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  1. The PS4 Version of Warframe will work on PS5 there is a info on the Playstation Store. http://PlayStation.com/bc
  2. Can confirm that the 10 energy per kill in the rift doesn't work.
  3. The Quality of the intro Cinematic was odd there was Screen Tearing and the sound quality seemed of. As far as i know they only changed the first mission to integrate the cinematic after that not much has changed.
  4. In OV when you capture a Base you get new Bountie locations near the captured Base but as far as I know you can only select low level missions. So nobody does that. I don't understand why when you start from Fortuna there are only limited locations for the Bountie stages and not like POE where all locations on the map are in the rotation.
  5. The point of the twitch drop is to boost viewer numbers that is the reason you have to watch live to get the drop.
  6. The Derelict Tileset stays the nodes are just moved to Deimos.
  7. I think you mean true damage because void damage doesn't bypass armor. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage/True_Damage
  8. The size of the Bullet Attractor field could get bigger with multiple stacks. But it seems backwards to give Xaku void damage and then remove all the biggest use cases from it. I thought they used void damage to force you to use your operator so then why give void damage to a warframe.
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