely varied set of missions I do to start my Warframe session, with no real expectation of reward. It's why I've been spicing them up by trying to complete each set with a single loadout. More Endo isn't a bad thing; I get to keep my free Legendary Cores, and throw my Anasas on the pile. Nice big stack of plats sitting right there.
  22. I bet OP is hyped about the New War... ...if they're still around 3 years later.
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