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  1. Heh. Looks like the content creators are going to have a full docket for their youtub channels.
  2. It showed up back in my inventory after the hotfix!
  3. PSA- I retrieved the Gauss Prex card from Leverian and was about to place it in my orbiter and hit ESC to cancel the placement. I now no longer have the card in my inventory and I cannot retrieve a new one from Leverian. I will create a ticket for this but just wanted to give a heads up on the forum. Edit: I also did restart the game and still no card or ability to get a new one. Edit2: after the 10/18/19 hotfix it showed up back in my inventory!
  4. is the next mainline Empyrean? Or is that the release after the next release?
  5. Is this Bill the Cat day?
  6. I built for efficiency, range and strength. I run real fast and cc everyone all over the map. Gauss is awesome!
  7. I watched for several hours on Saturday and didn't get a drop. I figured it was bugged and gave up. On Sunday afternoon I received an email with the new color pallet. I think it's just slow this go around?
  8. @[DE]Danielle Thanks for coordinating feedback! I would absolutely love to see the Mach Rush ability scale acceleration over time. I was running around Orb Vallis and once I hit top speed with Mach Rush I was able to keep it going for an extended period in the overworld. It was great for a bit but then I kept wanting to go faster and faster. It would be really awesome if there was a constant acceleration over time that didn't cap out. Or perhaps tapping 1 while the ability is in use by holding W gives you some speed boost? I'd really like something that would make it feel like I was gaining speed while I did a 2,500m - 5,000m sprint. Also, thanks for making Redline not interrupt Mach Rush!
  9. You’re the reason I’m laughing like an idiot on the train this morning
  10. I’m not familiar with this streamer but aren’t decisions like this usually financially motivated? Maybe less of ‘streamer quits because there’s no engaging content to have fun with’ and more ‘streamer quits because there are other more profitable games to stream’?
  11. ‘Terrifying immortal slap chop’ is the name of my new alt grunge band
  12. @[DE]Rebecca How does this impact warframes like Excal, Wukong, Baruuk, Valkyr, etc. that have melee abilities? Are their casts now instant too?
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