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  1. Posting in the forums can't really do anything. If you open the menu in game it shows what warframes, weapons, and companions each player is using. This is also shown in tooltips on the end of mission screen. You could have used that to work out which player the kubrow belonged to, and then sent a message to support reporting the offensive name. It's not the worst I've seen though, so they might not do anything. I find it frankly impossible that someone is naming their kubrow as a call for help, it's just a bad joke. But maybe I'm just cynical.
  2. A good solution would be to let us build any type, but only equip one at a time. The blueprints for each could still come with building each landing craft type, giving us a reason to collect them all.
  3. Railjack Hazards are really bad. Minor breach reduces health from "way more than I need" to "more than I need", fires appear to do effectively nothing at all, and I have yet to even get an electrical failure. Seriously, I have run an entire mission with a fire burning, and it doesn't do anything. Either they're bugged or fires reduce health slower than the ship regenerates it.
  4. Good idea. There's precedence for this too. The endurance drift test on Lua prevents nullifier bubbles being opened over the test area. Most annoying on the last mobile defense sortie I did there when someone decided to start the challenge. I have no idea how it affects other abilities though. I think it's a problem with crowd control abilities in general. Either they're useless because they get in the way of killing things, or they're overpowered because they're fire and forget AoEs with little to no interactivity.
  5. So healing defence targets is OP and needs a thorough review. Right. Meanwhile, Limbo. Seriously though, you just can't have challenge built around defending a fixed target while Limbo exists in his current form. Find a better way of creating challenge.
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