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  1. I suppose this is true but at least first timers could have a unique experience. After playing for years with Glitch Lotus, I'm honestly not sure what to think when we finally move past New War and whatever changes that will bring. I'm honestly getting the idea that Lotus/Natah will "die" and Margulis will be all that's left at the end of The New War. Considering the Lotus is just dreams and memories of Margulis from the tenno overlaid on Natah. Having the Lotus come back just as she was means nothing was gained in the end. The tenno will just be children that can never move pas
  2. Do you have to do a node on Deimos before reaching the Necralisk? I had the start chart finished so Cambion Drift was available to me immediately and I've never paid attention to the layout of the nodes. Hmm, perhaps if you complete Heart of Deimos then it could switch over, or the entire HoD quest could include unlocking the rest of the nodes once you meet the Entrati. That would make the quest quite long but would make it possible to get directives from Loid for the rest of the map.
  3. Spoilers below I also feel it would fit a bit more since, according to in-game lore, Deimos just reentered Martian orbit from the Void because of how bad it's gotten and Lotus/Fake Lotus may not have complete knowledge of Lephantis (We don't exactly know when Deimos entered the Void relative to when Natah was captured and became the Lotus). The only out of place element is the Emissary since that had to do with Arlo and Eris derelicts threatening the system. Having a boss associated with a recent in universe event (Nightwave Series 2) be placed on a map that didn't exi
  4. After running my first 2.5 hour Odin SE farm last night, I am not looking forward to these changes when they hit consoles. It was actually fun for once running 2 hours with an organized squad.
  5. For those that can't see the wall of text, Ctrl+A (select all) is your friend if you don't want to switch modes
  6. Defection: I only ever did it for Harrow farm and the on the rare occasions it shows in sortie. Excavation: Not that this mission type is hard, but only getting 100 cryotic per drill makes the grind for 30k cryotic for Sibear unbearable. Disruption: Only because I can never seem to get the Acceltra, but I get the Akarius all the time.
  7. With the Orokin Derelict nodes now being used for Deimos, it would be nice to see Mother and/or Loid be mission control for all of Deimos. Keep the same lines that Lotus uses but with Mother/Loid saying them. Yes, I understand that extra work is needed with the VOs but it would make Deimos feel more unique imo.
  8. Having the boss fight be a level playing field for everyone regardless of equipment was fine and at least gives everyone a chance. The past evidence coming up was a small surprise but the platform aspect was not. Seeing Nora's face was a good idea and I hope those that complete challenge see her whole face in future chapters.
  9. Otak was another cephalon that was damaged by Deimos. Loid integrated Otak into his Necraloid and tried to defrag his memory but was unsuccessful which left Otak in his current, erratic, state
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