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  1. MDRLOz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Question: From the Second dream to the Sacrifice there is no mention of any other awoken Tenno in the present day other than our own. We are the only one the shadow-stalker chased, the only Yuvan the queens coveted, the only one who could shoulder Rel’s burden and now, apparently, the only one who cared that Lotus was kidnapped/abandoned us. Will "The New War" expand the narrative to shine a light on Tenno as a group/force and the wider impact of their collective actions? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rationale: I asked a similar question almost two years / 30 streams ago for devstream #83: Steve's previous comments: Since then we have had two more “linked” major story quests and the trend of the solitary Tenno, alone in the solar system, keeps progressing. Never does this 4-stage line of “main” quests acknowledge the presence of other awoken Tenno. E.g. did anyone else escape the moon? Why does no other Tenno search for Lotus? If feels like there are two slowly diverging stories happening in warframe. Almost to the point you could call them separate universes at this point. One is the multi-Tenno side where lots of Tenno fight for balance in the solar system (e.g PoE, Boss fights, Relays) and the other, where there one sole-surviving Tenno is going off on a deep journey of personal discovery (i.e. the four-part cinematic quest line). These two paths do little to acknowledge or link to the other, causing them to present the Tenno and the solar system in very different, almost conflicting, ways. Before the sacrifice it made some sense due to the unique story that was being told and where it was heading. However, I really fail to believe that no other Tenno looked for Lotus when she suddenly vanished. This issue will grow and feel really odd if it continues into “the new war”. I ask you, can one Tenno fight “the war without” by themselves? -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. MDRLOz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #101!

    Real question: Now with the release of operation plague star it highlights the lack of explanation we have for cetus/ostrons in relation to the Earth as a whole. How long have they been there and why are they there now? How/why did the grinner let them establish a colony on Earth? They also seem to not really care about the possibly of the infested spreading beyond the region, all talk in the region only worries about the infested killing the ostrons. Stupid question: Why does lotus say that "The toxin has triggered peristalsis"? Peristalsis is to do with the movement of food through a digestive system. Is the boil eating ground and spitting out infested? Also technically if that is making the infested come out then they are actually being defecated (pooped!) out of the "boil". Seeing as it has some link with immune response the term "Exocytosis" would have worked much better. If we were managing to kill at least part of the boil the term "Apoptosis" would have also worked amazingly well. Hell, you could have said the infested were being released by shedding (viral shedding is a thing) and that would have fitted better than peristalsis. You are basically admitting that the boil is pooping out infested once we administered a "toxin" (read enema). Lastly, I cannot listen to any other dialogue without thinking about poop now: Konzu - "Well you got a reaction. Big as a house and half as smart. Knock it on the head eh?" IS HE TALKING ABOUT PUNCHING POOP!
  3. MDRLOz

    The Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Contest

    So I guess thats a no SFM allowed, as usual.
  4. MDRLOz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    Plains of Ediolon represents the first true fixed point (node) in the solar system. I doubt the plains, and its related quests, would be able to function through an Infested infestation or corpus invasion. With the possibility of more "open environment" nodes in the future how do you plan to make the solar system still feel dynamic aka gravidius dilemma or Fomorian/razorback relay destruction. NOTE - I always felt boss nodes did not really count. The corpus in the past could capture an entire planet and the boss node just represented the strongest bastion the invades couldn’t breach. Also, Phorid covered bosses’ infestations. Also, can we have galleon fly low and attack the planes…. I feel that would make my brain explode with joy.
  5. My one worry is that it will loose the unique patterning on the head and no longer be able to re-produce the original look. Rebeccas picture of the new PBR helmet didn't have the two tones. It was just one colour. IF you hit default on the new PBR version does it still look like the above?
  6. Really sad to see Drew as he was awesome. I made this in tribute of his time making warframe such a great game to play.
  7. MDRLOz

    Fan Channel 72 Hour Charity Stream

    WOOOO I cant wait for this weekend. Its gonna be great!
  8. MDRLOz

    Coming Soon: Spoiler-Heavy Devstream #83!

    Question: Both second dream and the war within not only focus solely on our personal Tenno but also don't seem to mention or reference other Tenno existing much. Will future quests do more to expand the scope to Tenno as a whole and not just focus on our personal one? Maybe even go so far to allow a multiplayer quest? Or NPC Tenno in quests? ------------------------------------------ Explanation: Both quests, SD and WW, show very few references to other Tenno. Did other Tenno escape the moon? Did stalker go after them as well? Did lotus say hi to everyone? Why didn't Teshin bring several Tenno to the queen? Or bring a vulnerable warframe in a cryopod? Did Teshin host a "how to unlock operator mode" workshop once he got back to the relays? There are other little issues, like in war within "The worm" young queen says: "My sister needs THE orphan child, not ITS infested pupet". If there was more then one Tenno surely she should say "My sister needs one of the Orphan children, not its (or their) infested puppet". Teshins reply of "THE child? For what purpose". Again very singular does not weigh towards multiple Tenno. If I only played the quests to understand warframe I would personally believe I was the only Tenno. Multiplayer quests or seeing NPC Tenno in quests would help expand/improve the narritive.
  9. What about balancing against the negative stat roll. It's just annoying to see people who get perfect rolls with no downside. If a negative stat is rolled then the other positive stats on the mod should be receive a bonus to give stats greater than a mod that rolls three positive stats. Otherwise no reason to use a mod with evil and pointless negative stats. It's just eating potential positive stat space.
  10. MDRLOz

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    This thread pleases me! Final Stretch now. Time to get all aboard and run the rails Tenno!
  11. MDRLOz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    Loving the new 6 dof Archwing. However the "auto-correct to neutral" keeps making me motion sick. It happens so fast whenever you stop or travel in a constant direction. It feels so alien like someone is constantly tugging at your controls and forces you to constantly fight it by moving randomly. Could we have a toggle to turn it off and also put the auto-correct on to a button. (*cough* reload is free and never used in archwing).
  12. MDRLOz

    TennoCon 2016: Tickets On Sale Now!

    Was curious how much of a discount the code would give on the double tree website: Code: #003073225:Digital Extremes However I cant seem to input that code into any of the special code boxes on the site? Is the code right? If anyone has got it to work I was jsut curious how big the discount is.
  13. MDRLOz

    New Contest: A Full Warframe House

    That is just a print screen from my hype train video. Firstly it doesn't even fit this contest, so can't win, secondly it's not even your work! Why do this?
  14. MDRLOz

    Hotfix 18.4.5

    Will they REALLY be time limited? OR is this going to be like the premium skins and there will be a late change of mind changing them to permanent releases?
  15. MDRLOz

    Coming Soon: Devstream #67!

    Next prime access when? Also will we ever see soritee missions expanded so we can interact with the "boss" of that day. Currently they appear at the start to laugh at us and then we never see them. Even something small like: 1) Boss of the day taunts/curses you during the mission 2) A 4th optional mission at the end of the sortie (main reward still at 3) where you fight a high leveled assinante against the boss 3) At the very least we should get a "Ill get you next time Tenno" message from them after the third soritee mission.