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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIFb22SgNts&feature=youtu.be In Warframe, Alad V is known to use robotic enemies to try to take you down. However, he uses a very specific phrase this update. It's a callback to a game from 1984 called Impossible Mission where the villain uses the same voiceline who also utilizes robotics to try to shut you down.
  2. I used to play Warframe daily. I have well over 1200 hours. I've also spent over $1000 at this point, I'm sure. Didn't really think anything would have me stop playing. Nightwave did that, though. now, the time I have to play, I'm forced to do very specific tasks...otherwise I risk on missing out on the new forma - which is something game affecting...not a vanity item like an armor set. You see, the problem is, I have a career. The time I get to play, I used to be able to log in and enjoy the game...doing whatever I find fun and being able to play with my friends and clan. Now? I have to survive for 60 minutes in a mission, or I have to do boring PoE bounties over and over and over, and by the time I'm done with these daily "challenges", it's time to hop of, and I have yet to actually have fun in my Warframe session. Because of this, I have stopped playing Warframe except recently to check out Equinox Prime. I'm hoping they change their system. If so, I can return to enjoy Warframe. If not, then I really am not going to play a game that I'm not having fun in. Mandatory daily\weekly missions - especially ones that force you to do very "not fun" things, was a bad design decision. I say mandatory because the rewards that are offered are game affecting and significant.
  3. Not every one has 20 minutes a day to dedicate to every day of the month. Some of us have jobs. Some have careers, and sometimes that means not having time to game every single day. The little time we have to play, we shouldn't be forced to do "challenges" that we do not enjoy. Focus was good because you could do whatever you wanted and progress. This forces you to go to bounties and such.
  4. I'm a huge Warframe, but after the first week of Nightwave, I quit. No joke. I have not played now for a few weeks. I have a job. I'm expected now to play EVERY day without fail for weeks straight just to try to get a pretty mandatory item for progression. On top of that, new players also have to spend several days, if not weeks, just to get some nice items here and there when it used to be they can just get on and nab things after running a mission or two. 1. There needs to be consistent ways to get Nightwave that allows you to play how you want (like how Focus can be gained by just about ANYthing...just slower than doing it directly (farming ESO) 2. They need to bring back the old alert system and have it ALONGSIDE the new style of alerts. That way, you can be in the right place at the right time and get something cool, but you can also farm for something specifically. For what it's worth, I've probably spent over $1,000 on Warframe. I love supporting the game, but this new alert system has absolutely and entirely demotivated me from continuing to play.
  5. Your kill counts do not update if you get kills with Magus Lockdown. This might affect challenges that require kills...not sure on that one.
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