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  1. Interesting I didn't know that one hitting everything in the game was a gimic.
  2. Yep basically this and the Scarab dies to basically near future (basically modern) anti tank weapons while to even harm the PT you need anti captial ship weaponry...
  3. The Scarab is way too far outclassed by PT. PT is a Orokin/Sentent/Corpus hybrid AI creature the Scarab is more like a vehicle. The main issue is how can the covenant scratch this thing? It literally has nearly magical sheilding like the Borg and sentients except instead of highly resistant it's flat out immune to all but one damage type when the adapter shields are up. If I were a betting man I would put all my money on the Scarab just getting one shot by PT's quad laser!
  4. I just want those conclave skins but unfortunately Pvp is so extremely fast paced and brokenly annoying that it's just not worth it slugging it with the high gods of pvp even worse with some clowns with extreme egos that love to add insult to injury by berating you and teabagging your corspe for no other reason than to annoy you!
  5. You're preaching to the choir, I have long known that and have been Max rank since the second week after it dropped on console.
  6. Where is the hardcore Anthem love club at now? Yes I was sooooo wrong lol not! EA will never change sorry some have got their hopes up for no reason. I should just make a thread called "Warframe and what Anthem can learn from it" you know because EA could use some advice...
  7. Meh anything with 1% or less drop chance to me effectively does not exist and I would never bother my time with it hell I still haven't even dropped a single repeller systems and I did the patience-taker like 50 times
  8. Lol people play Profit Taker for credits? Still doesn't beat getting a few million in credits from gold Index in like 20 minutes.
  9. But I'm pretty sure that now nothing beats trying to get repeller systems from profit taker...
  10. Ivara was the worst grind I ever had in this game even harder than the old way of getting Harrow where I got extremely lucky and dropped the last part I needed in defection rotation C in a single run!
  11. Where's the Daedric Dragonlord Chroma Prime? Gara is my favorite tank but Valkry Prime is pretty good with 2000 Armor and when "triggered" she has unlimited damage reduction! I use her for Mother orb quite a bit! Also you can't forget Revenant with Mesemer skin makes him invincible and puts the wannabe solders to sleep! Barukk is a fun frame but he's not really a tank, he's more like a solid steel wall as when you fight back you lose that damage avoidance.
  12. I just want something to spend my small sum of 45 million credits on
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