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  1. Question: From the Second dream to the Sacrifice there is no mention of any other awoken Tenno in the present day other than our own. We are the only one the shadow-stalker chased, the only Yuvan the queens coveted, the only one who could shoulder Rel’s burden and now, apparently, the only one who cared that Lotus was kidnapped/abandoned us. Will "The New War" expand the narrative to shine a light on Tenno as a group/force and the wider impact of their collective actions? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rationale: I asked a similar question almost two years / 30 streams ago for devstream #83: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/720405-coming-soon-spoiler-heavy-devstream-83/?do=findComment&comment=8043348 Steve's previous comments: Since then we have had two more “linked” major story quests and the trend of the solitary Tenno, alone in the solar system, keeps progressing. Never does this 4-stage line of “main” quests acknowledge the presence of other awoken Tenno. E.g. did anyone else escape the moon? Why does no other Tenno search for Lotus? If feels like there are two slowly diverging stories happening in warframe. Almost to the point you could call them separate universes at this point. One is the multi-Tenno side where lots of Tenno fight for balance in the solar system (e.g PoE, Boss fights, Relays) and the other, where there one sole-surviving Tenno is going off on a deep journey of personal discovery (i.e. the four-part cinematic quest line). These two paths do little to acknowledge or link to the other, causing them to present the Tenno and the solar system in very different, almost conflicting, ways. Before the sacrifice it made some sense due to the unique story that was being told and where it was heading. However, I really fail to believe that no other Tenno looked for Lotus when she suddenly vanished. This issue will grow and feel really odd if it continues into “the new war”. I ask you, can one Tenno fight “the war without” by themselves? -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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