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  1. Well due to the terrible changes to gas you can only have 10 procs of gas on a single target and more procs will just replace the old ones. Also the gas cloud damage is not boosted by any Elemental mods like fire and toxin so the gas procs are pathetically weak and you're better off with just toxin by itself or fire by itself!
  2. I hope they up the Kuva rewards otherwise it will just be a glorified mod farm/epeen measuring contest.
  3. No only dead on gas, heat melts anything, slash doesn't hurt Corpus much but still cuts Graneer and infested to bits and toxin is still good against corpus and okay against Graneer but right now gas is useless unless you're running Condition Overload.
  4. It's working as intended, the Iron Curtain drone has shields, and anything with shields cannot be one shot, unless it's a headshot which a head the Iron Curtain Drone does not have.
  5. Viral now is basically just Corrosive vs old gas 2.0 against infested. Still absolutely no point in using gas against infested when you can just use fire and viral for way more dps than weak gas. The only difference is that old Gas could be nearly totally negated, while new Gas does barely any damage and only has bonus damage against some of the weakest mobs in the game!
  6. Gas needs a buff first, because it's laughably weak mainly because it doesn't scale with elemental mods AND it's limited to just 10 stacks so on high firerate high status and low damage weapons gas is utterly useless and the fact that gas has a high damage penalty to graneer and corpus organics and is mitigated again to armor as well!
  7. Why is it that everytime DE makes a new aoe weapon it's stupidly overpowered but when they make a single target weapon it's usually laughably weak against a single target than the aoe weapon is?!
  8. Primary: Kuva Chakkhurr It's basically a hand held tank cannon and headshots makes Graneer forever sleep in one hit! Secondary: Secura Dual Cestra I really love using these dual wield miniguns and I have a perfect riven that gives 199% multishot and close to 300% damage and it just lights up any crowd standing in my way! Melee: Silva & Aegis Prime After the changes to status has made this weapon unstoppable, but I do miss my old gas build with it though.
  9. He's forbidden to admit being wrong, because of the ego gods!
  10. I hate the new gas procs, it's so bad I had to replace every single Gas status weapon into viral/heat now, so much for "build diversity"!
  11. I hope that since we found this out it won't go the way of the Prisma Fluctus
  12. No it's not, a single 90% elemental will give more dps and it only gives ~1% more dps than a dual stat mod if every hit is a critical, plus status is useless on the type of weapons that needs as much critical damage as possible as well as the main targets that this will be used for are completely immune to status entirely anyways.
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