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  1. You answered nothing. If you are solo, you have to kill with a weapon for the weapon to gain affinity. Other weapons aren't affected at all. Seems like you have no idea how affinity is distributed. Do you really intend to derail your own thread by making things about me being a founder? I'm a Founder because I'm better than you. Simple as that. And if you want DE to fix anything, explain exactly how to reproduce the bug. If you don't do that, they have to spend ages testing things themself. It's always possible that you are doing something, that nobody knows about. And than nobody would be able to figure things out. But thank god you are just so smart that you know everything...
  2. Possible, but then OP should have said all that. But instead of properly describing what happened they just went on to rant about things...
  3. I actually didn't know that. Transference works fine for me, because as we all know Transference is the process of an Operator controlling a Warframe. And even if you wanted to say that you used your Operator outside of your Warframe, then even that isn't glitched for me. All in all all of that sounds like bad preparation on your end. Why did you only bring your Arca Plasmor and no other weapon? And instead of reposting it, you should properly describe what happened and how it's reproduced. DE can't fix something they don't know how it occured.
  4. Ist so etwas schwierig zu helfen. Beobachte es einfach mal weiter. Ich vermute jedoch, dass die Runde allgemein oder in einem bestimmten Moment laggy war.
  5. Okay, had to double check because it was ages ago, but there was a "bug" happening for some time. At that point in time you were able to share mods. And it was active long enough so that the fix felt like a change. That's just one warframe, Khora... I just used a figure of speech...
  6. The thread makes it sound as if it was always like this. Truth is DE made it specifically like that in the past. Before the change we were able to use the same mod in our weapon and on your sentinel's weapon. Even though they could change things back, I assume their way of thinking is as following: You can use your own weapon and the sentinel's weapon at the same exact time. You can use your weapon and the sentinel can use its weapon to shoot the same enemy at the same time. The same thing isn't possible with weapons and exalted weapons. If you are using an exalted weapon you can't use your normal weapon at the same time. You have to put away one to use the other. And as most people are using sentinel weapons just for set mods anyways, I don't think DE will change things regarding this real minor issue anytime soon. (If we really want to call it an issue)
  7. And I want a tactical nuke to kill every enemy in a mission with the fallout making it so that for one week no enemy will spawn in that mission. All of that because if would be fun.
  8. Still, it's what you are describing. And could you explain why we would need a chainsaw? Sure, they could always release one, but why do you feel Warframe would need one?
  9. First things first: Why? And then: Panthera?
  10. You posted the releases of the normal frames, which, to some extent, follows the order male-female-male-female. Primes are released in a different order: "male-male-female-female-male-male-female-female". So the next Prime should be Titania.
  11. Wie war die Verbindung zum Host? Klingt stark nach einem Lagg.
  12. You can easily get some good amounts of Endo there. So you could say Rathuum is for Endo what Index is for credits. And you have to play Rathuum in order to kill Kela, which drops some fun mods and the parts for Saryn.
  13. You got that completely wrong. The two types of Tenno are the Tenno that understand what public lobbies are about and the Tenno that don't understand that. You, obviously, don't understand public lobbies. If you want to run for a specific duration, use the recruit chat, or talk to your team mates at the beginning and stay with the people that agreed to stay for a specific duration. Instead of trying to make others do what you want, you should think about you ways of doing things, and maybe change these ways.
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