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  1. I don't think you can blame 100% on DE as the partner companies are also in the part. DE could make console updates with PC updates by sending console updates to cert and confirming for release and releasing at the same time for PC updates like how they did for Heart of Demios.
  2. Honestly I'd rather prefer having 1 life(including no reviving player), faster enemies with more damage, very good drop table, reduced speed and damage to alies(including you). Yours just seems too harsh.
  3. Ya simply go to that thing which gives you options like arsenal, navigation,options etc then simply go to the top left corner there you'll see profile. Simply click profile and there you go. It show everything you need. Hope this helps!
  4. Yes but that is dependent on rng if you really want it guaranteed then only do the 2nd tier bounty.
  5. You'll have to defeat nechramechs in Tier 2 isolation vault bounties.
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