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  1. The Drop Table for Apollo seems to be wrong on PS4 at the moment. I get mostly Axi Relics and nothing else. In the first Round with all conduit defended the drop should be a Meso Relic but i got a Axi Relic. The later round drop also only Axi Relics and one time a Lua Lens. So for anybody looking for Axi relics Apollo is pretty good at the moment.
  2. That Empyrean is gone release in Parts isn't really News. Just like Fortuna and POE they first release the Foundation and then expand on that. This isn't a bad thing because they can take any feedback in to count when they develop the expansions. They didn't say if the Drydock will release with the next mainline what could mean they aren't ready for a release in October. I think the Drydock must be finished for release but they don't want to release it to early and then have it sitting around useless.
  3. Why does everybody assume the the Railjack of the Host Disappears after the Host Migration? After a Host migration the Mission will continue with the Railjack of the old host. To the point of Deticated Servers a disadvantage is that you can't play while a new update is released. The Division has normally 1-2 hours of down time for a update.
  4. GOTL are not only after devstreams the last one was for the glyh for gauss. The last Devstream was 16. August.
  5. I don't understand how you know that somebody tried to scam you and this isn't just something that happened because of a bad connection.
  6. Its actually 179 nitain plus 410 nitain if you want an aura forma on every Warframe.
  7. I think a better solution is to don't change anything with the umbra AI just reactivate EB automatically when you go back to your warframe. When we get other umbra frames how will other abilities work like splinter storm with gara or iron skin from rhino should they get canceled?
  8. Its ok that the AI doesn't use EB but it should still reactivate after you go back to your warframe. Can someone test this with normal Excalibur or Excalibur Prime i only have umbra. That would be a work around because this isn't the first time somebody had this problem. So i don't think DE will change this.
  9. radiant and brilliant eidolon Shards aren't effected by boosters.
  10. Well they said in last Times Post there looking into it.
  11. I think Megan plays mainly on PC and only for Xbox@1 on Xbox. But i think after this Bug happened on stream They gone fix it.
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