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  1. ‘Terrifying immortal slap chop’ is the name of my new alt grunge band
  2. Terry, Gary, Harry and... Rarry? Ropalyst is a horrible name
  3. I actually have pretty good rng for the rare stuff. But I did spend months patiently farming the last Equinox part I needed and I felt good for using my self restraint and not buying the frame... for about a day... now I’d gladly burn the plat to get the time back. I learned a lot about myself then. To thine own burnout limit be true.
  4. As Wolf of Saturn Six winds down let us think ahead. So what are your thoughts for the narrative arc for the next Nightwave series? I am hoping that they look more into the Quills relationship with Fortuna. What was that quill doing fishing in the cold Vallis cave in plains clothing with the wrong spear? Maybe we’ll actually get to go into the Unum’s tower... or find out where those bridge building Ostron went off to across the river. Or maybe we figure out how Alad de-mutalisted himself?
  5. I’ve had Tenno ask me wtf gun I was using with my Astilla blast build because at low-mid levels that thing will explode enemies across the map. Staticor comes as a close second for high quality ragdolling. Honestly I hope they never change this. It is one of the best aspects of gameplay for our little space ninja power fantasy emulator. “I will not only melt you grineer! I shall ricochet your corpse off the ceiling and onto yonder balcony!”
  6. I was going to mention that while he was still tanky he wasn’t the broken-level of bullet sponge he had been in prior weeks. It sounds like you got the broken one...
  7. I found a level 66 Wolf on Jupiter last night while trying to do nightmares. Thanks for the Molten Impact Mr Wolf!
  8. Im not thrilled about the visuals for the ultimate. I can see being easily frustrated when I get capped from something occluded on the left of the screen when I’m trying to fire at the right of the screen. The flare/portal/atomic fireball in front of the frame just looks like it will block too much visible real estate.
  9. I just finished up my 8 PoE bounties for Nightwave last night before I stumbled onto this: https://mobile.twitter.com/PlayWarframe/status/1113572133823766529 A little missed opportunity here 😉
  10. I hope that we get a farmable location for Wolfboi at some point in the season. I’ve played a lot of missions since Space Auntie Nora showed up and only had one encounter with no weapon drop.
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