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  1. Oh but there are "If's" and "But's" and they are important. They started making Warframe way back. Maybe what they did back then was state of the art. And years later they decided to make modular weapons and they had to do what they did. And that's why we have today's conversation. If they could have done it differently, and they decided against it, then we could say they messed up. If they were "forced" to do what they did, because otherwise they would have to change the whole game, then we could hardly say they messed up. If we never look at the reason for something then every decision ever made could be called messed up. Do I say that DE didn't mess up? No. Do I say that we don't know everything and just take the easy route in saying they messed up? Hell yeah, that's for sure.
  2. But if we go as far as saying it like you did, we need to know what the logic was before we can say that they messed up. Maybe there was a good reason to do it that way at one point in time. Just saying they messed up without having all the information is just... gossip? Is the current situatio ideal? Not really. But the only thing we can really be certain about is that DE had a reason to do the things they did. They weren't just bored and thought that it would be exciting to do things differently...
  3. IIRC on the bottom right of the NW UI there are tool tips, and there should be a timer, when DE decides that the season is going to end. Then again I might be off, as we can't check right now... They could easily do that, but if we are honest, people would still complain. If people missed the ending, people would also miss the additional week. And as OP stated they weren't able to log in for a longer period of time. So even a timer wouldn't help. A timer would be a good idea, but there is no helping when people have no time to play the game. (Looking at the OP...) One could argue that NW isn't content for people that don't have time to play the game. But that's something for another thread.
  4. But a scientist should do some research before spouting nonsense.
  5. Why didn't you buy the potatoes when you were able to login. Let's be real, there was no reason for you to wait, if you just wanted potatoes. Even though I get where you are coming from, this one is on you. You profile says that you played 2693 hours. What do scientists say about liars, mister scientist, sir? This right here sounds really mature of you... I really can't see you as a scientist. You sound so childish XD
  6. Oder er will zu https://rivenmarket.com. ist halt doof, wenn sich Leute bei ihren Fragen so schlecht ausdrücken... Btw. Ich bin der Meinung, dass es noch eine dritte riven market Seite geben sollte. Finde sie nur gerade nicht...
  7. There is a real big question that comes to mind: If your son is having such severe health issues, that it changes YOUR behavior, why are you wasting your time having such a meaningless discussion in an online forum? And why would you bring that up in an online forum from an online game? I'm disabled and don't feel the need to bring that up in every thread I'm in. Because let's be real here, why would random people on the internet care about that?
  8. Catchmoon demolishes Eidolons. So just Profit-Taker Orb (if you run solo. If you run as a team, then you don't even need a primary for the Orb)
  9. It's still 3-5 days. DE said that consoles will never hold back PC. So even if cert only takes a few days, that's stilla hold back... Other developers are just holding back the update for PC. DE could do that, but they don't want to. And if they were to do that, who would test their updates? Btw. are there many games in the PSN store that brick consoles and such? Because that's what cert is for. To prevent games from trashing the consoles. As I said above, DE doesn't want PC to be held back. You are right, it's on DE, because they want it that way. In order for it to change, cert process needs to speed up.
  10. Now sony and the other console makers just have to figure out how to speed up the cert process so that consoles can be updated at the same pace as PC. When consoles can do that, we are up for cross-play. In other words, it won't happen.
  11. Realistic is the word you are looking for. Fact is that so far DE didn't say anything about it, if it will really become a thing or not. They said it's on their radar and they are looking into it. All the information so far are pretty vague. So as I said nothing to get hyped up.
  12. If it's halving the armor, then it's stripping it. Sure, it doesn't strip all the armor. But still, halving=stripping.
  13. Okay, that may be the case for the other thread. But here he seems fine. We don't agree on the auction house topic, but so far he didn't show any trolling behavior. Thank you for your advice.
  14. Now I'm a bit confused. FrostDragon seems rather okay to me. Are you maybe talking about the OP? I'm lost, as I don't get who you are calling a troll.
  15. As far as I understood OP they are stuck at the sortie challenge. They have to do 3 sorties, but already did them from yesterday. Now they can only do 2 sorties until NW ends. So they can't get past that challenge. The catch up is a bonus for people that missed a few challenges. I don't think it's intended for you to rush through all of NW in one weekend. Let's be real. You had 10 or more weeks to do it. Even if you can only play on week ends, that doesn't explain why you didn't play NW the other weeks...
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