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  1. 1. You deserved it. 2. This is not the place to ask to be unbanned. 3. I hope you learned your lesson.
  2. My favorites are Warframe : Mag Prime Primary Shotgun: Exergis Primary Rifle: Dera Vandal Secondary: Cycron Melee: Cassowar
  3. Kuva Surivial and Eidolons are the only real endgame. Also merchantframe if you consider playing Warframe like a job to earn fake money endgame!
  4. Baruuk is a really fun frame and very effective at everything he does. After using him for a few months now I have only died with him once and that was in Kuva Surivial close to an hour in.
  5. The new mods are incredibly pointless and trying to attempt to defend them is laughable at least and sad at worst.
  6. Good thing I got two Glaxion rivens for next to nothing a while ago.
  7. Introducing the all new Excalorbiter Prime!
  8. If platinum was easier to earn then everything would be more expensive to buy.
  9. That wasn't a Nerf, that was a fix to an obvious exploit. Trinity was not designed or intended to be a nuke frame. Saryn, Equinox, and Volt were designed or changed to be nukes. Plus that exploit was so unbelievably powerful that it literally out damaged everything in the game and it could be spammed while not using energy! This added to the fact that she is already tanky with her ablities make free energy and best healer frame in the game! Why bring anything else if you had such an brokenly powerful frame that could do everything literally with no real weaknesses!
  10. Mesa is pretty good for arbitrations, she has a damage reduction ablity you just have to sacrifice a little damage for more health but unfortunately most who go into arbitrations with her think that 4 will save her lol!
  11. I meant to say level 165 Corrupted Heavy Gunners and no Sayrn is not killing 20 of them faster than Excalibur with each of them having 259k health and over 15 million effective health! Spores cap at 100000 damage and it takes a long as hell time to get there. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Corrupted_Heavy_Gunner
  12. Yeah they work with all stats except range and meme strike. Gara though is only affected by damage and elemental damage alone.
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