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  1. What are you talking about? Starter Plat IS NOT tradable. You hypothetically exploit doesn't exist because said Plat isn't tradable. You make no sense.
  2. Be smart before getting yourself banned.
  3. There is something about it in the forum guidelines... (Sending them a PM means being nice about it. If you were to insult them.... you get the point) There is a huge chance that the "F"-thing will start spam. So surpressing it right from the start is a good idea. Discussing this matter, if the "F"-thing is spam or not ,in chat will make things worse. That's why you can PM mods. Discussing it in public chat will result in a lot of people crying. It's totally understandable what happened there.
  4. Again: That's on the people. They know about the limit, but they don't want to work within the limit. I really don't care about the limit, or about DE probably raising it. But even if the limit was higher, we would only get a few weeks without this kind of thread, because again, people don't want to work within the limit. They always want to exceed it. And people want to complain about stuff. So there is almost nothing DE can do, because people will always find something to cry about. And it isn't as if the limit just appeared today. Everyone that reaches the riven limit knows very well about it. It's pretty easy to not get to 90 rivens, but people don't care to think about what they are doing. But suddenly their doing has consequences. And now the system is at fault, but not the players that closed their eyes for so long...
  5. I mean... it's not on you to do that. If you want to talk about such decision, use the ticket system. Again: common sense. You are lacking it.
  6. If we are real, people like to complain. So even if they got something else for the riven, they would still complain. One could argue, as it is done in this thread, that the limit is the problem. But we could also argue that the people are the problem. If they really really really wanted to play sorties, then they would sell one of their rivens. If they can't let go of ONE riven, then they have a real problem, that has nothing to do with not being able to play sorties...
  7. Is the joke's topic offensive? Then don't write the joke into chat. That's what common sense is all about. Or maybe always ask yourself this: Would I walk up to a policeman and say it to his face? If the answer is no, then don't post it in chat.
  8. But depending on the way the game operates it could make a difference. The filter has to be set up. There is someone putting stuff into the filter. They won't put a number in there unless there is a good reason for it.
  9. Never understood people bringing up the ratings... Pegi18 means that the game is violent and stuff. The rating has nothing to do with the chat. At all. DE doesn't want people to behave like A******s in the chat. So things get cencored. And it's really not difficult to not get flaged in chat. Bad words in "private" chats, like in squad chats, are a different story. DE can't monitor all these chats. So you can always report people for that.
  10. 1. Why the Players Helping Players section? Do you want us to help you get over something so minor? 2. Why does it matter? Will you quit over something like that? 3. I bet your first "problem" wasn't because of the "223" part.
  11. All of this doesn't explain how anyone exploited starting plat, which wasn't tradeable? And even if you are talking about the situation from years ago, what does the starting of trading have to do with the current situation? You just make no sense. And you strangely long sentences don't help understanding you.
  12. How about some punctuation? Did you know that you can't trade the starting plat? So how exactly do you exploit said starting plat?
  13. As you said, this system would be useful for Rivens, when DE changes dispo. Some people don't change the stats on their listed rivens. And even in this case, you can always ask the person in chat to link the riven, so you can double check stats. Aside from that situation, there is just no need for what the OP suggests. Or maybe I still fail to understand the whole masterplan.
  14. I'm so confused. Why do we need to make stuff that already exists? There is yet to be an explanation on that...
  15. Could someone else, not the OP, explain to me, what the OP really wants? First he talked about a new trading system without explaining anything. Then he just wanted to improve Warframe.market what really doesn't need that much improvement. Then he wants to make a list of weapons showing their mastery rank and such things. So he wants to make the wiki, which we also already have. So please, I really want to understand the OP, but whenever I ask for an explanation, he starts with something else, but doesn't explain it properly. We have the Codex, the Wiki, the Market-sites. Why do we have to reinvent things that already exist? óÒ
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