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  1. It's the year 2020 and in addition to having to put 50 warning lables onto something, we also have to add a three step confirmation to it as well as having to make an opt out at anytime feature just in case you still don't have a clue on what you're getting yourself into!
  2. After the screen flickers genocide as many Graneer as possible and a Larvaling will be to spawn
  3. Man I wish I known this last night lol I did close to a hundred runs and I just gave up on getting the Kuva Chakkurr and just went for the Bramma
  4. No that's not what they were talking about or me, I added the quote to my previous comment.
  5. Oh wow, so that's how people could kill stuff using Revenant in index by using bugs lol! I managed to last one hour and 20 minutes solo with mag but I didn't have any damage boost shenanigans to help me.
  6. I hope they give us different kinds of barrels otherwise everyone will just use Catchmoon with Hunter's Munitions! The only barrel I would be cool with keeping is the Tombfinger tbh
  7. Why are you guys letting this guy derail the thread by arguing with him? His argument is literally the devs didn't make Revenant the way I wanted it to be therefore he sucks! I will now use every opportunity that arises to complain off the topic of the main point of every thread until DE changes the Warframe into the way I wanted it be and everyone else be damned!
  8. What's with the hate boner for Revenant? The only ablity of his that needs changing is his one as it's useless for a large amount of reasons. But Mesmer skin being bad?? Lmao Revenant is the only frame in the game I have never died with in an actual mission! No not even level 200+ arbitrations could make a dent!
  9. If DE were to bend to your will and buff everything that's not melee to do similar damage as melee weapons what would be the point of using melee weapons to get close to these elusive level 200 mobs that 99.9% of the people that play this game will never meet? Lets take for instance the Kuva Orgis, it has 7 meters explosion radius. Mines with 56% toxin damage, Nightwatch Napalm, and a bad riven can deal 32000 Corrosive damage alone. Now if DE were to buff it to deal equal damage of your scaling melee weapons my Orgis would be able to deal 200k damage or more in one shot in a 7 meter radius! Why on Earth would I want to use a silly melee weapon ever again if I could just blow away anything not named level 150 Heavy Gunner or Bombard in one hit from half a map away?
  10. Yes I have done it (with 52% toxin Kuva Karak) without any damage boosts but I did have a riven which I'm sure you'll discount rivens unless it's on your melee weapon of choice to attempt to build your argument. We think that primary and secondary weapons as a whole category should not be buffed just to do the same damage as melee weapons. Melee weapons have a range limit while Rifles and Secondary weapons that are not shotguns or beam weapons effectively don't have a range limit.
  11. Well you're wrong and whoever told you didn't know what they were talking about. "Testing a Requiem Mod on a Lich also advances Murmur progress, roughly 10x more than a Thrall on average" https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich
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