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  1. DingusGinger

    The Floof Market

    The demand for Floofs are through the floof! People can't get enough of them. This leads me to wish that they were tradeable items! Along with some noggles, excluding the ones from special events and sales along with other selective decor. Such as being able to trade a Clem Noggle but not an the Special Ember Noggle people would have been rewarded for reconstructing a relay from 2018. Or not, I would just like to be able to trade floofs and maybe eidolon statues. I'm one of the minority of people who can't farm for in Orb Valis due to running on a potato all the time, but this would be an ok fix for thouse who can't as well or have little patience.
  2. DingusGinger

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I absolutely love Nyx and this new update will be great for her! But I also believe with her Absord it should Agro the enemies within range of her, depending on her 3rd abilites range or half it. Edit: As for Titania I've been playing her a lot lately and it truly be razorwing or die kinda of situations. When in razor wring her butterflies and guns are the only things to be able to do damage while her pixie sword has a decent amount of damage on it when built right, it doesn't scale after levels 60 as for her guns can easily take down levels 125 within about 4 seconds more or less depending of the build. She needs survivability somehow or in someway that isn't just in her ult otherwise she'll always be squashed like a bug under a grineers boot.
  3. DingusGinger

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.19.1

    There's this bug with Khora's neck, it'll stretch to strange lengths and snap back in place when moving the camera at certain angles. :/
  4. DingusGinger

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.19.1

    @[DE]Megan By any chance could there be a option to have plants, trees, and the such removed from screen in graphical settings to reduce lag and host migrations for some players in the plains of Eidolon?