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  1. Okay, I got questions that need answering. They don't have to be answered this Devstream, but any devstream will do. GENERAL QUESTIONS 1. How will the transition from the Orbiter to Railjack work, if there is any? I know there's the Railjack drydock in the dojo, but... What if we want to switch to our railjack from our orbiter? How the heck would that work? I saw in the demo that there are Orbiter docks on the Railjack too. Any chance you can show how that works? 2. There's... been some mystery as to what i'm going to call the Grineer Orb really is in that one pool. It's just sitting there, taking a bath, doin' pretty much jack squat. Are we gonna see involvement from it any time soon? Maybe incorporate it into the Corpus set for Empyrean? 3. REPLAY-ABILITY ON CHIMERA PROLOGUE WHEN. I WANT TO SEE SPACE DAD AGAIN. 4. Will we be able to use our Railjacks for The New War? I have a feeling we will, but I want to confirm this. QUESTIONS ON THE DUVIRI PARADOX, OUR NEXT OPEN WORLD TARGET: 1. Will we be able to use our Warframes? If not, how will shields, archwings, weapons (Though I did see the adult male operator use a Tigris), and K-drives come into play? 2. We saw that there's a huge orokin worm roaming around the paradox. Will that be our next Eidolon/Orb Mother-like target for grofit taking down? 3. For PoE, we had modular amps and modular melees. For Fortuna, we had Kitguns (Which I still love even though I haven't wielded my trusty Pocketbook Puncher in a while), K-drives, MOAs (Still love the system, my MOA helps out in a pinch for rivens!), and an expansion to the Amp system. For The Duviri Paradox, what are we seeing in terms of modular? Are we gonna maybe see the fabled Primary Kitguns to be used for The Duviri Paradox? Maybe build them in Fortuna and use them in the Paradox or something? 4. Hot damn, can we get Hayden Tenno as the leader for the paradox's faction? Pls? 5. Will our grown up looks be able to be used outside of the Paradox, or just inside? I'm fine with either option. EVEN MORE GENERAL QUESTIONS: 1. Let's talk about more voice lines. And i'm talking about in the Orbiter and in missions in particular, mmm? Everyone wants different voice packs for the missions, and not just glitchy space mom. Even I had to turn on Creator Mode just to get rid of glitchy space mom! Ugh... Anyways, are there any plans for different voice lines for missions and orbiter on the table? Maybe have Early Lunch for Konzu say something? Or how about The Where's-my-k-bomb Business say something? What about Eudico? I'd love to hear more lines from Tamara Fritz for Eudico. We have Little Duck leading us outside of the Jupiter disruption mission for the other disruption missions. 2. The Man in the Wall. Everyone's been on the buzz about him both here in this topic/the forums, and in Warframe itself. What's gonna happen to him? 3. IF we are able to save Space Mom in The New War, PLEASE let us have her actually back. I miss her ;-; 4. For the love of god, please allow Orbiter missions. Like... maybe make improvements to our orbiter from the outside. Even our ships need maintenance without the help of Ordo breathin' down our nekks! THE TAU SYSTEM QUESTIONS: 1. Are we actually getting a new system for missions like Defense, Survival, ETC? Are we gonna establish a Relay there? 2. Please sentient open world please sentient open world please sentient open world... 3. How big of an expansion will The New War be? We already know Empyrean's a big one (And from what we know will be released this year, as you did say that The New War will be released during Christmas and Empyrean is slated for before that), but just how big will The New War be? And don't make us wait for HOURS for the download, please... The Sacrifice was bad enough! 4. Umbro. He needs to have a role in the quest. The Paracesis is hinted to be the main weapon to end this war, but what about Umbro? He sounds to be the War's Warframe ender. GIVE HIM SOME LOVE, DE! I need a reason to love him again! LAST GENERAL QUESTIONS 1. This is already getting long winded already, but I still need to get more questions out. You had plans for a VAMPIRE Warframe, but it turned out to be the Eidolon frame, Spin to Win (AKA Revenant). Do you actually have plans for a vampire frame? And no, Garuda doesn't count. She's labeled in my case as the Blood Frame. Don't pull wool over me. 2. There... seems to be something huge and stormy off the shores of the Plains of Eidolon... Any... uhh... plans about that? 3. On the topic of the PoE, are we gonna be able to go into the Unum tower anytime soon? Or will it be sitting there rotting away? I think I got more questions, but this is already long enough. Hopefully you can answer some of these questions during the Devstream!
  2. I dear well hope so. I want to play my dear ol' Umbro and Showdown Bandit Prime on my PS4 without having to build her n' crap.
  3. Please tell me someone got the redtext PLEASE
  4. Actually, the Dex skin doesn't look bad on the Xiphos. EDIT: I just realized that the design isn't on the Xiphos... Man i'm dumb. XD
  5. Trust me, I hate seeing space mom be purple and sound glitchy. I understand WHY, but I've always wanted a setting to disable it so I can hear Rebecca's sweet lovely voice again instead of it being glitchy. On the other hand, I love my Operator's voice. I love how he looks (Now, at least) when he pops up in the little window. I'm conflicted.
  6. THANK. YOU. Finally! Now I don't have to see Space Mom be purple! Though I'll have to disable it when I head into fortuna...
  7. Give this person a RAISE. 2 raises! 10 raises! 20 raises! NO! A castle.
  8. Hey @[DE]Megan, any chance we can have mini companion vehicles to fly alongside their owners? It'd be cute to see my trusty and loving charger fly alongside with in Archwings, and hover alongside with on K-Drives on free roam areas. Maybe even give bonus points to companions for standing for doing tricks of their own to help the long-ass grind for standing with the Ventkids?
  9. I was wondering about something: Maybe Companions (Kubrows, Kavats, and Infested Chargers) could have mini Archwings and K-drives to fly/hover alongside their owners? That would be adorable to see, and convenient!
  10. Sorry, buckyo, they already said migrating is gonna be hard for all consoles. Believe me... as much as I want that to happen, we ain't getting it.
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