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  1. Nothing about my post was cold. You didn't say anything about discussing prime design in your post. I just answered the question you had: If DE ever reached out to the community to design a primed frame. Sure, I didn't answer the other question you had, if there is any background information on the process of prime designing. The answer is also pretty much no. It just gets designed. We don't know the names of the exact people doing it. And we can only guess on how these people are approaching designing a concept for a new prime. If you want to further discuss a matter, say so. Don't just ask questions that can be answered in 2 shorts sentences. And for your information: This post isn't cold either. It's just direct.
  2. No, they did not. Pretty much end of the story, and basically end of the thread as well.
  3. They posted it here, June 12. Since this post they didn't change anything. You had enough time to prepare and make notifications to not miss it. This is on you and on no one else. "All the date changes"? You mean the ONE change? And bringing up Covid... I don't know but this sounds just like a lie to me. You know, what I mean, right? I just don't believe what people say on the internet. If it's that easy for you to miss a fixed date, I can only hope you don't miss anything when working one of your 14h shifts.
  4. Quite a lot of FOMO... This thread and others of the same kind show why we have things like "content droughts". Because people feel like they have to finish new content within the first day. Why not take your time? You know, if you are using your standing now, you aren't actually wasting it. If you keep sitting on your maxed standing, then that is the waste, as you can't get more standing, to buy even more stuff. Why aren't people thankful for DE's heads up? DE just could have kept their mouths shut, dropping the bomb on patch day. Then you wouldn't have anything. No build frames, no Simaris Standing. So be glad they gave you the notice in advance so that you can already prepare. There is nothing unfair about this situation. It's actually the total opposite of unfair.
  5. Interesting. Let's see if they will make it... I still don't feel like it's such a bad grind. Does it take a while? Sure. But it's assured. No RNG involved. Just take your time.
  6. Is it really that much of a grind? I didn't watch the stream. Did they announce when we will get this update? If not and if we go by the past we are still ways away from the update to drop. Still a lot of time to get the Warframes to be prepared for when it drops...
  7. Maybe re-read what the word "scam" means... DE can change the game to what they want. You accepted that fact. There is no scam here. So far I never sold anything quest-related, because there might be a chance for it becoming useful again. Sure, unlikely to happen with frames, until now. Still, as inventory isn't limited, you just can buy slots. Slots are easy to get thanks to trading. Moral of the story: Live with the mistakes you made.
  8. Uhm... no? Why even sell anything? Get 20 plat from trading for a slot. Live with the mistakes you made.
  9. Das ist aber deine Entscheidung... Der Bonus ist hinten raus gar nicht so sehr groß. Wenn du also unbedingt auf 60% bestehst, dann musst du natürlich mit sehr viel Zeitinvestment rechnen.
  10. 1. Englisches Forum. Leicht zu sehen an dem ganzen Englisch. Das deutsche Forum ist weiter unten. 2. Ehm... übertakte sie nicht. Problem gelöst.
  11. First and foremost: Excavation... there is no "extraction" mission type. And did you know that you don't have to start the excavators? You chose to do so...
  12. Could someone translate that? And maybe an Aspirin for the headache I just got?
  13. The artist don't get a cut from the sales on consoles. They only get a cut if a skin is bought from steam. Why would any artist make a skin, if they don't get anything in return? So in reality that's the unfair part about it.
  14. You can't use the app when you are logged into the game. This won't help the OP...
  15. Just so you know the list at the right tells you what mods to use and what not to use. If a requiem mod is red and crossed it does mean it doesn't belong in that spot. If the mod is blue it's in the correct spot. You used the Netra Requiem Mod two times to stab your Lich even though the first stab told you that Netra doesn't belong in the first spot.
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