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  1. X-COM's RNG always shows no mercy! One day you can hit a 2% chance shot while the next you can miss a 99.9% that's rounded up to 100%!
  2. Man I wish I had enough free time to play Warframe to feel this content drought!
  3. Maybe because a large number of Secondary weapons can easily surpass primary weapons in critical dps and some with over 100000 dps without accounting for elemental bonuses. Such as Quatz, Rattleguts, Twin Grakatas, Pyrana Prime etc
  4. Just make magnetic procs disable robotics and energy weapons for like five seconds and it would be a Corpus killer at high levels!
  5. I just wish that relics were not the reward for literally everything! It's basically impossible to run out of relics even when running void fissures you get relics as a reward like 99% of the time!
  6. I know what I'm doing to Graneer when this update lands! Disco Inferno
  7. Damn so that means I'll have to wait for 2 more years for Gara Prime and 4 years for Gauss Prime!
  8. Well without your rules my Vaykor Marelok can oneshot a Level 165 Graneer Heavy Gunner! (with a lucky viral and slash proc at the same time) With your rules my Exergis can easily oneshot nearly any mob up to level 100 without a slash proc.
  9. Are we not meeting our daily (the game is boring/stale/content drought) threads quotas?
  10. If you're running out of ammo using a particular weapon then you're using the wrong weapon for the job.
  11. That would have made my post very labor intensive, as I was using a phone.
  12. That's still way less than all high level armor. No matter how you put it!
  13. Because we have barely any armor compared to the AI. You only have 1108 armor with your setup while a level 100 corrupted heavy gunner has 7,332.33 of it! Also the supera is mostly puncture which ignores 25% of Ferrite Armor and does 25% more damage to it. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Corrupted_Heavy_Gunner
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