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  1. Shadowmash

    Making Waves

    A bit of quick work for my next piece. Thought I'd submit while Dog Days is still here; the event took place while I was working on this.
  2. Shadowmash

    Fortuna Ramen

    Hello folks. I used to go by Mindlessrebel and made this fanart for Valentine's Day. Today, I've come to show you a personal take in Fortuna, as an extra piece of decor or scenery. Took me three weeks. Hope you guys like it. :D Reddit link.
  3. Maybe I'm a little late for making a self-contained post for this since I submitted roughly late into the FanForge party, but whatever, I'll figure that out later hehe. 😄
  4. Supposedly, I was going to work on something bigger than this, but I fear that I won't make it on time for VDay. Also, (advanced) Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. :)
  5. Hi, DE! Fortuna is amazing; I'm having fun it with it so far. I have one rather tiny concern and that is with the new Whisper SFX. It could just be me having this issue though. But for lack of a better word, it's too quiet for me to hear it, and it sort of sucks, because I rely on it whenever someone PMs me if they want to buy some of the goods I'm selling. Perhaps increase the volume for it? Also, are we getting deluxe skin previews for Hydroid, Mirage, and Zephyr? Those 3 IIRC still DO NOT have their own deluxe skins despite having primes. 😄
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