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  1. Might wanna prepare your noooo darth vader soundbit, cause they're coming with the third orb mother. Sorry!
  2. Coming with the third orb mother. Calm thyself, it will come soon(tm)
  3. I dunno, I think everything's fine as is as it stands. Sure it could use some tweaking, like some scaling with Orphix, but again, I think they're fine. All they kinda truly need IMHO is at least some flavor to it, I guess.
  4. Ah yes, those. Those can be put to use in either Assimilate or Cure, allowing your missions to be easier.
  5. Yeah, that can be arranged for all the tiers of Barrage, or even a bit in Tempestarii Rescue aboard the Tempestarii, just without the Necramech requirement for the Gas Railjack effect.
  6. 1. Thank you! There's still more to be said here as I got a LOT on my mind about this topic. 2. Yes, that's what I was thinking for all the mission types, especially Tempestarii Rescue. Think of them like swarms, if you will. 3. Exactly what I was thinking for Cure and Tempestarii Rescue. You'd have to swap back and forth between your own railjack and the Tempestarii (Only if you don't have a Sevagoth on your team) and take them out on both sides in the Tempestarii Rescue mission type. It'll keep ya busy! 4. Yeah, that can be exclusive to Cure and Assimilate. There will still be loot
  7. Eh, fair enough. Though there is enough content I listed for everyone, including the Elitists.
  8. ...They can do other missions too, they're not just restricted to Barrage, y'know.
  9. That would probably be exclusive to either Assimilate or Tempestarii Rescue.
  10. Ey y'all, I added some new stuff. It's still not done as there's more I want to talk about regarding this, but take a gander! I got stuff for elitist, new, and veteran players akin to like.
  11. Oh! Right, yes, they take over the fighters and have them shoot at the railjack. They also make ramsleds out of infested cartilage and launch them at your railjack. I have info on that when I update this post, so it should make more sense when I add more sections into the how's and why's and what's.
  12. They take over ships. Have you been to the infested ship tiles in Eris?
  13. Alright, so, we got Grineer proximias, and we have Corpus proximias. But what about Infested proximias? They gotta come sooner or later, right? Here's my take on what the Infested Proximas would look like, where they're gonna be located, so on and so forth. We were given a teaser about an infested planetoid earlier, right? So, time to start speculating! The Locations Now, when it comes to infested, there's not a lot of places for the infested to call home in... uhh... the planet department. However, there are a few key locations that we can look at. For example... Mercury Proximia When
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