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  1. Dunno, Proton set sounds good, Motus for shotgun is basically always on and better than Blunderbuss. Aero set effect is really neat but finding space for it will be difficult, yes.
  2. Has it... Really been that long? It can't be, I have one and I've only started caring about Baro recently.
  3. Actually this is literally proof of why they don't do friday releases. So that they have a weekday after in which to do updates for fixes.
  4. Specifically, after the update is done by the devs it needs to be "baked" for about eight hours by a special server that makes so it can be distributed to the players.
  5. I've mostly seem fanfics posted in the parent forum of this one (fan zone), both with external links and posted wholly in the posts.
  6. Nope, this statistically is CERTAIN to happen within a large though sample size. Surprise, within the gigantic sample size that is Warframe's playerbase, the highly unlikely but still possible occurrence was yours. That's luck, just not the kind you wanted.
  7. Btw just to help you out with the consistency thing: the gear you equip replaces the primary weapon. So if you press weapon swap it works as expected, switches to secondary. If you melee then press swap it works as expected, changes to secondary (a few updates ago they made so that pressing swap with melee out changes to the weapon you did *not* have equipped, in player request). Technically, if you could aim with gear out it's swap to primary, but since aim has it's own functions with gear, it doesn't happen.
  8. How like constantly give mediocre to awful feedback with good every once in a blue moon. Don't overestimate the quality of the feedback, most often if you think it's good you're going to realize is awful of implemented
  9. I see you didn't bother using the weapon. Yes it was a buff because: Upon hitting the enemy it lands a pure physical hit, immediately lands one pure corrosive hit, one second later lands a second pure corrosive hit and a second later again lands a third pure corrosive hit. So you still as many hits of pure corrosive damage per trigger pull (in fact you got thrice as many), of your issue was status dilution it didn't happen. I'll grant you the punchthrough, but that's not exclusive to the tysis, works that way with all projectiles.
  10. That's normal behavior, though. If you no longer have any currently spawned enemies it points you towards the exit.
  11. This is because the dot it deals is actually from the projectile that is stuck in the enemy. And if you have punchthrough, well- You don't leave a sticky projectile in each enemy it hits, it'll stick to the last thing it hits that it can't punchthrough anymore. So if you remove the punchthrough it should resolve the issue. Thing is, this isn't a bug, it's a standard behaviour of every projectile that has secondary effects if it 'sticks' on the target, such as the Zakti's. since the Tysis didn't have this 'sticking' mechanic before people are unlikely to realize it's a thing. Also, props to whoever was that figured out it was the punchthrough on reddit, I just made the connection between their testing results and projectile behaviour.
  12. I'm s fan of the language used here. Recently there have been cases of effectively mob rule getting employees fired in other companies simply because the players were raging, not because they were right and DE wants to make entirely sure they're not going to let that fly over here, the criticisms were right, they agreed, but don't think that just because you were right you can start bullying then around. Why did they have to use this wording? Because the way players behaved here was very similar to how they behaved in the cases in other companies. Except they weren't right those other cases. That's why I like the wording, we get a pass for acting like rabid hounds because it was the one time it needed to happen. But that's the ONE time out can be allowed to happen.
  13. Same reason you can't benefit from the set bonuses on exalted weapons: It either allows for multiple stacking of the secondary effect or offers straight up no bonus. Say you put Amalgam Organ Shatter on both your melee weapon and your exalted blade. Either you have +120% Charge Attack Speed (which they did not desire you to have) or your exalted blade now has a mod that is both costlier and gives less strength. So they can't use the mods.
  14. You know. Under literally every circumstance, as the very player that spent 50 hours farming and fishing... I'm overjoyed at these changes. Nobody else needs to go through that hell ever again, and I say when I *like* those gathering activities and sometimes do that when idling. In fact if you want go and take every single one of my cetus arcanes, take them ALL away I'll buy them again if that's the price we had to pay for this change. I even paid plat for fish parts because I was that annoyed and I love those changes.
  15. I mean, yes of course, between the cadence of fire and the fact that either 65% or 80% accuracy reduction is still not 100% you will get shot, a lot. Thing is, do you get shot more one with just one than you get shot with both?
  16. I mean... I know I'm a noob here but isn't the tribute bonus an effect that reduces enemy accuracy in the range while razorwing increases your own evasion? Which means one effect changes your attributes, while another changes the enemy's. So only one of them would show in your attributes. How would you check wether they actually stack I'm not sure.
  17. This part, it's actually a bit of what'd be called a "DPS Check", although more of a "Mechanics Check" Her heat gauge resets when she summons more fractures, so you need to get her heat gauge high enough between two fracture attacks. Her heat doesn't go down to zero, though, I think it gets down to 25% or 30%? Also i'm under the impression that the total amount of coolant/thermia she gets from raknoids/you defines how high her heat gauge gets when she uses some of her moves, you'll notice she's about to pop when she uses the firestorm, by that point her gauge goes bonkers almost 50%.
  18. You know what's hilarious about this. The moment they mentioned the vents the Exploiter's vents shined so that I could see where all four of them are. But it's also the particular shine that breakable objects use! And given I had been hunting breakables for a riven challenge just before this patch dropped the visual effect was still in my mind, but I can see how one can miss it.
  19. Way I read it was that the projectile from the Tatsu wasn't supposed to be an ability on the Tatsu at all but one of Wisp's abilities, perhaps even her passive, that accidentally got hooked into the Tatsu (which is why it dealt piss-poor damage, since all the numbers it'd use to calculate damage are just... Not there, since it's drawing them from a weapon not a frame)
  20. Tbh that did nothing it just did the bleep for deployment since the operator cant equip the archwing
  21. In another dev post they mention acolytes coming back butt only when they get it working right on switch, as it is for their benefit
  22. Incorrect, it forces the last player to be unable to actually skip the cutscenes because the game stops accepting inputs and starts the scene.
  23. Indeed, Helios will scan Cephalon Fragments and Somachord Fragments,both of which show up in the Loot Scanner range as well. But not the three secret collectible items.
  24. See, that's the thing. This is them being consistent. Because Helios will not scan Kuria or Thousand Year Fish either, both of which are "Hidden Lore Collectibles" as well!
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