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  1. The formula is a simple +10% of the higher value, period. No matter what.
  2. Given the bubbles can be destroyed, probably intended.
  3. Easily reproducible: 1) Start mission 2) Enter turret 3) Someone else initiates navigation to anywhere 4) Remain in seat until warp has initiated, then leave It causes the entire Railjack's interior to unload, and you can no longer see anything, but you can still interact with everything. Important information: Have learned Gunnery 2 Intrinsic, Be client
  4. They're not, but they're also animated just like ayatans. I think it's our first actively animated armor? It's possible that their animation isn't synched or can desynch
  5. You can already have different archwing loadouts tied to each loadout.
  6. Diodes are clearly corpus-themed (even mention on their description), Carbides also grineer themed.
  7. Steve DID mention "We broke Archwing, but we're shipping anyway" in the tail end of his stream... I mean, think what you will about that, but at least it's a Known Issue.
  8. Are you even literally reading the notes?! "Fixed Kuva Siphon/Flood Rescue missions not giving out a Requiem Relic at End Of Mission if you completed the mission without setting off the alarms.", it's right there, fixing the bug you're talking about.
  9. The solution was... Not already there. It was just plain too fast, regardless of whatever you think. DE's verdict was that the grind for murmurs shouldn't be that fast, period. So no, that's not the solution. They need to figure out how much faster they find it acceptable when doing it in a group and change things based on that.
  10. More tempted by the Kuva Drakgoon, I can amp that up to a good 100% status with sweet extra crits too.
  11. From what I understand of what they said: If you have two of the same weapon you can transfer the forma/exilus from once to the other, that's it. Another way to see it is relaxing one gun's buff with another's. No merging of values or anything.
  12. Do you have space on your build for Corrupted Charge? It alone gives 30s duration to the disc without any meleeing needed.
  13. Negative on that, mister. It said "coming soon" until I believe yesterday. Thread titles can be editted in this forum and this one was when the news article dropped.
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