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  1. Soma Prime would be the obvious upgrade. I would say that Fulmin is better than that though, even just looking at the auto mode. Fulmin's infinite recharging ammo makes up for the smaller magazine. Still, both guns are for sure worth spending forma on. The Supra Vandal (MR14) is the biggest mini-gun in the game, but it has time of flight, the fire rate spools up, and while you can fire it all week it takes the whole weekend to reload. Tenora might be another option worth looking at. For melee, Guandao is still good, and worth putting forma on. A Zaw polearm like Plague Kripath or Mewan will be better in the long run though.
  2. Your reward is the fun you had in the event. You did have fun right? 😉 I had fun watching JoJo on a second monitor.
  3. I'm not speculating. What I have in Titania right now is an effective mobile dps frame. I don't know why you would use Rubico as an example here, it's a poor choice for most missions due to time spent switching targets and reloading. With Dex Pixia I can spray and walk fire, killing more targets per second, and remaining mobile while doing it, while still having the option to focus fire on a single target as well. Mirage with an Ignis Wraith would be a better comparison for gun-based dps, and Mirage has little to make her more mobile. And comparing to Saryn and Mesa? I would be fine being third in line behind those two. They are currently the two frames most likely to out-dps me in sorties, and even then there are tasks where Titania is better IMO. I think counting abilities is mostly pointless. What matters is what the frame can achieve, not what buttons you push to do it. Most of Wisp's job can be done with just her 1, and nobody seems to be calling her a bad frame. I don't know what you mean "normal archwing playstyle". Care to expand on that? I find real archwing missions to be terrible, and I wouldn't want any more of that mess in the rest of the game.
  4. Titania, as she currently works, is not a support frame. None of those abilities work well at all. Where she excels is mobile single-target dps, and reworking her into some sort of support would just serve to piss off everyone currently using her. And unless she ends up better than frames like Wisp, Rhino, or Trinity she won't start getting used for support either. I would prefer to expand the idea of a pixie gun-ship into a full working frame than trying to resurrect a dead concept. Rework lantern into a useful light CC. Should be able to be cast as an object on the ground. Perhaps shooting it could make it explode or something. Razorflies. Can be used inside and outside of Razorwing now, giving survivability, and can be recast to restore them. Maybe add a hold option to direct them to a particular target. Blitz. Increase fire rate and sprint speed, stacking four times. Can be used outside of razorwing now. Perhaps an augment could turn part of this into an aura. Razorwing. To me that's a solid unified concept with at least 3 useful abilities (lantern still questionable) without gutting what currently makes her work.
  5. Yeah, I switch all the time. Frames I use regularly: Titania: bounties, bosses, capture, exterminate, interception. Mobility and massive damage combined, and you always have the high ground. Limbo: trivialises infested and Grineer mobile defence and excavation. Zephyr: makes Corpus mobile defence easy while being less sensitive to nullifiers than Limbo. Saryn: ESO, defence, exterminate, interception; she is just great at killing endless hordes and Molt can be used to defend a little. Rhino: defence, disruption, bosses, I use a buff build make everyone better. I also use him in Index to carry. Volt: eidolons, and spamming capture fissures. Trinity: eidolons, ESO. Inaros: hijack, bosses, orbs, and sorties with the nasty negatives. Ivara: spy, rescue. I will sometimes make a point of doing each sortie mission with a different frame.
  6. I would say ESO is about the worst place for Energy Conversion, because you'll never have it up at the start of the round. Right when everyone is grouped up and Saryn at least needs the buff most before she ramps up herself. A flat bonus is probably better there.
  7. You could replace Augur Secrets with with Energy Conversion in that last build to go even higher, but it can sometimes be a pain finding an energy orb.
  8. Yeah, 14 min to complete the conservation act, hardly a big issue. 6 min to kill Ropalolyst is a bit easy for an elite, but I guess 30 min survival balances it out. 3 kuva siphons shouldn't be more than 15 min, and I get kuva to boot. I'm not fond of cache hunting so I might just skip that one. Nothing else of note here.
  9. I think that being able to recast the ability should be built in, not added by an augment. For Roar and Iron Skin it feels like we're given a flawed ability, then told "but the augment fixes it" rather than the ability just being fixed.
  10. This week I discovered that Invasions are a really fast way to get three spy missions done, because you only get one spy vault per mission. Did everything last night, nothing hard in there for me this week. That's why I always use Inaros with Negation Swarm for PT. No more knockdowns for me.
  11. The announcement of intermission, posted on June 13, included the end date. DE did exactly what you're asking for, so why are you here? Go use the catch-up system to get your ephemera.
  12. If I already have Charm on my smeeta kavat, and add Mischief as well, will I get fewer or delayed Charm procs? Does the order of those two mods matter?
  13. Does Titania's Razorwing use the power strength you had when you first cast it, for the whole duration? So I can get Energy Conversion and Growing Power up, use Razorwing, and benefit from the increased strength for as long as I'm flying? Secondly, what power strength does Razorwing Blitz scale with? Does it copy the strength from Razoring, benefiting from the buffs I had up at the start, or does it use my current strength when the first stack of blitz goes up?
  14. I have issues with the ayatan sculpture act because it is trivialised by not doing something. I will always keep multiple sculptures empty now, just for when that challenge pops up. It's done in seconds, so it isn't really any sort of challenge any more. Maybe make the challenge to pick up or be awarded ayatan sculptures instead maybe. You get one for free from Maroo, finding one or two more from arbitrations, sorties, or in missions would be reasonable. The forma and gilding acts have the same issue. For example, I've been thinking about making a 100% status chance rattleguts kit-gun (good for turbo-charging condition overload melee) but now I won't do it until the gilding act pops up again. Don't reward procrastination. In general, I'd like the acts to be more interesting in some way. "Kill 1500 enemies" or "Run 3 exterminate missions" aren't really interesting because they will most likely happen anyway. Make me do something I wouldn't normally do, or haven't done in a while. Running nightmare missions or vault runs are better acts from that point of view. Some ideas of varying quality: Complete a spy mission leaving all enemies alive. Elite: Kill or capture an Eidolon Teralyst alone. Deal 1 million damage in a single shot. Maybe adjust to a reasonable number, but make sure aoe and punch through are options. Detonating multiple grenades at once should also count. Similar to 40 wave defence, but for the other endless types. 8 excavators, 8 rounds of interception, etc. Kill X enemies with a fishing spear. Play an 3 arch-wing missions. Maybe not the best idea, but not something I would normally do 😉.
  15. I don't have a problem with it being difficult. It's supposed to be a challenge, and it's OK for those to be hard, as long as it isn't punishing IMO. Where that line is will differ from person to person I guess, but you don't have to do everything. You do raise some good points about whether you need to do anything at all, or just let someone else do it while you stay in operator.
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