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  1. I scrolled through the thread and didn’t see this one mentioned. Khora’s first ability, whipclaw, seems to produce a self-stagger when it hits environment that it’s innate punch through can’t penetrate.
  2. I would like to see a summoner frame. We’ve got a lot of friends in the origin system and I’d like to be able to summon Syndicate commandos, Ostron rangers, Solaran saboteurs, synthesized specters, Kubrodon and Condroc harassers, Lich-on-demand, and maybe even a Quill or two. Of course it assumes that the summon would have the firepower to be worth summoning and the AI would be aggressive/not-lobotomized.
  3. @[DE]Rebecca please allow us to see whether a larvaling will spawn with ephemera when their weapon is displayed. I would also like to see the current bonus on a Kuva weapon (e.g., 51.5% Heat). This is important as I forget what my current bonuses are and I won’t be able to use my codex of vanquished liches to research it after doing Valence Fusion. It would be nice to see this on the forge as well.
  4. Did anyone notice that there is a “Friends Hugged” metric in the view stats screen? @[DE]Pablo please make this a reality!
  5. My go-to for fighters is to hit them with cold status and melee with prisma veritux. It works great.
  6. My question- when will the SS Pizza Ship fly? also- I play solo or pug a lot. What will Empyrean look like for me?
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