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  1. The caches that the junction requires are the special ones. They tend to be hidden on out of the way spots that you wouldn't normally notice, so finding them takes a bit of searching. They have a white light on them, and emit a faint ringing noise. I recommend turning game music off in order to hear them. They also show up on loot radar as containers, which can help finding them.
  2. A credible theory I saw is that DE might not want to release anything that gives MR until there is enough that founders and normal players can both reach MR30 in the same update. IIRC founders are just 1 new weapon away from it. Releasing Wukong Prime, infested kitguns, and the new nightwave glass sword in one go would avoid the issue. They also might not have the MR30 test or rewards ready yet or something. Or their development processes and time management are still a mess due to current events.
  3. One option you can try is melee finishers. Equip the nightwave mod "Dizzying Rounds" on a Bronco or Bronco Prime. Build a hammer to optimise finisher damage. You shoot the demolyst from close range with the Bronco, then splat it. If it survives you just repeat. During the finisher animation you're immune and the enemy is stopped, and this combo can't be nullified. I think the bursa and hyena demolysts may be immune to finishers, but it's OK to miss some conduits. The Moa only has a back finisher animation, so you have to be behind it. Magus Lockdown or some other slowing ability helps get
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