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  1. Please do something to the wukong deluxe skin. It would be much better if his hair is energy/fire-like instead of the physical glass style.
  2. Agreed. That physical hair looks horrible.
  3. What happened to that wukong deluxe skin? It looks awful!
  4. When would the wukong deluxe skin be released?
  5. I am one of those who get hyped by this rework. The only thing I don't like is the passive. I just hate the feeling that you could run out of PASSIVE. Please change it to be rechargeable. I think a 5min cooling down or even longer would be very acceptable. I am not saying that this passive is not strong enough. It just feels wrong and imperfect, not matter it's 3-times revival or 1000-times revival. A passive should always be there.
  6. Why do you have to raise the energy drain of his 4? Are there too many reasons to encourage us using the iron staff? If we cannot keep the combo counter going with his 4, we may just prefer to using a regular zaw, with comparable reach and red crit everywhere. Also I agree that a regenerable cool down system on the passive would be better than a straight 3 times, especially because Wukong was good for long runs where you either dont die or die a lot.
  7. Cool, but where's the promised wukong rework plz?
  8. It's becoming a ritual 1) crl+f to search if "tek gravity" is mentioned in the patch note (I dont care if it opens finishers, either would be good for my wukong) 2) being sad and keep my hope for the next patch
  9. Ty for the work. BTW FYI, [tek gravity] does nothing rn and it should be fixed.
  10. Thank you for everything you've done for the game. BTW, any update on my Wukong rework?
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