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  1. Hold to confirm is not the only way to do that. It probably isn't even the best, especially with a mouse when it feels clumsy and almost punishes the user for clicking like most other interfaces expect, inside and outside the game. For example, you could just move the alert down a bit, and highlight the choice the user made for the new polarity. You could show "— to V" on the changed slot so the change (or no change) is immediately obvious. On this UI, the OK/Cancel buttons are a poor choice. Buttons should be labelled with the action they will trigger, like "Purchase" or "Apply 'V' Forma"; people are more likely to read the button than the text because our eyes follow the mouse pointer. Others have already mentioned, sadly the Railjack component and weapon UI is a good example of how not to do things. Lets go over that in more detail. First, what are our user stories? I have gotten back from a mission and I want to scrap the useless wreckage and keep the good stuff. I want to start crafting an upgrade. I want to change what I have equipped. This is rare, I don't have many spare parts crafted as there isn't much reason to use different stuff. With the first user story being the most common, I'll just focus on that, and just for weapons to keep in concise. After switching to the weapons tab, I need to visually scan through to find new items. I have to do that by looking at the labels, because the icons are hidden behind a blotch indicating that it is not yet repaired. Having found the items, which might be split over two rows, I need to mouse over each one, press tab, and remember to plus fire rate or plus damage number. Then having read all the numbers I work out in my head which to delete, mouse over it, press tab again to make sure it's the right one, select it and scrap it. If I want to scrap more than one I start that process all over again because they don't even stay in order once I scrap one. During this I need to be careful that I'm only ever compare weapons of the same type. 28% damage is instant scrap on a Vidar Cryophon, but a near god roll on a Vidar Carcinnox, yet they will be adjacent just waiting for me to scrap the wrong item. This just isn't good enough. The UI fails utterly to help me complete the tasks it was designed to do. If I might make a few suggestions: Use a vertical scrolled list. The wrapped list means similar items are not always adjacent on the screen. Show the quality of the item immediately. There would be plenty of room to list the name and bonuses in a single row. The rolled stat values are necessary information for most of the tasks within this UI, so hiding them behind a tooltip and key press is frankly bizarre. Separate different types better, Cryophon vs. Carcinnox for example. Being able to filter by house isn't enough. Just a small gap or header within the list would be enough. Maintain a useful and consistent order at all times. Even pick-up order would be better than random, but sorting by quality would be better. If you believe that icons are good for distinguishing items, don't obscure them with a giant "not repaired" blotch. If this Railjack UI is an example of what you're doing now, then I'm sorry but I have no faith in these changes. Fix the process that created the RJ mess, then fix the RJ mess, then move on to the rest.
  2. It is normally this bad... on PC. On PS4 you get the fixed version after we suffer through all of the bugs. The difference is this time they shipped the buggy version to consoles as well.
  3. Wow, I'd hate to see what would happen if you instead were forced to meet some arbitrary deadline decided by marketing and then had to abandon bug fixes for weeks because of a holiday.
  4. Switching Dex Pixia's skin back to the original seems to fix it. The problem is just with the new skin, and is especially bad when Razorwing Blitz boosts the fire rate by a lot.
  5. Allowing interrupts isn't going to fix the whole problem. Some of the callouts that Cy use are ambiguous. For example "Unwelcome visitors inbound" should be changed to "Ramsled, unwelcome visitors inbound". The first word conveys the important message, and even interrupted we still get the important part. Right now, Cy is not a viable command cephalon, but I believe he can improve!
  6. I have had it happen with no other weapons equipped, while leveling it. Had a smeeta kavat if that matters. It was very near the start of the mission at Hydron.
  7. Please fix Titania. With Razorwing Blitz up she goes from zero to ludicrous speed instantly, and that mostly results in her slamming into the next wall. The gradual build up and release of speed let us feather her thrust to avoid those uncontrollable speeds in tight spaces. An air-brake triggered by holding back (s) would be much better IMO. The zero momentum also feels just wrong, like she's a sprite in an old arcade game rather than an object in a real world that has weight and velocity. While you're in there, please let us cast Spellbind on ourselves without needing to skim the floor and aim down.
  8. Does this make Titania useless for thrall hunting now, or can we still stab thralls from operator? How about just making the parazon work from operator? That would also allow the hacking mods work when hacking as operator.
  9. That time zone link doesn't work very well. You keep using an old date so it has the wrong daylight savings adjustment depending on where we are in the world.
  10. The design intent is one of the first things I would be questioning. It seems like you intended for us to do the same grind several dozen times in order to get one of each weapon, and then keep going for the chance of small upgrades to those weapons. This isn't fun.
  11. My Kuva Tonkor got the wrong name. That is not what my lich was called, and it is clearly a Tonkor and not a Twin Stubba. I think this might have be caused by getting a host migration after killing the lich.
  12. Yeah, I try to ignore these things, but as a software developer myself I sometimes wonder if anyone at DE has even heard of unit tests.
  13. I just did a kuva flood (Eris capture mission) and didn't get a relic. Why is this so hard to fix?
  14. I killed my first Kuva Lich to get his shiny Kuva Shildeg, but despite being properly dead they just showed up in my mission to help me.
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