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  1. Well, they seem to be part of her body, and they use Energy to fire, so it's probably some sort of wibbly-wobbly Space Magic.
  2. Umbra Forma and the 3 Forma pack. I was using it for Kuva as well, but then I remembered that Teshin sells Relic packs as well, which is jolly convenient for a griller like me. "Steel Path as a Grillers' Syndicate." Heh. That might be a good idea. Can't wait till the next Primes come around.
  3. Eh, Warframe is already my podcast game. I stand my Galaxy Note 9 in front of my monitor, put on some videos and podcasts, and chill while I play. No need for fancy second monitors or programs. But you know, whatever floats your boat.
  4. I've had some close calls, but my Octavia and a few throws of my Glaive Prime always seem to be just enough to get me through. I think this might be one of the few instances where the best crowd control really is crowd control.
  5. Thought I was having a deja vu for a minute there. Some of us do browse both the forums and the subreddit, ya know. Anyway, why not. Shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  6. If only what? That you have an inner ear made of titanium, or a sick bucket the size of a swimming pool?
  7. Not really. Zephyr's thing has always been zipping around Landscapes really fast and being just about invincible. Giving her some offence is always a good idea. In my case, though, I slapped Shooting Gallery on her - to make her extra invincible. Because why not.
  8. I last used them when the Gas City remaster came out to get me a little extra Hexenon. Still farmed most of it in-mission, but getting a few more for zero effort was still helpful. Still remember than time some guy on this forum tried to call me out on it, thinking Hexenon was a Rare resource and therefore I couldn't possibly get any significant quantity from Extractors. So I bided my time explaining that no, I wasn't relying exclusively on Extractors, it was just a little zero-effort extra on top. He called me a liar, so once my latest (at the time) round of Extractor work was complete,
  9. I was running a Europa Fissure the other day, and this Corpus dude was just standing there, next to a tiny bump in the corridor. I Whipclawed him. At that point, my combo counter had me at around 60,000 damage a pop. But because of that small bump in the geometry, I might as well be firing ping-pong balls out of a potato gun at him. Please roll back this nerf, DE.
  10. One word: Fortnite. EGS is intended fully to leverage that audience. Also, porting to EGS just requires editing a few text files to integrate with a different launcher. Porting to Linux and Mac is much more involved; gotta edit the code to compile with a completely different set of libraries, change API calls from DirectX to OpenGL/Vulkan equivalents, test it to fix a completely different set of bugs that comes from running a different operating system, etc. Yes, DE do that regularly anyway when they do the console updates. The question is the financial return for doing so, which is
  11. Still building him. About a day to go. From what I can gather from looking at his kit, he looks like a Condition Overload King. Could be fun.
  12. Yeah, I heard. Probably for the best. I've heard many PC gamers say they'd rather have no port at all than a bad port. Maybe PS4/XB1 players should adopt the same attitude; either go Realm Reborn on this thing or just don't bother and concentrate on the new gen versions instead.
  13. Oh, this thread still going? Okay. Update 2: after watching Shy's videos, I've decided to delay playing Cyberpunk 2077 until the January patch, possibly February. Still gotta celebrate my RTX 3070 and SSD upgrade somehow, but my lucky break last week has screwed up my timeline; I expected to be getting my graphics card in mid-January at the earliest. As a result, my second choice is also out until the Steam Sale - Total War: Warhammer II just isn't the same without the Asrai hotties. This left me with my third choice; hello yet again, my new friend I've made in 2020. I'm playing
  14. You can get Lavos parts from playing the mission, without spending the Phasic Cells. I got the BP from playing the third node myself.
  15. I dunno, I personally got used to it pretty quick. Probably because I aim-glide a lot for extra jump distance.
  16. Eh. Not really what I play Warframe for, but not too bad. Just shoot stuff and shoot more stuff, nothing too complicated. I think Imperator Vandal works best here. Already completed all three nodes and got a decent amount of Phasic Cells in the process. With an under-levelled Voidrig, too. This event last 30 days, every day of which I intend to make use of. Already got all the Scarlet Spear stuff, and the third node dropped Lavos BP for me, so that's 1,500 Cells already saved. Think I'll just do a quick run or two a day, then go back to celebrating my new RTX 3070 and SSD upgrade with a t
  17. Football (soccer): Arsenal Rugby Union: Canterbury/Crusaders, New Zealand All Blacks. I follow quite a bit of Rugby League, but don't have a favourite team. I also dabble in MMA, Cricket and Basketball, but don't follow them regularly. I also like Tennis, but Roger Federer isn't a "team," strictly speaking.
  18. The sci-fi nerd part of my brain squeaked in satisfaction at seeing another lovely classic sci-fi scene, and maybe getting a little more fleshing out of a sci-fi universe The astronomy nut part of my brain is screaming bloody murder at the nonsensical proposition of building large, permanent settlements on tiny, distant, freezing cold, resource-bereft ball of ice like Pluto..
  19. Microwave pasta. Eight minutes in the microwave, add pesto sauce and fried chicken bits.
  20. I got mine by transmuting 3 Rare mods with a Naramon Transmutation Core. It's alright. Not worth grinding Profit Taker for alright, just alright.
  21. Oh no, you are very far from the only one. Saw many people complain about it over the months. I'm no fan of it myself. I think the Grineer at Adaro know me on a first name basis after the Kuva weapons.
  22. Cool. Already done it through my usual 40-minute Arbitration (any longer than 8 rotations makes me miserable), but nice to know. On a side note, still haven't used (nor do I think I ever will) or sold the one they gave away a while back. Still, won't say no to free Plats.
  23. Hehe. Would have done the same due to my slight OCD tendencies, but ended up couldn't be bothered. I make them on demand instead. One time my laziness proved useful.
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