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  1. You are real funny, this must be a joke but if it's not then you really don't have a clue in the world on what you are talking about, just check those laugh emotes on your post
  2. Please stop using Chroma Prime, I can't oneshot the Sentient using my Excalibur Umbra! Please don't troll us by killing it tooooo fast!
  3. Lol did something change overnight during my vacation on Forza Horizon 4?
  4. I think it looks good and it now also shows you if you have prowl on when inside a Cloak arrow bubble so you can remember to turn it off
  5. Mag Prime Polarize nuking, Oneshoting anything that moves with Exergis and Magnetize, and using Counter Pulse augment to turn the Graneer and Corpus into sitting jokes!
  6. Oh no worries I will stick to my base guns until DE decides to update the weapon variants to be more balanced with each other and not feel like a sacrifice instead of a trade-off. Right now the only 2 weapons and variants I feel that are in a good place with trade-offs are the Braton and Sybaris variants.
  7. I didn't drop the spread "conveniently" I find the difference so miniscule that I didn't bother mentioning it.
  8. Yes because 10 more bullets in a mag makes up for the damage loss... It's already hard enough to hit human sized jumping spiders on cocaine and bath salts, why use a weaker variant of a gun that demands you to land even more shots on this space ninja moving at escape velocity?
  9. Please explain to me why the Karak Wraith has less damage but the same firerate as the Karak, or Stradovar Prime has less damage than Stradovar but same firerate as well? Clearly worse than their variants for no reason at all! And no, 10 more rounds in the mag to waste because you're doing less damage is not a reasonable trade-off in any universe. All this does is make the ttk longer for no good reason. In conclave it's all about DPS and using a different version of a gun that has less damage is pretty idiotic, which is why you don't ever see any regular conclave players use them.
  10. Yeah but the sidegrades are unbelievably bad like for instance where a Rubico Prime trades it's damage for firerate, like wtf that's god awful balance right there no one in their right mind would choose firerate over damage for friggin sniper rifle!
  11. It's because of the Conclave space magic logic, where Prime, Vandal, Wraith, and Prisma variant weapons are objectively weaker than their base or MK-1 counterparts.
  12. The problem is that this system is supposed to replace alerts, you know which were the easiest missions in the universe?
  13. Interesting I didn't know that one hitting everything in the game was a gimic.
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