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  1. yep, there is. They could do a animated series, 46 episodes, one about every Warframe, like the Leverian lore, or they could do a horror series about the Zariman Ten Zero, if they do a movie, it could start with Ballas or Margulis explaining about the Orokin, why they created the Sentients for terraforming the Tau System, showing the Zariman Ten Zero being rescued, the Tenno training, Rell blinding Margulis, they can do a good story, either end with Margulis death, or end with the Tenno killing the Orokin(or maybe end the 2nd movie with the end of the Old War) The question is, can they hire
  2. I agree with you that a movie would be kinda of sh*tty, i only watched 10min of MH, thought about a Warframe movie/serie and got back to the game, but a series would be interesting, especially animated or CGI They (Tencent Pictures) "did" Warcraft too, i like some parts of the movie, the Orc part. A good example is Netflix's Castlevania, that was F Amazing
  3. Nope, i was starting to watch the Monster Hunter movie and i saw the Tencent Pictures credits, i look it up on the wiki and saw some movies they were involved with, i thought it would be cool if they did something with Warframe. I never played Dota, but it would be cool to watch an anime, and know the story
  4. yep, but you have to consider that more often than not the screenwriters don't like to follow the source material that is a great point, that is why i would love to see a series about The Old War, i would like as a quest, but, you know...so as a series would be great, imagine like that "new" intro trailer, directed by Dan Trachtenberg, but as a series, that would be F Amazing
  5. I don't know if this topic has been discussed before, but i just realize that Tencent has a film distributor and production company (Tecent Pictures) so maybe(MAYBE) one day we will see a Warframe movie, or better yet a Warframe series, What are you thoughts on that? Would they F up a movie? Would be better if was a series(either animated or live action)? I would love a series about The Old War, and a horror series about the Zariman Ten Zero
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