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  1. Please tell me someone got the redtext PLEASE
  2. Actually, the Dex skin doesn't look bad on the Xiphos. EDIT: I just realized that the design isn't on the Xiphos... Man i'm dumb. XD
  3. Trust me, I hate seeing space mom be purple and sound glitchy. I understand WHY, but I've always wanted a setting to disable it so I can hear Rebecca's sweet lovely voice again instead of it being glitchy. On the other hand, I love my Operator's voice. I love how he looks (Now, at least) when he pops up in the little window. I'm conflicted.
  4. THANK. YOU. Finally! Now I don't have to see Space Mom be purple! Though I'll have to disable it when I head into fortuna...
  5. Give this person a RAISE. 2 raises! 10 raises! 20 raises! NO! A castle.
  6. Hey @[DE]Megan, any chance we can have mini companion vehicles to fly alongside their owners? It'd be cute to see my trusty and loving charger fly alongside with in Archwings, and hover alongside with on K-Drives on free roam areas. Maybe even give bonus points to companions for standing for doing tricks of their own to help the long-ass grind for standing with the Ventkids?
  7. I was wondering about something: Maybe Companions (Kubrows, Kavats, and Infested Chargers) could have mini Archwings and K-drives to fly/hover alongside their owners? That would be adorable to see, and convenient!
  8. Sorry, buckyo, they already said migrating is gonna be hard for all consoles. Believe me... as much as I want that to happen, we ain't getting it.
  9. Add an option to replay the Chimera Prolouge! How i've longed to replay that game...
  10. I love you guys so much, you made the Archwing Launchers infinite... NEW STUNTS!!! WUUUU
  11. Please please PLEASE allow us to replay the Chimera Prolouge quest! Also... Lower the mastery rank for the Sentient Slayer please, My mastery rank is strangely not going up.
  12. Hey DE, are we gonna get a Bendy and the Ink Machine-inspired Warframe here soon?
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