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  1. 1. Ever heard of Vile Acceleration? 2. Yeah... none of these weapons require any of the primed mods. As I said, they may perform a little bit better. But nothing more...
  2. And so far you couldn't name a single one. Makes me believe you aren't telling the truth. Warframe is coop for a reason. And even if you play solo there are enough strategies to not die, or to complete a mission. If you fail at doing so, then one or two mods won't help you in any way.
  3. Don't know what you are doing wrong, but I used a lot of weapons even before I had these mods. And I did fine even in extent runs... You know that CC is a thing, right? And you didn't really specify why these mods are mandatory for anything. So yeah... we are stuck...
  4. Nothing about this is a necessity. I would call it luxury. Maybe some things won't be performing as well as with these mods. But that's all there is to it. So who cares if you have to log in for that amount ot days? I don't. How is your opinion more valid than mine in this situation? óÒ
  5. There are multiple Landing Crafts: Liset, Mantis, Scimitar, Xiphos, Nightwave. You need to own the respective Landing Craft in order to apply a skin to it. So Liset-skins only work on the Liset and so on. You can contact support and ask if the revert the transaction. If you scroll down on any Warframe-site then you will find the support there.
  6. What was it exactly that you bought? Maybe you bought skins instead of the actual Landing Crafts.
  7. I covered that in my initial answer: Look. At. The. Stances. Do Blade-Whips use a Stance from one of the listed weapon categories? No. The list tells you exactly what melee type is included. There is no need for such a thing like "What's not included"...
  8. I don't work for the support. I have no idea how long it takes for a ticket to get answered. Again, just wait. Here in the forums there are just normal players like you. Nobody here can help you with your issue. Only support can
  9. Wait for the ticket to get answered
  10. Uhm... are you for real? I just posted what Excal's passive does. It boosts damage and attack speed for Swords, Dual Swords, Nikanas and Rapiers. OBVIOUSLY it doesn't apply to anything else. It's really easy to understand, you know. Why are you thinking it would apply to anything but the listed melee types?
  11. Since Excal's rework when he received his passive, the wiki explained it pretty good: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Excalibur#Abilities So yeah... this should answer your question. Pretty straight forward. Btw. Stance Mods show the melee type they are for. So if you are not sure what type of melee you are using, just check the Stances
  12. Sounds like a huge copyright infringement.
  13. Only if there don't arise any problems from cross save. You listed some rather minor advantages. It all depends on the risks that come with the whole process...
  14. And this is always the funniest thing to read. As if you knew exactly how all these things do work... It's not an exuse at all. Do you really think an indie developer could put the same pressure on other companies like for example Epic Games? If you were to believe that, then I don't know how to continue on...
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