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  1. Every Warframe ability uses void enery this is no reason to clear Sentient resistances. Void damage is what effects Sentient resistances.
  2. In the first Season you could farm points from the Saturn Six prisoners that is the probably the reason for the cap. But i think your a right they should remove the cap so they don't have to hurry to bring out the next nightwave. And its still possible to get credits. After they released the stance forma, even if its not very useful, they should be a way to get nitain.
  3. In an early update on Console they was a bug with Sentients in Orb Vallis. So I think DE is working on something were part of New War will be in the open World parts. Also in Plains of Eidolon is a Cave under Mount Nang with a Room with many Doors that isn't used for any content at the moment.
  4. I have a SSD in my PS4 and the Differences in load times is minimal. They talked about a costume controller for the SSD that will make a big Difference. Another point was that they didn't wanted to change to much between PS4->PS5 in the architecture so Developers could easier Develop for PS5.
  5. As far as i know a free Market works best when you have a good level of Transparency. In warframe the you only have warframe.market for prices, except for rivens,
  6. My big problem with last years Tennocon is that it seemed like most of the stuff that they showed wasn't ready to release. What means they wasted one- two month of the year just to build the Demo to then start over because most of the things in the demo didn't work in real gameplay. Also i think at the beginning of the year steve said they won't be any big suprise at tenno live because they thought they could release Railjack shortly before Tennocon.
  7. That doesn't really makes senes both Relays and Clan Dojos are Hosted on dedicated servers from DE. If DE wanted to save Server time they wouldn't force people to go to a Dojo or Maroos Baza for trading. I don't want to argue for a Action House but there are other reasons against it then Server space.
  8. The Primary style to play Railjack shout be inside the Railjack. When you want to use the Railjack to its full extend you already need more then 4 players. So when you make small fighters a alternative to the railjack everyone would just use the fighters.
  9. For the part where you have to shoot the circles at the wall you can use the ignis, especially if modded with Punch Through.
  10. This is the Post where DE talks about the changes, but there pretty vague. They also want to release the older Prime Vaults into Gameplay rewards.
  11. Maybe there is still the mechanic in place that you can't get the same weapon in a row. When you were farming for the Bramma what weapon had your last lich?
  12. The Limit is probably from the older Seasons in the first one you could get more standing from Saturn Six Fugitives.
  13. How can you leech when you are in the Forward Artillery, you will not get any drops because the afk timer triggers.
  14. you should wait for the next update they changed summe things with the number of resource that you get. We (console) will also get a resource booster after the update.
  15. Mostly just softball questions without going into detail. So the interviewer described Liches as personalized Enemies that are effected by your actions. But its just the Frame you kill the Larvling with that changes the Lich after that its just random. They didn't real talked about the big problem with Kuva Liches that the gameplay loop is always the same grind of murmer farming without being a real personal nemesis.
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