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  1. To be fair, Salad's Disruption dialogue is pretty on the nose commentary on operant conditioning/skinner boxes in video games.
  2. Yeah, this looks all too familiar. Here's the current state of my Nova, which is a rather glossy frame to begin with:
  3. Your video unfortunately isn't loading; all I can see is an imgur page with a broken image icon.
  4. The renderer metallic fix appears to have given many non-metallic surfaces an excessively glossy sheen, to the point where on several tilesets they look either wet or dipped in wax. It's particularly jarring on operator skin textures, giving them a rather disconcerting oily appearance. It can also be seen on matte cloth surfaces; pictures below taken in both the orbiter and the Orokin Tower extraction scene. Finally, previously glossy non-metallic surfaces are now even glossier, as can be seen in the orbiter: It's a shame, as while the metallics needed a little tweaking I'd found the first rendering update to be a great improvement; skin/cloth/leather textures looked much more believable and it fixed a number of tilesets which would render player models excessively shiny. Hopefully a happy medium can be found.
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