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  1. Btw that picture is what you will actually see in the Sacrifice Quest.
  2. Well... no Cuz that blueprint still not Dropping.
  3. Thanks. I hardly find some positivity in the forums nowadays.
  4. Not related to topic but I really want to try gloom + volt. It's not really a Meta build but more a fun build. It's based on his speed + slowing enemies near him which basically shows him running at super speed. Am currently building sevagoth to subsume him so am pumped to use it with volt.
  5. Works for me you might be using the wrong button. Try RB + B incase you didn't know.
  6. Man, OG days. Relics Farming and Leveling Frames and Weapons. Miss those days.
  7. same was said for Heart of Deimos and where did that lead to, I wonder...
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