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  1. I'm not defending DE but, Oh come on! Those are mods to buff Archwings not the actual ship. It was unintended like Rhino's Roar. You should have known that it was going to get fixed the moment somebody reported that in the forums or DE noticing it themselves. Tell them to buff Hull Weave instead of getting mad at them fixing an obvious bug.
  2. Heh right in the middle of a tridolon. Rip 3x3 run.
  3. They're not even planning on refunding the plat spent because they know it was good money made. Honestly they should have just kept it since we know that they're willing to be at least that shady.
  4. Are they returning the plat that was blown to rush S#&$ now that they're literally removing it from the market? I wouldn't mind them halving or making it cheaper or buildable, but removing it after a lot of people spent hundreds if not thousands to buy the drones so they don't get stuck with the bad drop rate grind is kinda off putting imo. Also why are you guys stopping people from hoarding intrinsic points? I waited for you guys to fixed RJ before I did anything and instead of letting us hoard points, you punished people that stopped doing the alpha test and reward people that abused the Ivara stealth quit farm by letting them keep their points.
  5. My main feedback is I want stuff that are picked up inside objective places be shared. Not everybody leaves the ship and not everybody will tell you that "X" rare Blueprint drop. I know some are even scummy enough, that they will actively not tell the crew that an Umbra Forma or something rare dropped so they are the only one with that said drop for the whole run. I am stuck piloting because if nobody does it, the ship usually will be a sitting duck even somebody hides it. I also feel bad for people that stick with me inside the ship considering 3 people is usually needed to be inside the ship at all times to keep it running, while 1 jumps out and destroy major objectives. I've been playing this mode since the patch day and I know I've missed out on God knows how many drops including blueprints inside the missions.
  6. So yeah, I realized that the host could take us hostage by not going back to the dojo and just simply AFKing if they want to screw with us after a mission.
  7. They hype is real! I am ready to carry MR2's
  8. The thing is though; the main reason you won't find people doing Spy missions that it's generally known that doing spy on pub is a bad idea. When I do my Kuva spy missions OR ANY spy missions, I set it to solo. It's not that people avoid it, it's that vets run it solo. There are honestly only a handful of people I trust to run spy with me. My suggestion is to learn how to run the normal missions on solo in under 6 minutes. It takes a bit of trial and error but by the time you figure out the gimmicks of each room, you would prefer to keep the spy missions in the Lich'es rotation because of how safer it is to run solo.
  9. 7 Liches kill here with 3 duplicates, all I can say is that my Carpal Tunnel is acting up and it's not fun. The grind is annoying since I AM FORCED to kill the Lich or spend forever with it nagging and stealing stuff off me. It's not fun. It was fun for the first few times but not when there's no point of killing them at this point. Can we send them to the farm or something like what we can do with unwanted pets? 3-5 hours mindless grind just trying to kill them for a dupe you don't want is not rewarding at all. Lastly the Murmur system F'ing suck. DE says that they're a threat, but at the most they're just a nuisance. I hope that when Railjack drops and we can use them as our crew, I hope they actually do something useful.
  10. Lol that part about flying your Railjack. I just saw Shy's video about it.
  11. Does anybody know if DE is going to add an indicator on the frame's upgrade window that shows an Aura Forma was used on it? I am quite forgetful and I realized that there are no indicators that I added that Aura Forma to my frame, nor it locked the aura slot. I wish it said something along the lines "Aura Forma has been used, cannot forma again" Or something like that.
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