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  1. Not really, you only need it when you have an amount of health you need to recover. Tbh it's cooldown will be important to wether it's better than HR or not, if it can trigger often enough with say, a 3 or 4s cooldown would make it better than HR
  2. From what I understand, none of the 'stat stick' stats (raw damage, elemental damage, crit chance, status chance) are getting changed. So none of the new stats will translate to powers because they don't relate at all. The only thing that is currently up in the air is combo interaction with powers.
  3. Yep, and my Helminth Charger can deal way more damage. You kavat should be dealing about 344 Slash/412.8 viral, my Charger 1307 Slash/200.38 Toxin without elemental mods, taking average crit chances into account your cats are going for 4165 average, my dog 6223 average. Biggest difference between both is that dogs deal a lot more raw damage, kavats got more utility. What if, though, the vampiric bite has a base damage of 600 instead of 80? The damage the drain attack deals suddenly skyrockets. The idea I think they're going is that, most likely, she wouldn't need Hunter Recovery because the precept is generally stronger and more efficient. It can likely stack, too.
  4. They probably will have to be changed, but also most of those abilities are already immensely powerful. Also for what's worth that Skana they were showing was dealing I think 120 damage, currently it deals 35 damage. It deals 3x as much damage. And 3 CO stacks also means 4x damage. So if every weapon is getting roughly the same treatment CO is capping at 12x current damage, which is equivalent of 5 CO stacks right now. I think if you have a specialized build you can get... 7? CO stacks? Which is insane beyond measure.
  5. Not precisely. Remember every pet has two precepts, and generally already come with two penjaga polarities. If she has a drain precept then she might just not need hunter recovery, it will also likely deal Actual Damage because, as a Kavat, she likely deals almost no damage.
  6. Take to mind there's to the mods now, an unmodded Heavy Attack eats all of your combo, however "Combo Efficiency" is also a thing, which reduces the amount of combo counter that a heavy attack eats (Bear said something about it in page... 2? when talking about what changes a channeling effiency/channeling damage riven would undergo). Effectively, if you want to build for heavy attacks you probably want at least a bit of combo efficiency in your build.
  7. Don't forget, though, that on the ground archguns need a gravimag to be wielded. They're probably to large to be controlled that easily without a special system to keep them stable and their momentum under control.
  8. Edit: Ah, I continue to be disappointed at DE's handling of this situation. They're not nearly as wrathful and petty as they have to be, much less have the right to.
  9. They just said it's not okay to loot specter 8 times but since you've all *@##$ed enough you can do it. Edit: Ah, I continue to be disappointed at DE's handling of this situation. They're not nearly as wrathful and petty as they have to be, much less have the right to.
  10. Tbh I could use that in one or two kills where I don't have pack leader on my pet, particularly the charger set build I got.
  11. In case you missed the information at tennocon, Christmas.
  12. Fifth-to-last bullet point. Can't say of what they did WORKED since I'm at work atm, but they certainly at least tried to fix. If it is still broken point that out.
  13. You didn't get a bad deal. You got the deal that existed then. There's (maybe) a better one more, but that's entirely unrelated. People don't get S#&$ because of bad timing all the time and that is literally nobody's fault.
  14. Eh, 2s is enough to cast the cloud. You get a window to cast your heal+reposition, and likely segue into keeping up your other survival tools.
  15. You're missing one key aspect of teamplay here. Far as I know with this rework Wukong will be the only frame able to draw aggro. It's quite equivalent of making the rest of the party invincible during that period, and since he is too then damage becomes non-existent during that period. Of course, depending on numbers of range and duration, ofc.
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