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  1. Reposting this since it was posted in the previous update thread right before this hotfix dropped:
  2. Regarding the operator face accessory emissive change; while the energy colour is indeed derived from suit energy, it's also still taking the colour from the secondary accessory colour. To illustrate; Firstly, here's my suit energy, a slightly blue tinted green. Now, the head. Note how the energy colour is a more yellowish green. Now finally, let's see how it looks with the accessory secondary colour set to black. Note that it's now the expected shade of green, as there's no longer an additional tone being added to it.
  3. It's not even great at clearing out Vomvalysts. The homing feature is sufficiently inconsistent that you've got good odds of blowing 20 energy just to hit one, or indeed none at all because it swerved away into the ground. Only use I've found for it post nerf is bizarrely in regular missions; tight corridors give a lot more leeway to hit things with the ten rebounds, and it's got just enough damage to be useful against level 40 corpus trash mobs. Of course this is somewhat moot as you have normal much more powerful guns in those missions, plus I imagine it'd go much worse against armoured targets.
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